Interior Designer Tips to Create a Beautiful Modern Home

Perhaps you’re familiar with 7 elements of design, have scoured Pinterest for hours to curate the perfect interior design inspiration board, and watched HGTV until you hit the reruns. You’re practically a professional interior designer at this point, but you’re home still isn’t quite what you want it to be. However, you can’t quite put your finger on what you need. 

Even if you’re keen on design and up-to-date on all the latest trends, and well-versed in an array of styles, it’s easy to fall into a trend and create something lacking character. Everyone needs new sources of inspiration. Keep reading these interior design tips to get some new perspective on how to create a beautiful, modern home.

Don’t Be Intimidated by White

white color wall ideas


Believe it or not, white is anything but boring. It can be bold, comforting, dreamy, elegant, the list goes on and on with this versatile color. There are plenty of options to choose from. For a clean and crisp look, go with porcelain white. An off-white eggshell will lend a homey atmosphere, or for an antique, vintage feel, alabaster might be your shade.

Don’t dismiss the idea completely if you have pets or feel like you have to part with your furry friends. You can have the best of both worlds with some dedicated and stern training to keep them off of the furniture. Another option is to set up elegant doors, screens, or gates to restrict access to your special white room.

If you’re scared of stains and messes or dirt from everyday life, then dedicate a spare room and decide that it’s not for everyday use. It’ll become a room for special occasions or entertaining such as a formal living room or dining room. When you only use it for special occasions it will be easier to keep clean. 

Treat the Ceiling as an Accent Piece 

When it comes to interior decorating so many homeowners limit themselves to what they can decorate or alter. These people are overlooking areas in plain sight that could add even just a coat of fresh paint could alter, like ceilings. Crisp, white ceilings open up the space and create an open and airy feel. 

However, you’re missing out on so many opportunities to define your space. Instead of the common ideas, take inspiration from your favorite works of art. Think of the ceiling as another wall and apply alternative techniques, such as adding a lovely patterned wallpaper in paisley or scales. Delve into true modernism style and add metallic tile, or take inspiration from the King of Rock and Roll’s home, Graceland, and add mirrors. Of course, it isn’t necessary to commission an artist to paint an entire mural on your ceiling, but who’s to say you can’t?

Play with Light and Color

light ideas


Don’t shy away from dark shades of paint or be afraid to use less traditional vibrant hues. It’s all about creating a mood. The type of lighting people place themselves in can affect their mood and mental health. If you’ve ever studied the psychology of color, then you know the colors you paint your walls can also influence your mood. So naturally, combining these two elements in different ways will create a unique feel in your home. 

Play with contrast by choosing a bold block of color. Then use natural lighting and pops of white to keep the space open and the mood light and joyous. If you’re leaning towards darker, richer hues like deep purples and midnight blues then find lighting to compliment that mood. In this case, the mood isn’t sunlight streaming through the windows, but perhaps an electric fireplace with mantel could provide a gentle, romantic feel that would be more complimentary. 

Keep Experimenting 

Decorating a room is like writing a book. As you create, you’re going to come up with new ideas, find new inspiration, and want to incorporate those new elements into your home. Before you go out and buy a whole new set of furniture or start looking at paint swatches, just know you don’t have to scrap your current design. You can find ways to incorporate new ideas into your current design scheme. 

Perhaps you’ll make slight alterations, move a few items, or even get rid of some things, but don’t start over from square one. Interior designers are always coming up with new trends and sharing new ideas on how to modernize older trends. Think of it as editing drafts of a story.

Create a Color Scheme

color schemes ideas


Take inspiration from your favorite films, painting, or designers and create a color palette. You can have a wide color palette for the entire house which you then break down and incorporate different elements from room to room. There’s also the option of creating a color palette for each floor or even each room of your house depending on how much time, detail, and contrast you would like to incorporate into your home. 

This interior design strategy is similar to branding guidelines for companies. Determining an overarching color palette gives you boundaries and set rules to play in. There are times when complete freedom is nice, but sometimes limiting your options makes for a more cohesive design, as well as easier to make decisions. 

Creativity Knows No Bounds 

Remember to see these tips as guidelines and not rules when designing your home. The same goes for all interior design styles and guides. If you’re drawn to the sleek lines of modernism and eclecticism then combine your favorite elements from each style and use those as your new guidelines. Part of the fun of interior decorating is combining these different elements and playing. 

Whether you’re an interior design maven or someone who is simply looking to add a touch of modern beauty and elegance to their home, there’s always something out there for you. You don’t have to suffer the sameness syndrome. Now that you’ve read these interior design tips you’re sure to create a beautiful and modern home that’s all your own.


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