MakeUp Room Ideas

Makeup room is an important place for women. This is the place where they can use anything they want to be more beautiful. By having a makeup room, it seems that you have a place to keep the precious items safe. You just need to enter the room and take the makeup tools you need right away. This is because there are a variety of makeup products and tools and some of them are designed in small size.

The makeup room ideas below help you to design not only a functional room but also a beautiful, unique, and stylish makeup room. It doesn’t matter the size of the room because you can still have a perfect makeup room just like what you want. The most important thing, the makeup room ideas are simple and you just need to add some accessories which be easily found in the market. The cost to create the makeup room is also affordable enough.

Just imagine that by adding some lamps, mirror, and storage, you are about to have a beautiful makeup room which you have dreaming of for so long. The makeup room model can be applied for any home designs from modern, contemporary, traditional, and many more. What you need to consider is how to mix and match the colors and materials to create a cozy and comfortable makeup room. Moreover, the room has to facilitate you to keep all the important and precious items you have.

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There are some unique, simple, and brilliant makeup room ideas you can apply for your room. You just need to choose one of the best and simplest ideas and start the project. These ideas are only an example, you may use your creativity to create your own beautiful makeup room with your favorite colors, materials, and models. At least, the list of the ideas below can be inspired you to have a new and fresh makeup room. For more house renovation and tips, check here.

1. Modern vanity shapes for makeup room

Miraculous wooden makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The great thing from this makeup room is the storage and the mirror. You have enough storage to keep all the important products and items. The mirror is big enough so you can see your face clearly while makeup. The lamps are used to keep everything perfect and you are ready to go.

2. Makeup vanity set

Staggering rustic makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


It doesn’t matter if you only have a small makeup room. This is one of the brilliant makeup room ideas for those who have a small room at home. What you need is a small or medium makeup table with mirror, a chair, and lamps. That’s it! You can spend a few minutes there to apply the best makeup.

3. Hollywood Glow Panorama Extra Wide Vanity Mirror

Terrific vintage makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


It is also a possible thing to have a makeup room just like what you see in Hollywood. What you need is a makeup table, a chair with pillow, carpet, a hanging cabinet. A square mirror along with lamps. Then, you can paint the furniture with your favorite color. Don’t forget to manage the properties just like what you see in the Hollywood makeup room.

4. Standing mirror for makeup room

Wonderful girls makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


This is one of the good makeup room ideas you can apply, especially if you have a super small bedroom at home. The thing to do is creating a makeup room without a chair. It is not a problem at all because you still have a beautiful makeup room with a standing mirror and cabinet. You may add flip flop lamps for the additional accessory.

5. Vanity dressing table makeup room

Eye-opening bedroom makeup vanity with lights #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


This is also an example of how you can create a proper makeup room in a small area. Even, the design is elegant enough for a small makeup room. You may use a soft chair and a classic hanging lamp design. Instead of using a square mirror, it is better to use a rectangle mirror surrounded by lamps. The design creates size illusion so it seems that you have a large makeup room.

6. Wonderful make up room ideas

Delight ikea dressing table #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


This is one of the amazing makeup room ideas for purple lovers. The unique part is the long chair where the size is the same with the size of the makeup table. It is a brilliant trick to have a large makeup room than the actual size.

7. Amazing vanity makeup station

Astonishing makeup table with lights #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


You can create a simple makeup room just like what you see in the picture. The properties are plain with white color and without any complicated ornament. There is also no additional storage except on the makeup table. This is a trick to have a functional and comfortable makeup room in a small area.

8. DIY vanity mirror with lights for makeup station

Brilliant best lighting for makeup #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The thing you need to consider while buying or designing a makeup vanity is the storage. It is better to design a vanity with a lot of storages. Moreover, it has to facilitate your need to keep a variety of items from the biggest to the smallest items.

9. feminine makeup room ideas

Awesome makeup organizer box #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


If it is impossible to use a big makeup vanity you can take the makeup room ideas above. The makeup vanity is in a medium size but it is supported by a hanging cabinet. The cabinet is doorless so you can see your makeup supply and take it right away when you need it.

10. Hollywod vanity mirror makeup

Spectacular makeup storage ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


It is also another application of a makeup vanity for a small room. Besides putting a medium or small makeup vanity, you can add two doorless cabinets on both sides. You can use it to put any makeup items, especially the items which you often use.

11. Makeup room pinky themed

Marvelous ikea vanity makeup table #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Applying a neutral and contrast color is also another solution. Here, the makeup vanity is using plain white color. It is mixed with contrast color such as soft pink and chocolate. For the storage, there is an extra doorless cabinet on the side.

12. Makeup room ideas with photo frame

Unbelievable makeup vanity set with lights #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


If you can’t put extra cabinet due to the size of the room, you can put a medium makeup vanity with plain color. To make the makeup room more comfortable, just use some hanging accessories such as photo frames. The room looks tidy and you can spend your time to makeup comfortably.

13. White interior makeup room ideas

Breathtaking makeup organizer ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


White always work for any furniture including makeup vanity. If you think that the mirror is too small, you can put a rectangle mirror close to the vanity. For a spacious room, you can totally move the storage with a hanging cabinet. Put some hanging photo frame and you are ready to use the makeup.

14. Hollywood mirror makeup room ideas

Excited modern makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The key to creating a Hollywood makeup room is on its effectivity and simplicity. That’s why you can create a plain white makeup vanity without too many storages. Put the makeup tools you often use. Put extra storage with a simple design. For a more interesting model, you can play with contrast color, pattern, or texture.

15. Cool makeup room ideas

Remarkable diy makeup organizer #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


White lovers will love the makeup room ideas above. Everything is in white and plain. The storage is separated from the vanity and it gives you more space to move. Manage the most important makeup tools on the table and put the rest in the extra cabinets.

16. Beautiful makeup room

Fantastic makeup vanity table with lights #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


A plain color makeup vanity is selected because it makes the room looks larger. A transparent chair gives a spacious sense and wheels help you to move easily anywhere you want. This is an example of the effective makeup room ideas for a small room.

17. Scandinavian makeup room ideas

Unique dressing room #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


This Scandinavian makeup room is also a great example for those who have a small room. To give the touch of Scandinavian style, you can use a sofa chair. It is a little bit heavy but the chair keeps you comfortable while spending time in finishing your makeup.

18. Makeup room with white chair

Sensational diy makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


If you don’t want to make the makeup room looks full, you may use a simple chair. It is an armless and without a backrest. For a more comfortable option, you can use a rectangular shape because it gives more space to sit and move.

19. Makeup room with shelf

Extraordinary vanity table with lights #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The thing you need to consider while designing a small makeup room is the storage. You can use a makeup vanity with shelf. If it is not enough, you can add extra hanging doorless cabinets. Just make sure that you can reach all the makeup items you need easily.

20. Makeup room with circle chair

Uplifting small makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The unique parts of this makeup room are on its chair and mirror. Instead of using a big and heavy chair, the owner chooses to use a rounded chair which is armless and without a backrest. It gives more space for you to move. The mirror is designed along with a rectangular lamp follows the design of the mirror and it is a simple option instead of installing too many lamps.

21. Simple makeover room

Life-changing corner makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


This is one of the amazing makeup room ideas if you only have a space close to your bed. Just use a simple makeup vanity with single shelf. Mix it with a hanging round mirror with a small frame. You can also choose an armless and without backrest chair. Use extra stations to manage the most important makeup tools.

22. Simple vanity table for makeup room

Unbeatable makeup vanity table with lighted mirror #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


It is possible to use the corner of your room to be a makeup room. A half round makeup vanity is a good option along with 3 parts of a mirror. If you need extra storage, just use a hanging round cabinet. An armless and without a backrest chair is the best option to make the makeup room perfect.

23. White and rose gold vanity

Striking makeup vanity chair #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The picture above is one of the great makeup room ideas for a small room. Instead of using a vanity with shelf, you can use a hanging makeup vanity by applying a rectangular shelf. The shelf can be used as a storage and makeup table. Mix it with a hanging round mirror and chair. This is a really simple design for a simple woman.

24. White wooden glass makeup room

Wondrous makeup desk vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Effective is the key to creating a makeup room in a small area. Because of that, it is better to use a makeup vanity without shelf and mirror. You can use a separate rectangular or square mirror. For the storage, you can use a separate station to keep the most useful makeup tools. Then, keep the makeup vanity plain and clean.

25. Cute makeup table

Perfect vanity set with lights #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


It is really a cute makeup vanity along with 3 parts of a mirror. The use of doorless shelves is a brilliant option to keep everything spacious. For the color, the makeup room is mixing between white, bright chocolate, purple, and patterned carpet. The contrast color makes the room looks clear and larger than its actual size of the room.

26. Gorgeous makeup in the bedroom

Epic cheap makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Don’t waste the empty space in your bedroom. Just create a small makeup room there. You just need to put a small table with a single shelf, round mirror, and round chair. Hang the round mirror in the wall and use small containers to manage the makeup tools.

27. Makeup and dressing room

Phenomenal vanity set with mirror #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


If you have a little bit bigger room, you can create a makeup and dressing room in the same place. Use a makeup vanity with shelves and put several cabinets around the room. You can use the extra cabinets to store your favorite clothes.

28. Makeup room with a huge mirror

Amazing vanity table with mirror #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


A trick to make your makeup room looks bigger than the actual size is by putting a big mirror. You can also use a makeup vanity with big shelves. Try to use bright and thick colors such as purple, white, and gold. The combination is perfect to create a stunning makeup room.

29. Minimalist makeup room

Unforgettable makeup setting spray #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The shape of the furniture in the makeup room determines the ambiance. For a small room, it is better to use one type of shape. Just like the makeup room in the picture which chooses to use rectangular hanging makeup table, mirror, and shelves. It only uses a rounded chair to give a variation. It is really minimalist and effective makeup room ideas.

30. Minimalist makeup station with rounded mirror

Glorious makeup vanity mirror #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


A rounded mirror is often selected for a makeup room due to its design and function. The round shape keeps the focus and it can be put in the wall even in a small room. It is also better to use a round mirror with a small frame to gives the sense of comfortable and simple atmosphere in the room.

31. White vanity table jewelry makeup desk

Fabulous undefined #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


This is also another example of simple makeup room ideas. The parts such as the vanity, mirror, and chair are in a small size. Even, it is only using a single drawer without any additional shelves. For the storage, the owner is using small containers and it is put on the table to keep the makeup tools well-managed.

32. Cute table makeup ideas

Surprising makeup storage #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Wooden material is able to create a cool makeup vanity. The picture above shows how cool the makeup vanity is. The natural color of the wood is mixed with soft and neutral color to create beautiful contrast color. It is also an effective vanity with a cabinet and a mirror so you have extra storage when you open it and use the mirror for makeup.

33. Makeup magnificent green wall paint

Incredible makeup vanity table #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Applying contrast color is the best option to create a comfortable makeup room in a small area. You don’t have to use too many patterns. Just use plain and contrast colors such as white, green, and pink. For the pattern, you can use a patterned carpet and it is enough. The vanity design is brilliant because it seems that you have space to sit comfortably in front of the mirror.

34. Makeup room ideas with rounded mirror

Astounding makeup set #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The use of separate shelves is a good idea so you have more space to move while sitting in front of the makeup mirror. As a result, you can put a simple makeup vanity without shelves. For a simpler option, just apply a hanging round mirror with a small frame and armless chair.

35. Makeup table with pingky themed

Unleash ikea makeup vanity #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Most women love pink and it can be applied for a makeup room. Even, pink color creates a comfortable ambiance and calming effect. For a small makeup room, choose a vanity with several cabinets. The office chair model keeps you easy to move without leaving the chair before the makeup process is done.

36. Modern makeup vanity table

Gorgeous makeup vanity set #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Using a simple and functional item is the key of modern design. In a makeup room, you can use a simple makeup table along with single drawer. Hang a rounded mirror with a small frame in the wall. Don’t use too many containers on the table. Just choose the most important tools and accessories.

37. Modern white table makeup desk

Famous dressing table #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Just like a typically a modern design, this makeup room is simple. There is no shelves or cabinets on the makeup table and it uses a separate mirror. The unique part is the square chair and it is an armless chair. It is a perfect makeup room for busy women who always want to look perfect before starting their activity.

38. Pink makeup vanity table

Stunning makeup desk #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Pink gives a feminine atmosphere to a makeup room. A bold pink is a great option as long as you can mix and match it with the other colors. For example, you can combine the pink makeup room, cream wall, and cream rug. The combination makes the room tidy and clean.

39. Table glass makeup station

Miraculous makeup table #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The glass material is a more flexible material for those who want to create a makeup room in a small area. The glass is transparent and thin but strong enough and it makes the room looks spacious because you don’t see any solid materials there. Mix it with a round mirror and you can hang it in the wall. For a more spacious option, it is better not to use a glass makeup table with too many cabinets.

40. White table with wooden chair makeup desk

Staggering makeup box #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Using a thin and strong material is the secret to create a spacious makeup room in a small area. Applying a makeup vanity with iron holder is a good option. Iron is thin and strong enough to hold small makeup tools in the table. Add a wooden armless chair for a simpler option. Just make sure that you don’t put too many accessories and makeup tools at the table.

41. Wooden table with unique chair makeup room

Terrific simple makeup room ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Wood is often chosen as furniture material because of its flexibility, function, and style. A wooden makeup table looks beautiful and simple. To make it simple, you can choose to use an iron base. A wooden table with small drawers is enough for a simple makeup vanity. The design of the chair is also a good option because it doesn’t block your eye with solid materials which make the room looks full.

42. Anthropologie mirror makeup themed

Wonderful makeup room ideas tumblr #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Anthropology is a good theme for those who want to have a small makeup room at home. The theme is simple along with the use of thin and small materials. The combination between a thin base and thick material makes the room looks balance without making it looks full.

43. Best Makeup Vanity Ideas and Designs

Eye-opening decorating ideas for a makeup room #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


You don’t have to change the paint of your wall if you don’t want it. Just find a makeup vanity with a contrast color such as light purple. To make it perfect, you can combine the color with gold for the chair and mirror frame.

44. Chelsea white and gold vanity makeup

Delight pink makeup room ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Chelsea is a unique design because of its pattern. The pattern on the makeup vanity base keeps the room looks spacious because it doesn’t block with a solid material. The hexagon mirror is eye-catching and a functional option. It is one of the makeup room ideas for those who care about function and style.

45. Elegant makeup desk

Astonishing modern makeup room ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The main idea of an elegant makeup room is its simplicity. The more effective the furniture, the better. Just like the elegant makeup room above in which it has a lot of cabinets to keep all the makeup tools tidy and easy to take. Instead of using a vanity with mirror, the owner decides to use a separates rectangular mirror. The armless and small chair makes the elegant makeup vanity perfect.

46. Gold mirror and chair makeup room

Brilliant makeup room ideas pinterest #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Putting a classic design into a modern model is possible. The picture above is one of the modern makeup room ideas with a classic touch. It uses the combination of black and white for the classic style. Then, the designer adds gold to make it match for a modern design. To strengthen the ambiance, the room is using a round chair with wheels and a hanging mirror.

47. Mirrored vanity table gold

Awesome makeup studio room ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Thin material has an important role to create a spacious makeup room. The example above is something that you can apply at home. You may use a makeup vanity from iron or stainless steel without any solid block. It is the same case with the chair and mirror frame. Then, paint it with a gold color to give the touch of elegance.

48. Pink themed makeup room ideas

Spectacular makeup room design ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


A feminine woman often chooses pink as the primary color for her makeup room. Indeed, it is not a bad idea at all. You just need to balance the color with something contrast such as grey color. The contrast color makes the furniture looks solid.

49. Rustic makeup room style

Marvelous makeup room ideas diy #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


The interesting part about rustic style is on its texture. You can use the natural texture from the material. Wooden makeup vanity above is the best example of a rustic makeup room. You can finish the furniture with varnish to make it more interesting to see.

50. Wire loop vanity makeup room

Unbelievable makeup dressing room ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer


Wire loop furniture is a trick to create a spacious, comfortable, and stylish makeup room in a small area. The wire loop is strong enough and it doesn’t cover with any solid material. The style is also unique. Along with gold color, a wire loop makeup vanity is a suitable option for a modern makeup room.

51. Wire loop vanity makeup station

Breathtaking room ideas for makeup #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer

52. Famed teen girl makeup room

Excited makeup beauty room ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer

53. Lismore gold vanity makeup

Remarkable home makeup room ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer

54. Pinky guava vanity makeup room

Fantastic makeup room storage ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer

55. Personal makeup room ideas

Unique makeup artist room ideas #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer

56. Vanity makeup desk with drawers

Sensational makeup room ideas ikea #makeuproomideas #makeupstorageideas #diymakeuporganizer



In conclusion, there are a lot of makeup room ideas you can apply. The key is how to mix and match the materials you have with the style that you want. Try to think something simple without losing its function, comfort, and style. The list of makeup room ideas above is a great example of how easy and fun to create a makeup room in a small area.

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