How to Design a Ring That Is Yours?

Most of us are no strangers when it comes to rings, after all, there is such a wide array of rings on the market. Now that you’ve seen so many styles of rings, have you ever thought about creating a ring of your own one? Today, let’s find out how to make a ring just for you, starting with selecting a gemstone! I hope this article will be helpful to you! Let’s get started next!

1. Choose One of Your Favorite Gemstone

Choosing a gemstone that you like is the first step in making a ring, as well as the deciding factor in making a ring. Of course, before choosing a gemstone, you may need to know some basics about gemstones. The first is the grading scale of gemstones, which are generally graded according to Mohs hardness. While this term may seem specialized, it’s pretty simple to explain. It’s simply a matter of whether or not the gemstone is excellent in terms of its ability to resist scratches and whether or not the gemstone is prone to breakage. Generally, I recommend choosing a Mohs hardness rating between 8 and 10. We all know that diamonds have the highest hardness in nature, which is why they are marketed as the “symbol of eternity”. But in reality, we don’t have to judge our choices based on what other people think. You can choose a gemstone other than a diamond to be the centerpiece of your ring if you like. For example, if you like the color pink, you don’t have to choose diamonds as your first choice at all. You can choose morganite as it looks like a pink ruby. This gemstone has a hardness level of 7.5 to 8. Although the risk of using this gemstone is still there because it is not really hard. But a jewelry artisan will always find a solution for you if you like it.

2. What Are Some of the Channels to Get Gems?

Now that we have chosen our favorite gemstone, where do we get our favorite gemstone from? Before buying a gemstone, you’d better search for some videos of your favorite gemstone on some big websites, you can observe the form of the gemstone from all angles, and then finally decide whether you want to take the diamond you chose earlier as your final choice. If you don’t end up changing your choice, then you can go ahead and buy the raw gemstone. If you have more specific access, I would suggest that you go to the country of origin of the gemstone you need to buy to see what the quality of a really good gemstone is like. After all, it is very easy to be cheated by some shady merchants if you are a complete layman. And, if it suits you, you can even buy the gemstone of your choice directly from the place of origin and take it home with you. After purchasing the gemstone, you can then have it cut by a gem craftsman into the shape you want, such as a heart, or a square.

3. Choosing the Right Metal

How to Design a Ring metal gemstone

Now you have a gemstone that you love. The next step is to choose what kind of metal to use as a base for your gemstone. You can imagine your gemstone plus your chosen metal and what they look like together. Perhaps, you can also try to search for the matching of the two on the internet, if you are lucky, you are able to search for pictures or videos directly. Of course, there are a lot of metal choices here, including white gold, platinum, and rose gold, in addition to the yellow gold and silver that we can think of. After choosing the right gold, you also need to determine what the grams of the metal you need are like. It probably means that you prefer a thin ring or a thick one.

4. Gemstone and Metal Matching Program

After choosing your gemstone and the corresponding matching metal, you can then choose a jeweler to give your item a final finish and makeover. You need to choose how your gemstone is set with the metal, such as a claw setting, then a baguette setting, and the most advanced, a bezel-less setting. Of course, if you don’t know much about these, you can dare to ask which those professional jewelers, I’m sure they will answer patiently for you. In addition to the gemstone setting method, you can also add some special patterns or symbols that are unique to you. As long as you need and propose the idea, the jeweler will try his best to accommodate you. This process also requires a lot of manpower and material resources of the jeweler, such as the jeweler needs to communicate with us constantly and improve. The jeweler also needs to use some more professional tools to make jewelry, such as pneumatic engraver, and even need to use a microscope to help the jeweler to make a more delicate engraving.

5.  Determination of Finished Product

metal gemstone ring finished

After you have dealt with the jewelry artisan, you finally get the finished product that you want. From the selection of the stones to the finalization of the ring, you have spent a lot of time and effort. But at least you are doing it with a great sense of pleasure and anticipation. Moreover, compared to going directly to the store to buy a thousand finished rings. A ring that you have taken part in making may be more representative of your own special feelings.

Well, by now, you have a general idea of how to make a ring of your own. If you have an idea, go ahead and take action!

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