Tips to make your Living Space appear Bigger and Brighter

No matter how spacious your home is, it still might look smaller. That corner out in the northern area might look dark. Another indentation around your sink drain seems out of place. There are so many things that you might want to change around your house. One common area of the house that many people want to change is the living room.

The desire to make your living space appear bigger and better is justified. After all, this is where you host visitors and spend the most time as a family. Here are a few easy tips that actually work to make this space look chic without burning a hole in your pocket.

Use Pleasant Colors and Fabrics

  • Make sure you use colors that lend brightness to your living space. Avoid gaudy colors and hues that are too pop style. While these bright splashes look good on screen and in magazines, these do not work well for most homes. Ensure that all upholstery also follows the same vibe. Nothing too heavy in terms of patterns or style will work in such spaces.
  • The tip here is to stick to lightweight options for curtains and other fabrics. For rendering a smaller and cozy look, heavy fabrics are a blessing. When the idea is to make a living space look bigger, lightweight fabrics do the trick.


Invest a tad bit in changing the style of your floor with the use of new laminates. Go in for striped floor patterns and monochromes. This renders a more spacious look to the room. Since a living room is supposed to feel “happy” and a space where you unwind, get an estimate for such renovation from commercial construction companies in your area. Compare rates and then decide on hiring a contractor. Bargain right and you could get the best deal out of such services!

Avoid “too much” Décor

It is easy to go overboard while decorating a living room. The Pinterest-y styles may look great on screen, but not every trend will work for your living space. The idea that works in making a living area bigger and brighter is to avoid an overfill. Too much shelving, racking, and frames around your living space do not add spacious dimensions to a corner. Remember to stay minimalistic and choose sleek pieces as part of the living room décor.

Pair it Right

Ensure that the upholstery and the paint color in the living space match or are in total contrast. Pairing the two carefully is important since that’s the only way to make your living room brighter and bigger.

Knick Knacks

Use console tables, mirrors, metal art, and simple rugs in the living area. These will help you accessorize without making the space too congested.

Ensure Cleanliness

A usually underrated tip is keeping your living space clean. That is the ticket to making it look comfortable, big, and bright. Too many cushions, immovable furniture, and corners that gather dust are strict no-nos for a living space. Ensure that your windows are clean. The entrance door must also be cleaned regularly. Additionally, keep the coat stands and umbrella baskets away from focal points in the living room.


Your living room captures the entire feel and ambiance of your home. When you work to make it look bigger and play around to make it brighter, there is no chance that your interiors won’t impress visitors. In fact, we all tend to stay spend most of the day in the living space. Therefore, ensuring that it stays tidy is essential.

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