Landscape Irrigation – How Does It Work?

The landscape covers a large area, and hence watering manually becomes challenging. You can install an automatic sprinkler and irrigation system in your lawn and water your lawn to keep it lush green, dense, and healthy throughout the year. A landscape irrigation installation in Sydney makes your work easy and reduces the hassles of lawn irrigation. However, lawn irrigation requires consistent watering. Installing an automatic system reduces your task of lawn watering. It saves a lot of time and money in landscape irrigation.

The garden hoses require lawn irrigation with perfect water, and you can do it with simple lawn irrigation techniques. It offers countless benefits to house owners and provides a stress-free routine. You can use natural resources for lawn irrigation purposes and contribute largely to the natural environment. Provide the right amount of water to the lawn and keep it green and dense.

In this article, you will learn about various irrigation techniques and methods. Keep reading to explore the most popular technique used to water landscapes.

  • Micro irrigation – It is a facility that can directly water plants and root systems using the right amount of water required. You can use it conveniently for dwarf fruit trees and shrubs and not for lawns or turf.
  • Flood system – It tends to flood the ground with water and does not spray plants. These systems are available in the form of a jet system, bed sprayer or bubbler. It requires water abundantly and a flat even surface to spread water evenly. Don’t allow water runoff and cause erosion.
  • Rotary sprinkler – A spray head that rotates in a circle and cover a 100 feet area from the sprayer. A rotary sprinkler is the best form of irrigation for turf or landscape.

The irrigation system adds value to the property and increases its natural curb appeal. Sustainable landscape irrigation supports maximum water retention.

How does it work?

The water pressure affects the sprinkler and its performance, providing water to the nearby areas. You should set a correct range to sprinkle your landscape. Pop-up sprays work perfectly at 30 PSI, and residential rotors can be easily operated at the 40 – 50 psi range. If there is low water pressure, you can hire the best professional by simply searching “irrigation companies near me”.

It works by regulating pressure and increasing irrigation output and results by up to 40 per cent. The functioning, operating, and results can be attained with regulated pressure. You can increase the pressure through a valve, rotor or spray installation. Hire the best landscaper in Sydney to get correct irrigation installation with their assistance.


There are various prevailing landscape irrigation methods, and choosing the best ones depends on your requirement. Identify the best company and hire a skilful professional for landscape construction in Sydney. They can also suggest the best irrigation facility suitable for your garden. You can utilise their tips and professional maintenance for the landscape garden.

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