Quick and Easy Ways to Use Tropical Decor in Your Home

If retiring to a private island in the middle of a vast blue ocean isn’t in your reach yet, but you’d still love to introduce some tropical inspirations into your living space, there are many ways to go about it. Whether you want a touch of summer inside your home or you’re looking for a colorful yet elegant design – going tropical might be a perfect choice.

You can add some tropical decor with ease: from decorating with lavish plants and taking advantage of themed wallpapers to using sheer fabrics reminiscent of the romantic canopies and investing in high-quality wooden furniture. But how do you exactly make your home look like a tropical paradise without overdoing it?

In this article, we’ll explain some of the easiest and most creative solutions that will help you achieve an exotic look and completely refresh your space. Check out the ideas below.

Wooden Furniture

Whether you want to redesign your home or simply give it a slight makeover, new furniture is always a good place to start. If you’re renovating your house, consider investing in some tropical-inspired wooden pieces.

This type of furniture can be versatile – from classic designs to modern, bold, and colorful pieces. Furthermore, it will work exceptionally well in your pergola – provided you have one.

Tropical furniture combines well with covers and awnings you can find on sites like retractableawnings.com. By adding some wooden furniture, you can turn your pergola into a tropical getaway in no time!


Tropical wallpapers are also a great option to make your living space look unique. They are available in plenty of different styles: from wild and exotic motifs to more romantic and serene ones. The best way to incorporate them into the space is to use them for accent walls.

They’re excellent at drawing the attention of your guests, but if you’re thinking about using them in every room, choose something subtle yet elegant that won’t clutter the space. If you’re going for a tropical-style space, but prefer neutral tones, think about pairing tropical wallpaper with wood-paneled walls and warm colors.


If there’s one thing that truly represents the tropical vibe, it’s plants. Even though you may not have the luxury of having a large garden outside your home, you can still include plants inside your home and thus create the illusion of being in a tropical paradise. Use them as decoration items, such as bouquets and vases, or place them on tables or shelves.

You can also use them in your kitchen or dining area by hanging them on the walls. Plant terrariums are also a great idea if you want to create a cozy and exotic space without having to worry about constantly taking care of a living plant.


Using sheer fabrics is another excellent way to introduce tropical decor into your home. You can use them in curtains to let in plenty of light without compromising privacy. These fabrics will help you create an open and airy atmosphere that resembles the elegant pavilions found in tropical locations.

Using sheer curtains is one of the best ways to add color and pattern to your windows. They come in various colors and prints, from bold and vibrant hues to soft and airy shades like ivory and white.


Lighting is another way to bring an exotic touch into your home. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a romantic dinner with your significant other or a fun night with friends – lighting plays a significant role in setting the right tone.

We recommend using lanterns with a tropical feel: they come in all shapes and sizes, with different forms and colors. Nonetheless, they all have one thing in common – they make the room look warmer and more intimate.


Seashells can serve as beautiful accents for almost any home design since they come in different shapes and colors. They also have an exotic look that adds to the overall tropical theme of your living space. If you plan on decorating with seashells, make sure to go for high-quality decorative pieces since cheap might not do the trick.

Other Accessories

Finally, don’t forget about other tropical accessories! There are many options for you to choose from when going for a tropical design, from mirrors, clocks, vases, and candles to picture frames, decorative plates, and sculptures.

These are great decorative items that you can use on sideboards or coffee tables. In addition to these items, you can also find plenty of affordable decorations that will help you achieve the perfect tropical look. For example, you can purchase palm tree sculptures made out of resin or beautiful vases made out of bamboo.

In Conclusion

While tropical designs might not be for everyone, they can still be a fun way to refresh your space. Whether you’re looking to add some summer vibes into your living room or you’d like to create something that looks more like an exotic resort than a regular home — the tips above will help you achieve this effect.

With the right decorative choices and a splash of color here and there, you can quickly transform any interior into a relaxing getaway. Remember about our tips, stay committed to your goal, and soon enough, you will be able to create the perfect space for yourself. Don’t wait; start decorating!

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