Simple Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Utility Room

84% of Americans say that their home isn’t organized enough, according to a CNBC report. More than half of these people say that their lack of organization causes them serious stress. But you likely have several rooms in your home which you’re not using to their full potential, including your utility space. So, here’s how you can get the most of your utility room.

Food storage

One of the most popular rooms in the home to renovate is the kitchen. KTen reports that the average kitchen remodel costs almost $15,000. But you needn’t makeover your kitchen and spend all this money if all you need is more space. Your utility room makes a great pantry for storing excess food. A large wall-mounted shelving unit with doors can store larger food items such as cereal boxes, tins, bags of pasta, and bottles of drink. Attach shelves to the inside of the cupboard doors for things such as herbs and spices, baking powder, and yeast. At the bottom of the cupboard, label pull-out drawers or storage baskets for food items such as packets of rice, cookies and other snacks, and noodles.

Laundry room

On average, people spend 72 minutes every week doing laundry. Most say they spend time doing the laundry every day. Turning your utility space into a laundry room is a great way to use the space. First of all, you’ll need a machine to wash your clothes in. A front loader is often better for a small room as you can stack dryers on top of them. Front loaders can often hold more washing than a top loader which is ideal when you’re dealing with a lot of washing on a weekly basis. A wall-mounted laundry hamper can be used to keep dirty washing in. Attach a pole from wall to wall so you can hang clean, dry, and ironed clothing up. Don’t forget to add lots of shelving units to keep your iron and washing detergents on too.

Pet corner

Almost 70% of households own a pet, with cats and dogs being the most popular. If you dote on your pet but are tired of the mess they make in your house, you could turn your utility room into a designated space for them. A large workstation with drawers, cupboards, a walk-in bath or sink, and a worktop is all your pet will need. An adapted pull-out low drawer with special holes for your pet’s dinner and water bowls will keep things neat and tidy. A large sliding cupboard containing your pet’s kibble in plastic containers will make storing those large bags of pet biscuits a breeze. If you’ve got a dog, keep freshly laundered towels on high shelves and make sure you’ve got a suitable wet room type space to bath your pooch in after a long, muddy walk.

Too often, homeowners don’t make the most of their utility rooms. But when styled and organized correctly, this space can be used to keep any number of items.

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