4 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Kitchen Countertop

An overlooked fact by many home owners is that the aesthetics of your kitchen are as important as the functionality of the kitchen. Simply because most of the time spent together by a family is usually in and around a kitchen especially if you have some sort of seating space in your kitchen. 

Many homeowners shy away from changing countertops because of the costs and secondly because many of them are misinformed that you can’t do that. But here’s what: you don’t need to redo your whole kitchen just because you’re changing your countertop. You can actually replace your countertop without replacing cabinets! You may have to be extra cautious but it’s actually possible if you plan the replacement of your countertops. If you’re still confused about replacing your countertops let me tell you the signs that are screaming loud and clear that a replacement is due.

1. Stubborn Stains

The wine and black coffee stains which you may wrongly be associating memories with are actually stains that are playing a big role in ruining your kitchen’s look. The sad part is you’ll never be able to say your kitchen is spotless. Even the burn marks when you accidentally put the hot pot on the countertop is the culprit here. If your countertop even after a deep cleaning session looks ugly and messy it’s definitely time to replace it. While replacing them you must try to take recommendations from a professional remodelling expert as to which material is suitable for your kitchen considering your usage. 

2. Structural Damage

Structural damage is dangerous not only to your cabinets underneath and items in them. It is also extremely dangerous if you have a house with kids especially if the damage we are talking about is cracked countertops corners. Kids being kids have a high chance of running in them and injuring themselves so a replacement is definite. If your countertop is cracked from the center or any other place where it will allow water to trickle down your cabinets then the moisture will damage the wood. The moisture will also leave a very unpleasant smell in your cupboards and any items inside the cupboards. 

3. Faded Countertops

It is beneficial to have a large window in your kitchen since appliances need a room where they can breath but often the sunlight from these windows plays a role in fading the color of the countertops. Many materials don’t do good when their exposure to the sun is too long. Even with the sealant on the chances of faded countertops is very high. Many countertops also have faded colors when we keep using rough scouring pads on them and the solution to this honestly is nothing but replacing your countertops. If your kitchen is outdoors or exposed to sunlight more than usual try going for granite or slab countertops they last longer. 

4. Outdated Design

With trends changing every year it may be possible that your seemingly new kitchen now looks older due to an old style countertop. If you are one of those people who like to always stay up to date with the latest trends then you should change your countertops to compliment and complete the look of your kitchen. One pro tip given by our experts is that if you want to go for a timeless look go for marble in a very minimalistic design, this always stays in style! 


Replacing your kitchen countertops may be an expensive project but it’s one that will elevate your kitchen instantly! Many realtors have also claimed that a good kitchen is one of the biggest selling points in houses so don’t worry the money you’re spending now might come back sometime. So spend on your kitchen freely!

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