10 Influencers Who Will Make You Want to Wear Glasses

In the last decade, influencers have become a lot more relevant. Everyone nowadays takes ideas from influencers one way or another. Whether it’s as simple as how to dress up or what accessories to wear to match your style, to other more complicated ones like, how to design the interior of your house, and what you want in life. Influencers play a huge role in influencing our tastes and behaviors.

And when we see our favorite influencers rocking glasses, be it shades or prescription, these glasses start looking a lot more desirable. This is why we have curated this list of 10 influencers who will make you want to wear glasses or inspire you for your next sunglasses or even designer prescription glasses.

1. Alex Stedman (@thefrugality)

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Instagram: @thefrugality


Alex is a stylist and fashion editor who started a blog in 2012 and now is the author of a bestselling book ‘MONEY – A Realist’s Approach to Everyday Spending’, where she talks about how to live a good life without spending much. Her style is all about minimalism and simplicity. The same approach can also be seen with her choice of the eye glasses. Her Instagram is great not only for eyewear inspiration but all things minimal.

2. Amy Roiland (@fashionnerd)

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Instagram: @fashionnerd


Once known as the Vine’s top style Viners, this Los Angeles fashion blogger is famous for her love of specs. Not only specs, but her obsession with accessories makes her a great candidate for this list. She is known for her colorful and retro style. Her glasses collection follows the same theme with her never-ending range of colorful and pop styled glasses. Not only that, but she also started designing her own sunglasses that are showcased on her site along with her collection of shoes and other accessories.

3. Chantal Kopenhagen Goldfinger (@chantelgoldfinger)

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Instagram: @chantelgoldfinger


An avid spectacle collector turned influencer, Chantel started her influencer journey when she made an online platform bytheeyewear.com. What started as a hobby turned into a career and now Chantel is found advising eyewear brands worldwide. Her Instagram is a great place for inspiration if you are looking for your next pair of glasses or just good vibes in general, no one’s judging you.

4. Emily Luciano (@emily_luciano)

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Instagram: @emily_luciano


This blogger is all about staying trendy and that can clearly be seen on her Instagram feed. Her blog is also a great place for inspiration and references to all the stuff that you see on her Instagram.

5. Enzo Carini (@enzo_carini)

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Instagram: @enzo_carini


This young French model/photographer is living proof of how the addition of glasses can boost your look by ten folds. His Instagram is not only great for inspiration relating to glasses but everything related to men’s fashion.

6. Gabrielle Lartigue (@grabirelle)

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Instagram: @grabirelle


More into dark and gothic style looks? We got you covered there too. Meet Gabrielle, the perfect influencer if you’re going for a more punk rock theme. Her Instagram is filled with photos of herself with a dark, Goth theme that stands out in the minimalistic themed world out there and might just be the thing you were looking for.

7. Jennifer Bitsche (@faceprint.eyewearlove)

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Instagram: @faceprint.eyewearlove


If Amy’s style was not your cup of tea, don’t worry, as the next person on this list is someone a little more subtle. Known for her simple yet beautiful style, this Austrian blogger is all the buzz when it comes to elegant prescription eyewear. She started her blog as a mere hobby and then later realized that there is a huge need for something like that out there. Now, she is a proud owner of a concept store HINGUCKER in Austria.

8. Kayla Heersink (@ghostface_kayla / @opticali_style)

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Instagram: @ghostface_kayla


This bay area based influencer runs two Instagram accounts, one personal and one dedicated entirely to eyewear. The latter is where we see specs of all shapes and sizes. May it be minimalist or something completely opposite, you can go through her feed to find your style.

9. Lyn Slater (@iconaccidental)

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Instagram: @iconaccidental


She might be old but her wardrobe is better than us all. Lyn is a professor by profession that ended up becoming the biggest eyewear influencer out there. Born in the suburbs of NYC, Lyn is known for her rebellious style and out-of-the-box thinking. Her style is all about colors and glam that we all love. Her Instagram is a great source of inspiration for people of all ages who are not afraid to show off their style.

10. Sophia (@themonoclemuse)

Instagram: @themonoclemuse


An Optometrist by profession who also has a passion for eyewear and fashion. She has her own blog named The Monocle Muse where she shares her love for glasses and covers other lifestyle topics such as photography and traveling. Her Instagram is a great place for inspiration and/or for just the overall good vibes and great captions.


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