37 Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Remodel | Pictures, Options, Tips and Ideas

KITCHEN CABINET REMODEL – When you walk into the kitchen, what’s the first thing you see? If you are really hungry, it’s probably that salami sandwich that was left out on the counter, but after that, the most eye-catching things are the kitchen cabinets (kitchen cabinet remodel). Hanging right at eye level and along the ground as well, your kitchen cabinets can do an amazing job in setting the tone for your kitchen. How can you make sure that your cabinets are saying exactly what you want them to?

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When we think of the term “pop of color” we think of the color lime green or magenta punching someone in the face. That’s not exactly what the term means, but if you add some vivid color to your kitchen cabinets, you can create an effect that is nearly as glamorous. For example, do you crave the Caribbean? Paint your cabinets a lush green and add some white trim. Do you love a rather cool, Mediterranean look? Try for a soft, faded blue.

New doors

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Sometimes, the thing that is distressing about the cabinets is not how they store things, but simply in how they look. Before you tear out all of the cabinets in a home-decor inspired rage, simply take your time and look at the doors. If the cabinets themselves are just fine, tear off the doors and replace them with something you like better. For example, you can replace the cabinets with glass-fronted doors, doors with interesting trim, or doors that are more plain than what you have right now.

Pull out cabinet shelves

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One of the big complaints that we hear about kitchen cabinets is that they are inaccessible. They are so deep and so crowded that it can be hard to find anything. Instead of waiting until your items bust out of the cabinets because you have been stacking them one on top of the other, simply install pull-out shelves. That way, when you open the door, you can pull the entire shelf forward, letting you see what is in it.

Light it up

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One complaint that we hear a lot, especially in older houses, is that the cabinets are large, bulky, and block light. The last thing that you want to do when you are chopping veggies is to have vision issues, so why not consider installing some under-counter lights? You can look for LED lights that can be attached to the bottom of a cabinet, allowing you tap them lightly and to flood the area under the cabinet with plenty of great light.

Easy plate rack

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If you are tired of stacking your plates and causing a clatter whenever you want a larger one at the bottom, instead consider putting in a plate rack. A plate rack, if you have the space, is a wonderful way to have all of your dishes present and accounted for at once. Consider having beautiful plates that are matched by color and size, standing up on edge like a row of obedient books, waiting for your need.

Crown moulding additions

When in doubt, smack some trim on it! Crown moulding applied to the edges of your cabinet, around the top and bottom or on all sides, can help you create a space that you really enjoy.

Don’t think that you have to do a full kitchen remodel to enjoy your cabinets; consider what you can do for them today!

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel – Refacing Your Kitchen

Colorful cost of replacing kitchen cupboard doors #kitchencabinetremodel #kitchencabinetrefacingGet all the info you’ll need on kitchen cabinet refacing, and ensure your kitchen cabinet makeover will be a stylish success.

If you’re contemplating a kitchen makeover, but don’t want to break the bank on brand new cabinets, you’ll want to explore your options for kitchen cabinet refacing. In many cases, refacing your kitchen cabinets can give them a “like new” appearance, or even create a whole new style aesthetic for your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel – How to Refinish Cabinets Like a Pro

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Your first step in refacing the cabinets is to attach clean plywood to the exposed cabinet sides. After cleaning and sanding the sides, apply the correctly sized plywood piece with carpenter’s glue. Secure the plywood with finish nails, sink the nail heads, then fill the holes with wood filler.

Next, apply the veneer you’ve chosen. The key here is to measure properly, and then go slowly when applying. First, measure the stiles (vertical frame) and rails (horizontal frame). Then use a straightedge and a utility knife to cut the veneer into strips that are ½ inch wider and 2 inches longer than each stile and rail. Cut the veneer so the wood grain always runs lengthwise. Hold the veneer strip up to a stile and align it so it overlaps all edges, then peel away the self stick backing and press the veneer into place, slowly working down the stile. Smooth the veneer with a wood block or other flat, hard object to work out any air bubbles.
Next, use your utility knife to trim the excess veneer from the sides of the stile or rail. When trimming at the joint between two cabinets, use a straightedge as a guide.
Your other option for refacing is to strip wood cabinets of their stain, sand down to bare wood, and finish the cabinets with new stain or paint. This is a more labor-intensive process, but it’s a viable option if a press-on veneer isn’t appealing to you.

10 Tips Kitchen Cabinet Remodel from Bryan Baeumler

Updating your kitchen cabinets is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into your cooking space. However, spending the money on new cabinetry might not be necessary. If your current cabinets are outdated but are still in good condition, you can give them a new lease on life with a few key materials and a bit of elbow grease. Here’s how:

1. Label Every Door and Drawer

Before you start anything, draw out your kitchen layout and label each and every door and drawer before you remove them. This might seem unnecessary, but I promise you will thank me when it’s time to replace them, as it can get quite confusing and very time consuming to remember the right place for each piece. Trust me.

2. Remove Doors and Drawers

Carefully remove each door and drawer to ensure you don’t damage them. You will also have to remove the hinges and hardware. It’s always best to install these back in the same place they came from, so I recommend numbering them. Make sure the screws and any other loose pieces are stored in a secure container.

3. Give Everything a Good Clean

Once everything is labelled and removed, grab a sponge (and dry cloth) and give the parts a rigorous wipe down. Make sure any grease or unwanted marks are removed.

4. Fill in the Gaps

If there are any holes where there shouldn’t be, or you want to cover up the grain of the wood, then apply a filler to smooth out the surfaces. This will ensure the refinished cabinets look like new when you’re done.

5. Sand Down the Cabinets

Once the filler has dried, sand down the doors and built-ins to get rid of any unwanted debris and to give your cabinets a high-quality finished look. This will help once you get to the painting stage, as any raised parts will be difficult to cover up later on.

6. Wipe it Down

Sanding always leaves a nice layer of dust, so wipe it away before you do anything else. Like I said, the better you clean the surfaces, the better the finished product.

7. Prime the Surfaces

It’s imperative that you use a decent primer to prepare the surfaces before painting. You can’t leave any blemishes on kitchen cabinetry because it will stand out like sore thumb. Do a good job here – you’ll be thankful once you’re done.

8. Paint Your First Coat

Now it’s time to paint. Make sure the primer has dried and the doors are drawers are clean. You’ll probably need a few coats to make this look professional, so don’t try to complete the job in one coat. Take your time to cover every area and ensure the coat is even.

9. Sand Between Coats

Let each coat dry completely, and then give the doors and drawers a light sanding to again remove any raised parts or blemishes. This will mean that you’ll need to clean the surfaces after each sanding. Remember: do this well and you will have saved yourself thousands of dollars in restoring versus replacing. It’ll be worth putting the time in here.

10. Replace Doors and Install Hardware

Once you’re happy with your paint job, it’s time consult your layout drawing and install the new-and-improved doors and drawers, along with their hinges and hardware. I highly recommend getting new hardware, because if you have already gone to this trouble, new hardware can really alter the overall aesthetic of a kitchen. Take your time to re-attach each cabinetry piece carefully – you don’t want to chip anything at this point.

Refinishing your kitchen cabinetry is very cost-effective process and can transform your cooking space at very little cost. Remember to take your time with a job like this, and be sure not to cut corners, as it could turn a cheap job into an expensive one.

Photos of Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

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Popular cost to replace kitchen cabinet doors and drawers #kitchencabinetremodel #kitchencabinetrefacing
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