Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist interior design offers a solution for you who have a problem to decorate your room. This style doesn’t need too many complicated decorations. It also doesn’t use too much accent. However, this simplicity is the main point of the minimalist style. Therefore, we also can call it the easiest way to create a beautiful room.

Even though we said this style as the easiest style to apply to your room, many of us maybe have some trouble to find the right design or ideas. For that reason, we have this article written for you. Here, we have several of great minimalist interior ideas you can use for your room. Some of them are very DIY-able, but the others might need a professional help.

Minimalist Living Room

We collect the inspiration for minimalist living room. Choose the best for you.

1. Wide Living Room with Big Mirror

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This room is pretty simple. However, the wall on the back looks empty. So, the interior designer places a big mirror as the decoration, which turns out really good. The mirror also reflects the light and add different image in this room. Sometimes you need to add some spice to your simplified design like this.

2. Unique Sofa

Staggering interior decorating ideas for living rooms #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


Simplicity in minimalist interior is also applied to the room color theme. It means you can’t use too many colors in it. This one is perfect example for the color application for minimalist interior. It only use black and white, however, the place where these colors are applied create a richer appearance.

3. Deal with The White

Terrific minimalist bedroom set #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


This room originally uses pure white color, as you can see on its book rack. White is neutral color here. So, it’s perfect canvas for applying minimalist interior design. Adding several object with contrast color, like black and dark grey like this is enough to improve its visual.

4. The Wall Accent

Wonderful interior home decor ideas #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


Another trademark of minimalist style room is the uniform color on the opposite side. This one applies the black/dark color on the wall the opposite of the right part of ceiling. It gives an artistic visual, even though it’s quite simple and doesn’t use too much decoration. By the way, you also can use other colors that you like here.

5. The Minimalist Scandinavian Style

Eye-opening interior decorating home ideas #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


Any person who earned an interior design diploma would agree that functionality is the important thing in the room with Scandinavian style like this. It doesn’t add unnecessary object that can obstruct the functionality of the room. Just from first glance, you can see that this room is a living room where you sit and relax.

6. Minimalist Living Space with Floating Lights

Delight minimalist bedside table #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


Simplicity is a good concept. However, sometimes you also need to give it depth. And, the lighting can become solution here. This room uses many lighting in several places to create accents. Unfortunately, this room picture was taken when the lights was turned off. At night when they are all turned on, we believe it looks amazing.

7. The Concrete Pillar

Astonishing minimalist headboard #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


A minimalist interior doesn’t mean that you can’t use any decoration. This room is the best example of how to use the part of the room, which is the pillar, as its decoration. It looks majestic with its size and the raw concrete texture. It is different than the other modern style object surrounding it, which make it become the center of this room.

8. The Order

Brilliant modern minimalist furniture #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


When you use minimalist interior design, you will have no problem to arrange it in order because of its simplicity. This room displays that clearly. How they arrange the light, furniture placement as well as the coloring area plan shows the uniformity. The result is beautiful and simple room.

9. The Forest

Awesome minimalist modern furniture #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


We said above that a minimalist interior can’t use too many color themes. What can you do, if you want to use forest color theme or picture? Just make it black and white or monochrome color like this room. In fact, this method gives it more artistic value.

10. Living Room with Black Accent

Spectacular minimalist entertainment center #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


White and black are two common combinations for minimalist interior design. This room also uses that combination, by implementing the black color as the frame in several areas. You can see it on the window frame, the ceiling cable line for lights, and the table.

11. The Modern Style Chandelier

Marvelous minimalist interior #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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The minimalist style room is beautiful as it is, although it is an exception for bigger size room like the room in the picture. You need to add something to erase the emptiness that was created because of its simplicity. Thus, using chandelier like this is good idea. It gives something in the middle of the room, which create a nice view point for this room.

12. Remove The Wall

Unbelievable minimalist modern living room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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The lighting is important for minimalist style room. The designer of this room seems apply that formula excessively. But, the result is nice. By removing the wall and replace it with big size window, the room will get more natural lights. It matches the functionality concept of modern room.

13. The Wall of Wood

Breathtaking modern minimalist living room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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The wood texture on this room’s wall becomes the focal point of the room. Moreover, it matches perfectly with the stiff color theme sofa in it. The combination of the natural nuance from the wood wall balances this modern style sofa and creates beautiful view.

14. The Simply Black Accent

Excited modern minimalist living room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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This room follows this route to create this appearance. First of all, they paint all the wall and ceiling with white color. Then, they add the black part (window frame, fireplace, light cable system, and furniture) in it. Now, you have beautiful minimalist interior design.

15. The Natural Touches

Remarkable minimalist dining room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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A minimalist interior design like this can be easily applied to any room in your house. What you need to do is finding the furniture or decoration with original or natural wooden pattern. Then, place it in the room with full modern and minimalist style furniture and color. Now, you can emphasize the natural part in that room.

16. The Relaxing Dark Room

Fantastic minimalist bedroom furniture #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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It is simple design with black or darker color hue as the main color theme. Using this style create a comfortable and relaxing effect in this room. Moreover, you can see that this room is a room for watching TV and hangout. So, it’s perfect atmosphere for this room.

17. The Color Separation

Unique interior for bedroom #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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Another good minimalist interior design you can use is creating area separation based on the color. This room is the best example for that. They even use the furniture that has same color as the wall color. And, you can notice that even though there is no decoration there, it still looks artistically beautiful.

18. The Cream Pattern

Sensational modern minimalist bedroom #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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Without the beige color and pattern on the back wall, this room looks really bland and boring. But, this is the advantage of minimalist style room. You just need to change small part of that room, and you can improve it a lot.

19. Minimalist Entertainment Room Ideas

Extraordinary minimalist modern bedroom #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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We like how they design the stairs and the color that complement it. It looks like an abstract installation art placed in this room. The two color separation also looks great. However, it still has its functionality as the stairs that can lead you to the second floor.

20. Minimalist Living Room with Bar

Uplifting interior living room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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The minimalist style room doesn’t need too much color in it. That helps you to create a separation like this one with the color theme of each part. The different color here display the living room area and the bar area clearly. This concept helps you to save your time and money.

21. The Grey Bridge

Life-changing interior design ideas bedroom #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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Black and white is common color that’s used a lot in minimalist interior design. And grey is used to connect or enrich those two colors. This room uses the grey color from the sofa. So, the clear separation of white and black become smoother and easy to enjoy.

22. The Unique Lights

Unbeatable bedroom furnitures design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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Other than furniture and decoration, the lighting also has important part in the minimalist interior design. This room shows you how to use the lighting for this purpose. Using unique shade that surrounding the light bulb, this lighting has very high artistic value. Thus, it also make the room looks more beautiful.

23. The Neutral One

Striking dining table minimalist #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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This room uses the simplicity concept of the minimalist interior style. It only use white as its main color. We don’t see any problem in it. But, with this many neutral color, this room invite you to add more color and create the new beautiful visual. So, you can use this room as the basic design for your room, before you develop it even further.

24. The Plant Decoration

Wondrous minimalist modern #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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The room with minimalist interior design like this feels different with the plant in it. People usually think that minimalist room is stiff. However, adding the natural touch like the plant, soften the stiffness. It creates a good balance for improving its visual.

25. Minimalist Living Room with Black Furniture

Perfect dining room design ideas #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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Pure white room is the common design for minimalist interior style. But, if you use it just like that, the room will become less interesting. Therefore, adding contrast color, like black furniture in this room, is the best idea. It balance the too-much-white color, moreover it doesn’t reduce room’s functionality.

26. The Color Placement

Epic family room design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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As you can see in many rooms with minimalist interior design, including this room, the placement of the color is quite particular. The color is combined by using its contrast level. This one is black and white which very contrast. But, you also can use other color that has high contrast.

27. The Extra Colors

Phenomenal living room design modern #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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Mostly, you will use two or three different colors in a minimalist style room. However, it doesn’t mean you can add all of those three inside the room. You can also use this room style, where it uses the green color from the lawn outside the house by utilizing the window. The result is more natural view in the stiff minimalist style room.

Minimalist Interior Design for Bedroom

If you find the best design for your bedroom, find and try one of these minimalist interior design for bedroom.


1. The Forest Warmth

Amazing minimalist home decor #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


Do you know that in minimalist interior design, you also can add the natural elements? This room is the perfect example for that. It use the standard minimalist style color combine it with the wooden material as well as plant decoration. This is definitely our favorite minimalist interior style.

2. The Wooden Elements

Unforgettable minimalist interior designers #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


This room also has many wooden elements in it. We see it as the latest trend in the minimalist interior style. People want to have more comfortable minimalist style room, therefore adding natural aspect like this one is the solution for that. The natural touch gives the room more comfort style, which is a good thing for bedroom like this one.

3. Cute Minimalist Decor

Glorious interior design minimalist #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


Using the contrast color, like black and white, will define the style strongly. However, this room doesn’t use that formula. Instead, it uses brown and green as the complementary color. This method creates soft and relaxing effect, which is suitable for bedroom.

4. Bedroom with White Bricks Accent Wall

Fabulous scandinavian interior designer #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


People think that minimalist interior design is a sleek and smooth style design. But, that would be boring. Adding some texture, like bricks wall in this room, is a good solution. Moreover, you also can modify the material you use inside to create the minimalist style contrast trademark. This room use metal, concrete and wood.

5. Bedroom with Marble Wall Decoration

Surprising scandinavian interior design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


The method to solve the empty wall in your minimalist style room is adding contrast color. However, you also can use different material like this room. This room uses the marble material for the wall. The natural pattern of marble material create a beautiful pattern on it, which improve this room overall value.

6. Minimalist Room with Many Elements

Incredible scandinavian design interior #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


It is true that you don’t need to use too many decorations for minimalist room. However, even though you use many elements that have different shape, size, and texture, you can arrange it like this room. This room uses many elements but arrange it in one direction. This way, you can create uniformity that every minimalist room has.

7. Keep The Balance

Astounding modern interior #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


When you decorate a room with minimalist interior design, you also need to pay attention to the balance. This room has a good balance that you can see from the wooden wall on the back. That area is divided by imaginary line to create four areas, where each area has important element (painting, two lightings, and plant).

8. Natural Minimalist Bedroom

Unleash wall design ideas #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


This minimalist style room use the standard method to create the effect that make the room feels bigger. It use big mirror that’s installed in one of the wall. Moreover, the mirror is placed directly on the opposite site of the window. So, the light will be reflected, and it can illuminate the room. You can use this design to save energy for lighting.

9. Modern Minimalist with Natural Light

Gorgeous dining room design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


How you adjust or design the light can create different effect in your minimalist style room. This room uses two big windows to let the natural light shine the dark color theme in the room. As you can see, the light creates warm feeling inside the room.

10. The Minimalist Rustic Bedroom

Famous design of dining room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


It said that the rustic or chic style isn’t suitable for minimalist interior design. The rustic style is too complicated. You can solve that problem using this room as reference, though. This room only applies the rustic pattern on small parts of the room. And the result is it turns into a nice decoration for the room.

Minimalist Interior Design for Kitchen

We collected the best minimalist design for kitchen for you, choose them and make it at your home.


1. Minimalist Kitchen with Pendant Lights

Stunning design dining room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


The most interesting part of this kitchen is the cabinet. It looks simple and merged into the wall, which adds its simplicity of the minimalist style. Moreover, the cabinet and wall use similar color. This will make the kitchen appliances become more noticeable. Thus, you don’t need to put too much decoration just like what a minimalist style should be.

2. The Retro Minimalist Dining Room

Miraculous interior living room design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


The one color style one the wall and most of furniture display a strong application of minimalist interior design. But, this room has different elements added in it. It’s the main dining table and chair. It uses the retro style furniture. The simple style combine with bright and stand out retro style, is one of the best design we ever seen.

3. Strong Natural Vibe

Staggering ideas for interior decorating #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


This picture has very strong natural elements. The first element is the wooden floor and kitchen countertop. The natural brown wooden color gives this room different touch.

Then, the marble wall adds another unique pattern in the room. The last one is the window near the ceiling that shows the green color from trees outside. The combination of these elements is a very soothing and beautiful addition for minimalist style room.

4. Going Fully Retro

Terrific minimalist decor #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


Using retro style furniture or appliances like what you can see in this kitchen is doable for you who want to apply minimalist interior design. The secret to making it suitable for minimalist style is how you place it. Make sure you place it in neat order and pay attention to the area balance. Then, you have a retro minimalist room.

5. The Big Natural Lighting Source

Wonderful furniture minimalist #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


The kitchen usually feels cramped, unless you make it the outdoor kitchen. But, with minimalist interior design, you can solve this problem. This minimalist kitchen utilizes the big window to get more natural lighting inside the kitchen. This eliminates the cramped feeling in the kitchen perfectly.

6. The Cute Minimalist

Eye-opening minimalist living room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


As we mentioned above, for a minimalist style room, you only can use up to three or four colors. By modifying this color, you can even create a cute atmosphere. For example, you can use a bright color or pastel color like this room for a cute style. You can apply this style to your bedroom as well.

7. The White Cabinets

Delight interior design modern #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


For the kitchen, the most important thing is functionality. The cabinet in this kitchen adds that functionality part. Moreover, the pure white color for the cabinet also gives this kitchen the minimalist elements that you are looking for. You may need to remodel your whole kitchen if you want to apply this style.

8. The Two Patterns

Astonishing modern interior design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


This minimalist style room has two noticeable patterns on the floor and backsplash. By using these two patterns, you can add design variation in your minimalist interior design. Moreover, this kitchen also uses the cabinet to cover the line that separates these two patterns. The result is the two pattern looks like change naturally.

9. Create The Focal Point

Brilliant interior design styles #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


In a minimalist style room, creating a focal point is easy. All the elements in the room are so simple. So, adding something different is enough to make it into that room focal point. For this room, they use the big text that says “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” quote. This part is different than the others. And, guaranteed, everyone who enters this room will easily notice it.

10. The Artistic Wall Decoration

Awesome interior design ideas #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom


Using a different color is a method to make something noticeable. But, in minimalist interior design, you can use different shape to create the decoration. This room uses the art on the wall that is also equipped with the accent light on the bottom. This decoration is really beautiful and suitable for the room.

11. The White Minimalist Kitchen Interior

Spectacular ideas for living room design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:


The designer of this kitchen utilizes the forest surrounding the house as part of the room minimalist interior design. By using big glass to make it display the scenery outside your house, the kitchen looks fresher. We believe that you also feel relax when you cook here.

12. Masculine Entryway

Marvelous minimalist bedroom #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

13. Black And White Open Bedroom

Unbelievable living room design ideas #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

14. Modern Colorful Kitchen

Breathtaking design living room ideas #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

15. Charcoal Bathroom

Excited design ideas living room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

16. Modern Minimalist Kitchen

Remarkable design for living room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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Others Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

Here are a lot of minimalist interior design you can copy of your beloved room.

1. Modern Entryway – Minimalist Interior Design

Fantastic design living room #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

2. Modern Indoor/Outdoor Living

Unique living room design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

3. Minimalist Interior Design for Living Room with Green View

Sensational interior decorations #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

4. Minimalist Interior Design

Extraordinary living room design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

5. Minimalist Interior Design for Living Room with Natural Color

Uplifting interior decorations #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

6. Living Room Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

Life-changing minimalist interior design book #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

7. Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

Unbeatable minimalist interior design characteristics #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

8. Minimalist Living Room Design with Green Sofa

Striking traditional minimalist interior design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

9. Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Closet

Wondrous asian minimalist interior design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

10. Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Coat Hanger

Perfect natural minimalist interior design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

11. Minimalist White Kitchen Interior Ideas

Epic minimalist interior design small condo #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

12. Bedroom Minimalist Interior

Phenomenal minimalist interior design for small condo #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

13. Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Laundry

Amazing rustic minimalist interior design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

14. Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Yard

Unforgettable minimalist interior home design #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:
Glorious minimalist interior design ideas #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

15. Modular Minimalism

Fabulous minimalist interior design bedroom #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
Image Source:

16. Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Home Office

Surprising minimalist interior design tips #minimalistinteriordesign #minimalistlivingroom #minimalistbedroom
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The most important elements of minimalist interior design are the color and the arrangement. As you can see in the list of design ideas above, they use color to create a distinctive view. Moreover, with correct usage, the color also can improve your plain room view.

Now, you just need to choose the design ideas that you like. Make sure you also match it with your room size and needs. Ask for help from professionals if you need it. With their help, you also can minimize the mistake you made when you remodel your room.

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