7 Common Lock Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Do you feel worried when you suddenly remember that you have not checked the door locks before leaving? Similar to when you recall that your side gate does not close well or, even worse, that you might have left a window open?

An anxious sensation of this type can surely make you rush back home at the most inappropriate time of all. No time for panic, though! First and foremost, ensure you have done your lock installation correctly and well.

To check if this is the case with your house or if you better start considering a door lock replacement, check out if you have avoided these 7 most common door installation mistakes.

1. Purchasing below-standard locks

Very often, picking up a cheap door lock installation looks like a really attractive alternative. However, this is the most common mistake one may slip into since many of the cheapest locks do not meet professional lock requirements. Not to mention, they need to catch up to the state-of-the-art security solutions that set the door lock security standard nowadays.

Many cheap door locks often down perform in the durability of their material which may cause you unexpected trouble such as incidents, breakdowns and emergencies. In addition, they are easily destroyed by robbers and buglers, which is a separate concern.

If you do not know how to choose a door lock for your particular needs, consult a professional locksmith. He will also support you in making the best value-for-money decision.

2. Measuring the door incorrectly

The second most common problem which pops up, especially in DYI lock installation and replacement projects, is related to how you take the measurements for your new installation. Lock installation looks relatively easy at first sight, but if the door cannot lock properly afterwards, you will be faced with another problem.

Here is how to approach door lock replacement in five simple steps:

  • Read the new lock installation instructions carefully;
  • Measure the door from its unbeveled side;
  • Preliminary inspect the new angle;
  • Install according to instructions;
  • Check if the door locks correctly.

Looks manageable, right? Certainly, but let’s take a deeper look into what this may involve.

3. Drilling holes in the wrong places

Very often, door lock replacement requires drilling holes into the door, which may be both challenging and difficult, especially if you fear you will damage the door. An essential piece of advice here would be to do the drilling from the inside of the door and to mind the door centre. Once you reach the other side, you should stop drilling and change sides.

4. Misaligning the new lock

Another related challenge in your new door lock installation project appears to be the alignment of the door deadbolt and door knob. Both have particularities and specifics. Many homeowners who attempt the installation themselves often position these parts incorrectly.

You may try to do some further reading on the different deadbolt types, for example, and there is plenty of Internet material concerning door knobs as well.

Best of all, do call a professional handyman to avoid the risk of improper assembly or malfunction. This way, replacing the door lock may become a little more expensive than your initial DYI budget, but it will be worth every penny as it excludes the risk of replacing the whole door.

5. Wrong orientation of the lock

Improper lock orientation is another related frequent fault, and unfortunately, more often than not, it is identified as a problem only after completing the project. You should treat this with extra care as it may cause not only lock malfunction but it may also lock you out of the house.

The feeling would be pretty similar to locking yourself out by leaving your keys in. Yet, if you are dealing with a traditional lock, you may try to avoid this by answering two simple questions:

  • Which way locks — clockwise or counter-clockwise?
  • How does the locked position look — vertical or horizontal?

So far, so good. We hope that if you decide to do your lock orientation on your own, you will find the above tips helpful.

6. The lock doesn’t fit your door

Let’s say you may have the opposite desire to the one discussed at the beginning of the article. How about picking up the fanciest model of a lock? The proper match between your door and the new lock you select should be emphasised one more time.

Here are the top three considerations to keep in mind in this respect which often appear underestimated:

  • Consider the material of your door — before deciding on a new lock purchase, do consider the material of your door. If you have a metal door, probably a lock meant for a wooden surface would not do. What is more, it will diminish your security.
  • Assess how the new lock matches your door design — often, people are attracted by the latest design trends and naturally fall for “the last cry in fashion”. This is indeed tempting but may be totally impractical. For example, a simple quality lock may be a much better fit if you have a vintage door than a complicated designer’s lock.
  • Mind the additional requirements of digital locks — if you decide to go for a digital lock, which is quite popular nowadays, consider discussing it with a professional locksmith. Unlike regular locks, digital locks’ sophistication and installation requirements often require diverse considerations that an expert should tackle.

7. Ignoring local weather conditions

A final note on the selection of a best-suited door lock would be to consider the purpose of your new lock. If you need a door lock replacement for your external door, always take into account the local weather conditions. Do not take for granted that all exterior locks are meant for all weather types.

Prevention is better than action. Do consider London’s rains, for example, and thus pay attention to waterproof characteristics and other items that may be weather sensitive such as uncovered buttons, batteries, etc. Also, always take precautions about weather extremes.

Just Imagine…

A recent study published by the Sun shows that as many as two-thirds of adults in the UK worry about their homes when they are not in. Although top worries cover a range of fears, leaving the house open stands out as a number one concern!

And indeed! Just imagine if you have to leave work in the middle of the day, get late to pick up the kids at school or skip an important meeting just because you have to rush to your house to check the locks. Probably, it is time to take due precautions!

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