Designing A Kitchen Island – Expert Tips and Planning Advice

The kitchen island is the centerpiece of the whole cooking place. It is thus crucial that it fits with your ideas and desires. A kitchen island serves several purposes: another place for cooking and storing kitchen utensils. It can also serve as a dining place. It would help if you thought about this element to fit into your design and home layout and be functional and comfortable. If you’re struggling with how to design a kitchen island question, then these pieces of advice are just for you.

Choose the perfect countertop for you

Picking up materials for designing a kitchen island is an important question. Each material has strong and weak sides, from wear quality to price. If you want a good-looking, high-quality, and natural material for a fair price, then wood is your best choice. So when you order a top oak dining table at Cosywood UK, you’re guaranteed to get a dining table according to all your wishes.

Decide on the purpose of the kitchen island

A kitchen island should serve directly the purpose for which you purchased it. It could be an add-on spot for keeping cookware, or it can be another dining area. You can also combine several purposes at once. One of the best kitchen island design tips is believed to be a surface design divided into a work side and a social side. One side serves cooking, and the other helps to eat, hang out with friends, etc.

Take care of the proportions

Every home’s kitchen layout is unique, and the size of your kitchen island will depend on it. Don’t be lazy to take measurements of your kitchen; this way, it will be clear how to design a kitchen island layout. The perfect size of a kitchen island and additional units, like a bench, is measured within your kitchen space’s limitations

Make some room for cooking

Check that your dining island has plenty of room for cooking. It would be very convenient if it also had a sink or dishwasher built in. It’s compact, which leaves more space for cooking without clutter. If you want to provide a stove, you should also have a ceiling hood. If you wish to have a fridge – you may want your kitchen island to have built-in pull-out ice box drawers.

Fitted or separate kitchen islands: what to choose?

Kitchen counters can be movable, or they can be a standing part of the kitchen. So which option is right for you? Fitted islands are permanent kitchen elements that function well in larger kitchens. Movable kitchen islands are dividers between the kitchen and dining area during the day. You can move it away at night to make space for entertainment.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shape and color

The kitchen counter is the center of your kitchen, so the kitchen island cabinet design should be original and as much as possible to your wishes. Feel free to make it a bright spot if your kitchen is in fairly calm colors. Dark, saturated tones will also have a wow effect.

You can think in the same way about the shape of your countertop. You can round off the edges on the bar side and leave them square on the cooking side. Some of the best design ideas even include using different materials in one element of the kitchen island. The main thing to remember is that you match the kitchen island to the kitchen, not the other way around.

Leave enough place to walk around the kitchen island

The kitchen peninsula should refrain from interfering with your movement around the kitchen. Make a space between it and your kitchen at least one meter. It’s not just for comfort but for safety, too who likes to trip over a corner because there’s not enough room?

Think about seating arrangements

The most popular kitchen island choice is one that includes a breakfast bar. If this option resonates with you, you must consider how to accommodate chairs comfortably. Answer these questions:

  • Is it going to be the only place to eat?
  • Will the counter be used by the family only, or by guests as well? 
  • Will you be working there or just taking tea and coffee breaks?

The above tips will help you choose the right design for your kitchen island. Considering all the guidance, you will find a multi-functional, modern, and high-quality kitchen island solution.

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