Top 5 Expensive Locations to Buy Property In Palm Beach

Palm Beach is one of the most expensive and exclusive locations in Florida. Palm Beach County is earmarked for its affluent real estate, an impressive collection of premium housing, and world-tier beaches. You will find that the kind of property for sale in Palm Beach is in a class of its own. According to Florida.Realestate some of the most expensive communities in Florida can be found in Palm Beach.

Five Neighbourhoods that are the most expensive in Palm Beach

1. The South Flager Drive

Here, you will pay about $940 per square foot of housing. Only about 500 people live in South Flager, and if you want to rent, you may have to pay about $1300 monthly, but their flats are of spectacular quality and very beautiful both from the inside and outside. Many A-listed/ rated schools in South Flager make the place more desirable. For example, the Western Academy Charter School, the Somerset Academy Boca Middle School, and the G-Star School of the Arts are great examples of quality schools in Palm Beach. Some parents relocate from far and wide to live in Palm Beach to have their children school in one of its halls of intellectuals. The downside to this area is that you may have to drive everywhere because there are limited public options. The Median Price of Properties here is $2 000 000 and above.

2. El Cid Historic District

Here, you will pay about $920 per square foot of housing. The population will be about 650 people in 2022. Median rent is about $1500, and you may need nearly $3 000 000 to get quality apartments in the El Cid Historic District. This area has all of the social amenities for a comfortable family life. It is also children-friendly, with top-rated schools such as Palm Beach Public School, the Morikami Park Elementary School, and Western Academy Charter School within fair proximity to the El Cid Historic District. People with no car may find it hard to commute to the district except with cabs, no central public transportation system was spotted in the area.

3. Sunshine Park

The average cost of land per square foot is $820. There are very few here, with only about 300 people in the district. You can get a lovely property for about $1 500 000 and rent a flat for about $1600 in Sunshine Park. There is no public transportation in the area, but you can get cabs or use your private ride. Just as its name suggests, there are many parks, children’s playgrounds, and centers for children in the sunshine park. Although fewer people live in this area, it has a cozy and close-knit community where you can easily reach out to your neighbours and call for help when needed.

4. Golf

You can get housing per square foot at $780 in Golf. About 280 people are living in the Gulf of Palm Beach, Florida. Like its counterparts above, the area lacks a public transportation system. Still, it is positioned well with other city centers, such as the Somerset Academy Boca Middle School, the Suncoast Community High School, and the Alexander Dreyfoos Jr. School of Arts. The area is family suitable and high in demand.

5. Briny Breezes, Palm Beach

With about 708 people living in the Brint Breezes, you are set for a roller coaster of a lovely time in the area’s many cool relaxation spots. Per square foot, the land is valued at about $700, but you may need about $350 000 to get a decent building in this part of the Palm. Compared to all the other four locations listed above, this is the most affordable, and your children can still attend the big schools and experience the fabulous locations as others.


Some of the most expensive properties in Florida are lined up on the shores of Palm Beach County. The area has a collection of unique occupants who love the luxury lifestyle. If you have your money and need the best place to lounge and have fun, or to live a wealthy and relaxing lifestyle, then you should count on Palm Beach County. But as you can see above, they come at a cost and are pretty expensive.

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