Types of Clocks

Clocks are considered to be one of the oldest human inventions. The history of the first mechanical devices can even be dated back in 1300 in Europe. It is not mentioned the sundial which shows the time simply by identifying the shadow positions on flat surfaces. It is the most traditional way used by ancient people to indicate the time.

However, with the development of technology, the clock technology also changes. It was marked by the invention of the pendulum clock in 1652. The development of clock technology in the 16th century was mainly influenced by the need to find devices to allow people to keep precise time for navigation purposes. The technology was still simple until the electric clock was found and patented in 1840 and revolutionized the clock technology for good.

Along with the massive development that occurs in the technology used for clocks, the types of devices also develop. The types of clocks now vary by mechanism, function, and style. Basically, the devices can be classified by the type of time display and the timekeeping method. Several popular clock types that you can find in the market now include analog, digital, hybrid (analog-digital), auditory, word, projection, and more. Each of the types has characteristics and functions that are different from one another.

The wide range of clock types will make it possible for you to place different devices in every room in your house. In addition to a large number of clock types variations, the devices now also come with aesthetic functions. In this way, you will be able to use the clocks to upgrade the style of your interior design and increase the value. Find out more about the most popular types of clocks in the following article.

1. Wall Clock

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Perhaps, this is the most popular clock type used for home and office. This wall clock is very popular for some good reasons. This device will make it possible for the users to find space in their room where they can hang it. The wall clock also makes it easier for anyone in the room to glance up at the device and see what time it is quickly. This is because the clock is usually hung in a public area which can be easily accessed by people.

You also need to know that, unlike the other types of clocks that you can find in the market, this clock wall can help you to ensure that anyone in the room will know exactly what time it is. This is different from other clocks, just say, the ones that sit on the desks. They will make it hard for the people in the room to see the time at once. By using the clock wall, you can make sure that all the people in the room are on the same schedule.

2. Cuckoo Clock

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Another popular clock type in the world in the cuckoo clock. It is considered to be one of the most fun ways to allow you to keep the time. The clock comes with a unique characteristic that can be identified simply by listening to the call. Yes, as the name suggests, this cuckoo clock will produce a cuckoo call every time it strikes each hour.

Another unique thing that you can find in this cuckoo clock is that it usually has a small door on the design. The tiny door will automatically open and a small bird pops out. The unique mechanism of the device makes it very popular in the world. However, the mechanism applied in the cuckoo clock that works to move each bird will vary from one clock to another.

On some cuckoo clock mechanisms, you will find that some birds only lean out of the device. Meanwhile, some other birds will open up their beaks at the same time. You will easily find this cuckoo mechanism in Germany since it is considered to be the cultural icon of the country. That also makes this clock type very popular among tourists who travel to Germany and they often buy it as a souvenir.

However, there is a common rule that you need to know when choosing a cuckoo clock. Before buying this type of clock, you need to know whether you want or do not want the device to produce sound in the middle of the night. This is because some types of cuckoo clocks come with a mechanism that allows you to turn off the sound. In this way, the device will not wake you up in the middle of the night.

3. Grandfather Clock

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If you are looking for types of clocks with a large size and classic design, this grandfather clock can be a perfect choice. This clock type is considered to be the largest and most traditional one in the world. You can easily find the clock in grand mansions or houses with a classic design. This is because the clock comes with beautiful design and made to fulfill both the functional and aesthetical purposes.

Most of the time, the grandfather clock is freestanding and it comes with beautiful tones you can select. The tones available range from a mechanism that produces sound the quarter hour, half hour, and also an hour. However, this clock type usually comes with an expensive price due to design and size. This grandfather clock is also often used as a family heirloom and passed down through the generations within families.

4. Analog Clock

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This kind of clock comes with numbers around the outside of the device’s face. It also has minute and hour hands which are used to tell you the time. It is one of the most popular types of clocks in the world and you can find the device almost everywhere. The analog clock also usually comes with a second hand. The item is aimed to help people easily measure short periods of time.

Despite the useful function of the analog clock, you need to take more practice to learn how to read the time. Some people think that it is more complicated than reading the digital clocks. But, this analog clock usually comes with a more professional look if compared to the digital one. That makes this clock type is very popular in most schools and offices in the world.

5. Digital Clock – Types of Clocks

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The digital clock is very famous among the users due to several reasons. This is considered to be the main option of clocks when people need a time indicator device that can function as an alarm clock. You will find it easier to quickly glance at this kind of clock and know the time without any problem.

The digital clock also comes with a mechanism that makes it easier for people to read the time, the technology is improved here, you can read more tech on winstrix. In this way, most children use this clock to learn how to tell time. The mechanism used doesn’t make them need to struggle with the hour hands and reading minutes. Additionally, the numbers used in the digital clock usually glow in the dark. So, you will find it very easy to read the time even in the middle of the night. Here is the way how to set a digital clock in your own clock.

6. Light-Sensored Clock

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This is a kind of clock that applies high technology to its mechanism. It comes with several benefits that you can enjoy, especially if you wish to put in your kids’ bedrooms. This light-sensored clock will not produce any noise once you turn off the lights in your room. Thus, it will not disturb your children while they are sleeping.

No matter what time you turn off the lights and draw the blinds after putting your kids to bed, the clock will give you peace of mind. You do not need to worry about it making noises and wakes up your children. In addition to the less noisy mechanism, this light-sensored clock is more sensitive than most clock types including the automatic scheme shutoff. Moreover, it is also practical to use the clock since the device can do self-adjust.

7. Novelty Clock – Types of Clocks

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Some popular clocks also come with a novelty shape. This novelty clock can be a perfect way to help you express your personality, character, and interest. But, it will not make you miss the function of the clock to allow you to keep tracking the time. All you need to do is choosing the one that can represent the areas where your interests lie.

It can be said that a novelty clock is a piece of art since the device has unique designs that can represent whatever interests you have. This kind of clock is also often used as a conversation starter. In this way, you do not need to worry about what should be said to somebody in your first meeting with them.

8. Antique Clock with Faux Gold

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If money is not a big issue in your life, you might think to consider placing an antique faux gold clock in your house or office. This is one of the most popular types of clocks for those who are not looking for a functional device but also a piece of art. It will help you to express your high appreciation for art as well as your personal interests. This can be a great way to show people that you have good taste in art and you do not worry to spend money on it.

This antique faux clock gold comes with an artistic design that features faux with gold finish. The complicated design is produced by hand. It even makes the clock more precious. The clock is also made of real crushed-stone combined with high-quality resin. Additionally, every inch of the clock is hand-painted in an antique gold finish that makes it perfect for home or office decor.

9. Battery-Powered Clock

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In this modern era, many types of clocks are battery-powered. This clock type will give you peace of mind since you do not need to worry about cords when you purchase a new time indicator device. The battery-powered clock will make it possible for you to lower the number of visible cords in your house. Additionally, this clock type will also allow you to keep time without a problem anytime the device loses its power.

However, when picking up this battery-powered clock, you need to keep in mind to change the battery regularly just before it runs out of power. Otherwise, your clock will soon slow down and start losing time when the battery almost dies. Most of the time, the battery-powered clock runs on AAA or AA batteries. They are usually cheap and make this battery-powered money-saving for most people.

10. Maritime and Weather Station Clock

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This clock comes with a nautical design that will be perfect for those who like to put nautical items in their interior design. As the name suggests, this maritime and weather station clock is mainly used to allow you to monitor the weather outside. Plus, you can still keep knowing the time by using this clock. In addition to the double function of the clock, this device will also make it possible for you to get all of the information about the weather simply from one location.

This is because the maritime and station clock consists of features that will allow you to measure the time, weather, and humidity in one place. That makes this clock ideal for those who have interests in learning about the weather. The clock also comes with fascinating looks that will be perfect for whatever design you choose for your interior.

11. Outdoor Clock – Types of Clocks

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If you are running a shop or restaurant and want something to decorate the exterior, this outdoor clock could be an ideal choice. It is just like the one you can see in the stores or restaurants across Europe. Not only comes with functional design to allow you to know the time, but the clock also comes with interesting looks. The device can also be a great option if you need a clock on the patio or deck of your home.

You need to know that most of the outdoor clock in the past came with quite basic design. But, you can find the ones with more aesthetic appeal in this modern era. Instead of distract your exterior decor, this clock will make it more attractive. The design of this outdoor clock will easily catch the attention of people passing by your restaurant or shop.

12. Floor Clock – Types of Clocks

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Floor clock is one of the most attractive types of clocks that will bring your interior design to the next level. Most of the time, this floor clock comes with a quite large size. However, as the name suggests, you need to put the clock on the floor, instead of hanging it on the wall. Unlike the grandfather clock that has a classic design, this floor clock often comes with a more contemporary design, one of them is a tripod floor clock.

You can get several benefits by using this floor clock. It does not only allow you to keep track of the time but also provides you more empty wall spaces at home. Moreover, you do not need to use a hammer and nails to make holes in the walls for the clock to hang. It can be said that this floor clock is a freestanding device that does not need any mounting.

13. Mantel and Tabletop Clock – Types of Clocks

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Mantel and Tabletop usually come with a small size and bit more private if compared to the wall clocks. This kind of clock has a variety of different styles and designs. In this way, it will be easier for you to match the design with your interior style. However, the mantel and tabletop clock usually comes with a more traditional style. This makes the clock is perfect for the interior with a classic design.

14. Pendulum Clock – Types of Clocks

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The pendulum clock is considered to be one of the most well-known types of clocks in the world. Being invented for the first time in 1656, the clock became very people ever since. The pendulum clock in the past mainly used very wide swings. This is aimed to allow the machine to keep order.

However, modern designs of the pendulum clock come with a smaller size of swings. In this way, the clock will not consume too many spaces in your room. Despite the wide popularity of the pendulum clock, it is also known to have some issues, one of them is the thermal expansion. It makes the clock’s rate to change and turn into an atmospheric drag. Additionally, you will need to make sure that the clock is in the balance level to allow the device to work correctly. It will also lead the pendulum clock to evenly swing between the two sides.


A large number of types of clocks do not only provide almost unlimited options for people with functional but also aesthetical devices. You can pick up the rightest clocks for your needs by selecting the feature, shape, and mechanism of the devices. Additionally, the different variations of the clock types will allow you to put the different devices in different rooms in your house. In this way, you will be able to find the clock types that are suitable the most with your interior design.

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