Incredible Uses of Gold Spray Paint

DIY projects are the in thing and they make for good use of time. You can customize many pieces around your home and give them a new look. For this, you should consider gold spray paint.

This article explains what gold spray paint is, its benefits and also discusses incredible uses of gold spray paint. It provides a recommendation for a suitable gold spray paint that you can purchase.

What is Gold Spray Paint?

Gold spray paint is aerosolized spray in a can. It is then directly sprayed onto surfaces of your choice without using accessories like a paintbrush. As such, gold spray paint offers ease of doing work.

It is also light because it is an aerosol. This makes it easy to spread over large surfaces with some level of consistency. One does not require expertise to use the spray paint.

The spray can will require shaking before use to enhance its aerosolization and make it easy to use. It is inexpensive and readily available for your home DIY projects.

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Benefits of Gold Spray Paint

  • Decent look

Gold spray paint is decent looking. The gold lustre is good looking and this will go a long way in revamping items that look cheap. The paint elevates the item and gives it more character to play a more aesthetic role in your space.

  • Brilliant look

Gold spray paint has a brilliant or bright and shiny look that is great to look at. When used on surfaces, the paint will help highlight the surface and make it instantly eye-catching.

  • Renew old items

Old items may look unsightly. However, if you want to give them a great new look, use gold spray paint. It is light and beautiful. This will be a great DIY project that will make the old items more attractive.

It is a way to ensure reuse of items to enhance environmental wellness because you will not need to buy new items. Some items you can renew include flower vases and accessories.

  • Prevent Rusting

Giving items that are prone to rust a gold spray paint coating will ensure that the item is shielded from the environmental elements such as air and water. This will make them less prone to rusting.

Items made of iron will benefit from gold spray paintwork. They will also look better in your space.

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Incredible Uses of Gold Spray Paint

  • Personalized Gift

Trying to get a perfect gift for your family and friends may be a cumbersome process but it does not need to be. With gold spray paint, you can transform a simple gift to an exquisite one.

For instance, a low-price flower vase, serving bowl or plain wine glass stems can be easily transformed. Use simple self-adhesive letters to get the message of your choice then spray paint around them. This will transform the gift to a high-value personalised one.

  • Decor Kit

You can use gold spray paint to make a décor kit that is comprised of various pieces. For instance, you can create an accent wall in your home with family photos. Use gold spray paint to decorate the picture frames.

Floating shelves would also look great with a coat of gold paint, to match the accent wall décor. This makes your home cosier and injects your personality into your space.

  • Create a Centrepiece

Table centrepieces bring instant glamour to your setting. Whether it is for personal or commercial use, you can customise them using gold spray paint. A good example of this would be repurposing bolts, dried tree branches or old flower vases.

You can easily transform the mentioned pieces by spraying gold paint on them. This will give them a different look and make them the centre of attraction. They will draw the eyes in and make any table setting, however simple, more glamorous.

  • Revamp Your Furniture

Mass production of furniture tends to give furniture pieces a monotonous look. If you need your home or office to stand out even when simple inexpensive furniture is used, gold spray paint will come to your rescue.

Metal stools, bookshelves or even chairs will benefit from a good layer of spray paint. This will make them look more expensive, they will also transform and elevate the look of the space they are placed in and make it more picturesque.

  • Elevate Your Storage

Your storage may look mundane or monotonous. Spice jars in your kitchen or storage boxes will reap a lot of benefit from a coat of spray paint.

Transform and elevate your storage by spraying mason jar lids with gold paint. Spice jars will also look better with a coat of gold spray paint. Storage boxes and drawer handles will also look better when you use the gold spray paint on them.

You can stick inexpensive toys on storage containers and spray paint them to elevate the look of the container, especially for kids rooms.

  • Make Your Books Feel Important

Book arrangement on your shelves may be ordinary and uninteresting to look at. Make your bookshelves serve not only as storage for your books but also as a decorative display with gold spray paint.

While you may not want to spray the paint on the books, you can make beautiful bookends that will hold them in place. Consider a DIY bookend made of metal or PVC pipes and spray paint them gold. This will make your display gorgeous to look at.

  • Christmas Tree Decorations.

Christmas season décor may be quite expensive. Instead of buying new accessories for your Christmas tree each year, you can reuse décor. Spray paint the tree topper with gold paint and maybe even a few other tree accessories.

This will not only make your tree look exquisite, but it will save you a few bucks in the process.

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Recommended Product

When buying gold spray paint, you should consider its coverage, the shine and versatility. You should also choose one that dries pretty fast. According to HomeGearX, one of the best gold spray paints is Krylon’s K05588007.

This spray paint dries in 10 minutes which is great. The can size is easy to handle while spraying. It is 11 oz and covers about 25 square feet. This is a pretty big surface and thus it can be used on multiple projects.

In addition, it has a metallic gold colour which will easily elevate the pieces it is used on. On the versatility front, this is one of the best spray paints. It can be used on multiple surfaces such as metal, wood, paper mâché, plastic, paper, ceramic, plaster, and fabric.

It is also a primer and paint in one. Therefore, you do not need to buy an additional primer when using gold spray paint, which is economical. It is also very durable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

You will find it incredibly easy to use even when spraying in an upside-down position. Lastly, the Krylon’s K05588007 prevents rusting so it will be very useful on rust-prone surfaces.


In conclusion, gold spray paint has many incredible uses including making exquisite centrepieces, personalising gifts, revamping your furniture, elevating your storage and making your books look important.

In addition, you can use it to repurpose Christmas decorations such as the tree topper or the hanging décor on the tree. Be creative and elevate your home with spray paint DIY projects.

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