How To Choose and Install French Doors

How to choose the right interior door color?

Harmony in the interior depends primarily on the right color scheme, whether it’s a unity of color or playing with contrast. There are several methods that can help you choose the color of interior panels. If you want them to fit into the interior of your apartment or house as harmoniously as possible, you should choose them with the overall style and color scheme of the room. The best option is considered to be white interior doors with wood trim. They are flexible, and they can fit into almost any interior.

Why is door color important in design?

How to choose the door color isn’t an easy question. But there are no strict rules and standards. In order to make the room and the apartment as a whole look harmonious, it is better to take into account the color scheme of finishing materials, furniture and textiles. A badly chosen door color can spoil the design. For example, if the construction is sharply contrasting in color with other design of the house or fits into one room, but out of style adjacent.

It is wrong to accentuate the doorway. This interior detail should complement the design, not become its main object.

Color scheme directly affects the overall perception of the interior space. Before choosing the color of interior doors, it is worth to read the recommendations of designers:

  • panels of lighter shade than the floor covering, contribute to the visual expansion of space. This is relevant for small apartments with low ceilings;
  • natural interior products in clear light colors fit perfectly in both classic and modern styles. They harmonize with any shades of walls and floors, causing no visual contradictions;
  • door panels of a darker shade than the floors are suitable for a strict interior. They contribute to a clear division of rooms, give the interior an elegant look and accentuate the aristocratic taste of the owner.

It is important to note that the interior doors of dark colors in combination with the same furniture can greatly ” weigh down” the interior. To avoid this effect, choose dark door panels with glass inlays, which will bring lightness to the design of the room.

Colors influence your mood

Color emphasizes a person’s character. This choice plays an important role in the selection of beauty and coziness! For example, black highlights the severity and serious nature of the person! Color undoubtedly affects a person’s mood. A beautiful product in your apartment can be a pleasure when you return from work. After all, it’s more pleasant to see a door panel with elegant design, than one that’s wiped and upholstered in leatherette. Doors in the apartment should be colorful and cheerful. And harmony is sure to be not only in the home, but also in the soul.

It calls attention to the door

Colored doors are an aesthetic, bold and functional design solution, they instantly attract the attention of your guests. Bright door panel noticeably revives the room, and can also solve a number of interior design problems, namely to correct architectural imperfections, visually relieve the wall, to maintain the integrity of the style.

Good and trendy colors for interior doors

The main purpose of the interior door – the delimitation and protection of personal space. But, in addition to practical functions, there is also an additional function – a decorative one.

When choosing the shade of interior panels, don’t need to follow any limits. There are no strict rules determining the usage of a particular tone. You can not follow the standards, the main thing – imagination and a sense of style. Next, let’s take a look at the best interior door colours.


The benefits of this color is the sense of lightness and freedom that is created. You don’t have to worry if the white doors harmonize with the floor, windows or furniture – they never conflict with other items of interior.


Refers to modern interior door colours. This is a generalized name for various dark shades, including dark chocolate, maroon, cafe noir, dark brown.

Such panels look favorably in interiors decorated in light, up to milk-white, shades. The stronger the contrast of dark or light, then the more advantageous.

Neutral shades

Neutral colors have been in demand for years:

  • milky;
  • ivory;
  • beige;
  • light gray.

They fit perfectly in any style and color combination, but they are best suited to classic looks. These colors will perfectly complement the other decorative elements, ensuring the integrity of the interior design.

What to consider when choosing a door color?

To make it easier to decide how to choose interior door color, it’s worth taking advice on color from the designers. Based on the fundamental rules of the combination of shades and colors in the interior, you can find the perfect option:

  1. In the design of the apartment, as well as in clothing, three tones should dominate – no more. Therefore, the panel should be painted in one of the basic shades.
  2. No need to mix cool and warm colors. If the room is decorated in warm colors, then the design should be similar.
  3. Light shades visually expand the room, rich and dark tones – press. Accordingly, for small rooms, we need light and airy pastel colors. And in the big ones it is allowed to experiment.

The flashy color of the door must be supported by other elements in the interior. For example, to red match the pillows on the sofa, a vase or a table of the same color.

Door frame color and overall room design

When the wallpaper has a bright and saturated shade, the same color of the walls and door frame will create the impression of a monolithic surface, which can cause a feeling of discomfort. Designers recommend that when combining the color of the door and walls to accentuate the contrast to the floor.

The room for the doors

If the bathroom interior is dark (dark blue, brown, dark green), then the door panels are also chosen from dark or moderate brown shades. White and light models look suitable for almost any interior, works to expand the space, and makes it lighter. What is the best color for interior doors in the kitchen? If the entire room is decorated in a complex color scheme, you can paint the panel in a bright tone. If it has bright floors and walls, then white doors will help to visually expand the area. For pastel interiors, an interesting accent will be products made in contrasting colors.

Final words

When choosing, let your imagination run wild. Remember, there are no strictly established design rules and standards. The product can be a neutral color, don’t combine with furniture, don’t create disharmony in the house.

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