How A Floating TV Stand Can Make Your Living Room Look More Elegant

Floating TV stands are the go-to options of homeowners who prefer minimalist style. Apart from keeping the television in place, these products can also hold gaming consoles, DVD collections, and gadgets. Floating or wall-mounted TV stands can maximize your floor space and safely install your TV and appliances.

Apart from these, these entertainment units can also make your living rooms elegant. Suppose you’re considering this point. In that case, you may think about how this could happen. This way, you could maximize your place in terms of space and design. For that purpose, here’s an article to guide you. So, read on!

1. It Makes The Room Clutter-Free

Having a durable and wall-mounted TV stand can keep your entertainment area organized. These entertainment units could hold wires, speakers, TV peripherals, and appliances in many cases. Because of these, you may use your frame to keep the various items in a place where you could easily access them when needed.

In addition, you may install floating TV stands as additional shelves where you may put your succulents and vases. You may also use these stands as bookshelves if you’re into book collections. These points make your living room appear sophisticated and make the area space-efficient.

In choosing a stand to organize your items in the living room, you may consider the following qualities:

  • durability
  • aesthetic design
  • ease of installation
  • ease of maintenance

 2. It Offers Different Shelf Styles And Shapes

Generally, floating TV stands come in various styles. Some shelves can hold 32” television or bigger. Some stands may also have different lengths and widths to accommodate large appliances. You may consider installing floating TV stands of various sizes to add a unique appeal to your living room.

To maximize your stand’s style, you may consider the following ideas:

  • Asymmetrical TV Console

Irregular placement of the TV stand could give a fresh look in your living room. Keeping a gaming console, a computer, or a DVD player could balance your walls.

  • Stand With LED Lights

Apart from illuminating your living room, you may install LED lights—around 16 pieces—to make the area well-lit and elegant.

  • Oversized Stand

Having an oversized wall-mounted stand doesn’t need a king-size television. In some cases, you may only install this type to house more entertainment items, such as magazines and electronics. In addition, the big stand could function as the focal piece of your living room’s design.

  • High-Gloss Stand

Generally, this style adds sheen to your living room. You may choose between white, black, and grey finishes.

  • Bookstand

If you’re both a cinephile and a book lover, you may consider this option as much space is designed for keeping books and DVD players below your mounted TV.

3. It Offers Various Design Features

Apart from the vast array of styles and sizes, floating TV stands can also provide various design points, including:

  • Simple Designs

These may refer to the inclusion of basic design principles, such as balance (symmetrical or not), rhythm (repetition and intervals), scale (the relativity of one’s size to another), and emphasis (a focal point of an area). Since wall-mounted stands can be placed anywhere as the anchor point or supplemental design pieces, you can maximize your design principles using your preferred stand.

  • Functionality Design

Apart from the aesthetics, you may use floating TV shelves for dividers, storage, or other purposes. Because of this, you may apply the idea of functional design to make the most of your design points.

  • Design Integration

You may also consider incorporating modern designs into the fundamental design concepts, apart from the abovementioned points. In considering these, you may always think that usability and aesthetics should come hand in hand so the shelves can have the utmost functionality.

4. It Can Display Artwork

Since floating TV shelves can hold other items besides televisions and appliances, you may consider infusing art pieces, such as paintings and sculptures. This way, you could combine the creative elements of an entertainment center and a personal museum. Depending on your central theme, you may also add decorative molding, antiques, and metallic items.

In making your living room appear elegant, you may choose a stand with a darker color or hardwood type. You may also select a brighter set of lights and add window treatments. Furthermore, you may add mirrors to make the room appear larger.

5. It May Incorporate Illusion Art

There are ways to incorporate illusion art into your TV stand, such as recessed television. To achieve this, you may consider painting the TV frames and stands dark color to make them appear hollow. You may also paint the wall behind the stand. In addition, you may paint the more significant part of the shelves with lighter finishes.

If you want to include illusion art in your living room, you may check out the linear perspective and overlapping positions. In addition, you could learn more about the depth and anchor points of the floating TV stand before trying this art form. Moreover, you could try gallery wall illusions and similar designs.

6. It Refines Design

Installing floating TV stands in your living room can add a new look and feel to your house. You may opt for a long floating shelf if your space is limited or go for complex joinery if you have a more expansive space. In addition, you may consider installing the unit besides a fireplace as long as you apply safety precautions.

If you consider changing your living rooms’ design time after time, you may think about tongue and groove when installing the floating TV stand. Furthermore, you may also use a non-traditional TV unit if you want an unconventional entertainment area/living room design.

Wrapping Up

Whether choosing a floating TV stand for a minimalistic style or space-saving purposes, installing one is necessary to revamp your property and its interior. For its purpose, you may consider delving deeper into the different ways to make your living room elegant mentioned in this article.

To make the most of your design, you may consider the different qualities of a wall-mounted shelf, such as size, color, and artistic features. You may also view the stand’s angle, material, and storage space.

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