Tips for True Gentlemen

Today there is an opinion that a true man can be determined by his physical strength, the level of earnings, the presence and the brand of a car, the amount of elite alcohol in his home bar and so on. However, it’s worth highlighting that starting from independent NY ladies to single women in Mexico, everyone still pays a lot of attention to man’s honor and dignity, as well as the rules of etiquette he follows, and want to see their men first of all as gentlemen. But how is it possible to always be one? Well, let’s figure it out.

Let the girl sit first

In ancient times, it was considered good manners for a gentleman to push back the chair so that his lady could sit down at the table. . This act was a sign of respect as well. Today, this gesture is considered too formal, but still a real gentleman should at least make sure that the woman sat down first

Of course, the pause before sitting down should not be deliberate and ostentatious. You can “disguise” the wait, for example, by hanging up your outerwear while the woman sits down.

Open the door

The majority of all women believe that a man who opens the door for a woman is a real gentleman. Holding the door open is very simple, but it will show respect to the woman who enters it. The same goes for car doors. The man should get out of the car first, bypass the vehicle and open the door on the passenger side, while helping the woman to get out.

Give up a seat to a woman

A traditional, but, unfortunately, very often ignored practice in the modern world is to give up a seat on public buses or the subway. The gesture allows to demonstrate that the comfort of a woman for a man is higher than his own, which definitely means a lot.  However, you should not turn the act into a show for the entire bus, loudly and persistently seating the woman in her seat. The best way is to stand up and then quietly invite the woman to take the vacant seat.

Turn off your cell phone at the table

It’s common practice for men to interrupt a date with a conversation on a mobile phone.  And it doesn’t matter if you are having dinner with a woman or you are one of the men seeking men Pittsburgh, this act is one of the grossest mistakes in any situation. Answering a call on a mobile phone and, moreover, dragging out a conversation for several minutes, a man makes his interlocutor feel superfluous: he is forced to wait for the end of the conversation in a very uncomfortable state. What can be done in such a case? Well, a man can simply ignore the call, or if he understands that it can be urgent – answer it and notify the person on the other end of the line that he is very busy now and will call back later.

Mind your vocabulary

A very important rule is that inappropriate vocabulary is not acceptable on  dates. The essential qualities of a gentleman are erudition and the ability to express their thoughts without resorting to profanity. Vocabulary helps to demonstrate not only education, but also the high standards of a man in relation to himself and others.

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