Tips for the First Time Home Seller

There is so much to read on home buying and so many resources for home buyers that as a first time home seller you might simply feel daunted. Home buying is a different experience but there are home sellers too who might be putting up real estate on the market for the first time. Take a look at a few relevant tips to help you sell your home smoothly—at the right price that is!

Home buying is both an emotional and a practical decision for Spokane home buyers or buyers from anywhere, for that matter. Home selling is mostly a practical decision or one that is laced with an investment-return tapping angle. When you plan to sell a home, you generally center on maximizing the possibility of profit on it.

Pricing Accuracy

Pricing a home you put up on the open market is vital. You do not want to set too hefty a price or even set one that is too low.  Hiring a listing agent with ample experience and a good reputation helps here. More than anything else, a listing agent will be able to guide you to set the right price. Someone who operates around your neighborhood is a better bet than a real estate buddy based afar!

Plan a Home Staging

Discuss with your real estate agent on how to prep your home up for staging, this is a vital aspect in closing a home sale. Agents know best on how to stage the home on sale in the right way. There are certain tricks around showing lesser furniture and the like that works well. Do not ignore areas or spaces in the home that need some patch work and minor repairs. After all, a small dent in the woodwork and some gaps in the flooring are problems so big for buying enthusiasts—that you could lose out chances of selling at all.

Plan Listing at the Right Time

Listing your home on the market is something that you must do at a perfect time. Your agent can advise you on the same-considering the local weather, community and similar factors. The first day of listing must be perfect enough to attract interest and hits on the property.

Discuss Commission to Pay your Agent

Some people leave this as the last step but it is clever to go ahead and discuss these details right at the beginning. This allows you to understand what services you can tap from the real estate agent. Finally, decide if the charges fit in with your budget.

Go in for Professional Clicks

Staging a home is not a one-time exercise. You also need to back it up with professional photos of your home on listing sites, it is best to hire a professional for such clicks. The right lighting, angle and styling around photos actually make a home look good or bad on a listing site. It is best to avoid doing this yourself—and never so with your phone camera!


Make sure you review your post on the real estate listing site before putting it out for the world to see. Mention the technical details correctly to avoid issues later on. Make sure you keep a tab on the response you receive and are prompt in sending out responses to enquiries you receive. Selling a home is a big task and there is a lot of stuff that needs doing before setting out this journey.

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