The Top Five Qualities of a Good Mattress

Finding a mattress that’s the perfect mix of soft and firm can take a hard day’s work. While our “sleep life” is one of the most important factors for our health, well-being, and productivity, the strategy for picking the right mattress remains a well-guarded secret. Luckily, anyone can pick a good mattress using the five qualities of a good mattress.

1. Durability

Before falling in love with a mattress, make sure it’s constructed to maintain its shape and comfort level. Test durability by looking for features like high-density cushioning. Strong cushioning will protect your mattress from issues like sagging and broken edges. Durability also protects you against having to pay for a new mattress sooner than expected.

2. Size Compatibility

No, you don’t have to keep the same mattress size just because you’ve been using one size for most of your life. When upgrading to a new mattress, it’s the right time to consider if what you’ve been sleeping on is truly the best fit for you. If you’re feeling a little cramped at night, it’s worth considering paying just a little more to upgrade to the next size up. Having more room to change positions or add extra pillows can transform your sleep experience.

3. Firmness

Mattress firmness is one of the most confusing topics for mattress shoppers. While you know you need support to avoid sinking into the bed, you’re wondering if a firm mattress will be too unforgiving on your back. The sweet spot is a mattress that’s firm enough to offer back support while still offering that cloud-like feeling of sinking into a pile of plush softness. When assessing firmness, pay attention to coil thickness. A lower gauge number indicates a firmer mattress.

4. Cooling Features

If you’re a hot sleeper, simply dragging home a basic mattress from your nearest big-box store might not cut it! Some mattresses are designed to trap heat to create stuffy, stale sleeping experiences. If you need help cooling down in the night, look for mattresses featuring “cooling” or “temperature control” designs.

5. Price

Ultimately, choosing a mattress that you can easily afford is the best way to rest easy at night! Many brands price mattresses higher simply based on marketing strategies designed to make you think you’re buying a fancy, elite mattress. In reality, you’re paying for the label. Do research to find affordable mattress brands with great reviews to get the best mattress you’ll ever own for much less than what you think mattresses are supposed to cost.

Final Thoughts on How to Find the Best Mattress

Keep these five bullet points in your back pocket as you shop around for your new mattress to stay on track with pursuing quality. Upgrading to a mattress from a place like Puffy offers the support, size and cooling features you need to sleep in pure bliss is the ultimate life hack because your sleep life is the bedrock of your whole life! The bottom line is that good sleep doesn’t have to be expensive once you know how to shop for quality over marketing spin!

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