7 Common House Repairs That You Can Take Care Of On Your Own

There is no escaping the fact that things that you use every day will break down. Because of that, you need to be prepared for having to take care of things like a leaking water heater, a patchy lawn, and a smelly dishwasher.

In spite of the fact that many things can go wrong, you do not need to panic! Most of the things that tend to break easily can be repaired quickly and efficiently. In fact, you should be able to take care of a number of repairs on your own using a proper toolkit. On the other hand, the more serious repairs should be left to professionals. If you want to find out more about common repairs, check out the list below!

Repairing a hole in drywall

The job is pretty simple, and it does not require the use of specialist tools and materials except for drywall sheets and tape. What you will need to do is make a part of a drywall sheet match the hole and twist tape around the edges so that it will not fall out. After that, just push the sheet into the hole, use a sanding tool to cover the edges with the joint compound, and paint it over!

Replacing a broken tile

This job should be left to a professional handyman. The process involves proper measuring and cutting, meaning that an inexperienced person might end up making costly mistakes. The existing tile has to be removed. In addition to that, you will need to find out what kind of tile that is, buy a matching one, and stick it to your bathroom wall using the right kind of adhesive.

Replacing a doorknob

This one does require handyman skills, but it is completely doable if you are a newbie. The basic handyman knowledge should be enough! For starters, get rid of the existing knob and the door latch using a screwdriver. Next, measure the hole for both parts and buy a replacement knob and latch that fits perfectly. Lastly, screw both the knob and the latch back in place.

Replacing a broken windowpane

This will require special tools, like glass cutters and a glass cutter machine depending on how old your windowpane is. Because of that, the help of an experienced handyman is rather necessary.

First of all, you have to remove the old glass pane. It will most likely consist of two pieces of wood/plastic holding it in place that will need to be unscrewed. After that, carefully measure the pane by placing it on the one that you are about to install and cut it using cutters. Before installing the new pane, apply some glue on its edges. If everything fits perfectly, slide the glass pane into place and screw it in securely. It is that easy!

Repairing a squeaky wooden floor

When it comes to repairing wooden floors, hiring a professional carpenter would not hurt! The first thing that you need to do is to remove the carpet from the room where the floor is squeaky and check if the problem is coming from loose nails/floorboards.

If you have already done that, use screws and nails to replace boards as needed and put down wood glue where necessary. If everything is tightened up, put your carpet back into place and enjoy your squeak-free floor!

Repairing furniture

Furniture is a thing that tends to break down easily, particularly if it is used frequently. If your furniture looks like it needs serious repair work, find out whether the problem is not too serious. If it is just one broken leg or you just need to replace a screw, it should not be too hard for you to fix by yourself. On the other hand, if the wooden frame of a piece of furniture is broken and needs to be replaced, you should look for a person who is skilled when it comes to furniture repairs.

Painting walls

Paint is one of the things that tend to deteriorate as years go by, particularly if your house is exposed to strong sunlight and cold weather. If your walls are looking a little too dark and dull for your taste, it is probably time for a touch-up!

If you are painting over light colors, you might want to use oil-based paint so that your wall color will look deep and rich. Be sure not to paint over wet paint, though, as it may lead to smearing and uneven application!

In Conclusion

To sum up, whenever you are faced with a common house repair, remember that you do not need to panic! The majority of such problems should be easy to deal with if you know your way around basic tools and materials. On the other hand, hiring a skilled professional to take care of something that is giving you trouble is always a viable option!

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