What Delicious Treats to Put in Hampers and Impress Your Loved Ones

We all need a little pick-me-up treat from time to time, especially during these trying times.

So, how wonderful would it be to wake up to a gift hamper full of your favourite treats? This thoughtful gesture is bound to win your loved ones over and put a smile on their faces.

Let’s dig in to see what delicious treats you can pick for a gift hamper to impress your loved ones.

Chocolate Indulgences

Gift hampers are easy to put together if you know what your loved one likes to indulge in. So, it would help if you knew what they like.

Then there are some indulgences you can safely bet on being at the top of one’s list- such as chocolate in Australia (of course, you should make sure they are not allergic to chocolate). Some 14.2 million Australians love chocolate! Chocolate is also the universal language to express love.

Consider rare chocolate delicacies from remote parts of the world made with organic ingredients as an item in your gourmet gift hamper. To keep the treat healthy, consider picking dark chocolate with a high cocoa content as it will have less sugar added.

Dark chocolate is also great for baking, so your loved one could definitely use it to make some of their favourite baked treats. Picking something chocolate is bound to impress your loved one.

Homemade Tea-Time Biscuits

Kate, William, Harry, and Meghan have made all things royal and British uber-hip with the Millenials. In fact, polls show support and love for the monarchs are increasing in Australia.

And as we all know, Aussies love their “bikkies”!

Consider bringing a regal delight to the basket of goodies for your loved one for an upscale tea party or two. A box of fancy homemade biscuits will impress your loved one.

If you know your way around baking, you could also bake these biscuits for them to score some serious brownie points. But fret not if you were not blessed with baking skills; you can also buy these fancy biscuits from a local grocer or pastry shop to include them in the gift hamper.

Nut Butters

If your loved one is trying to eat healthily and avoid sugars, consider including some all-natural food items that will still satisfy their sweet tooth without an ounce of extra added sugar.

This is where nut butter can come in handy. This delicious creamy goodness of nut butter can be completely sugar-free and made with one or two ingredients only – nuts and a bit of sea salt.

You can also make healthy, delicious nut butter to add to the basket.

Jams & Preserves

Your loved one is going to need a jam to go with the nut butter. Consider a gourmet no-sugar-added jam or a preserve to add to the basket. If you are planning well ahead of time or happen to be in a season when peaches and figs are coming into the market, consider making your own peach preserve or fig jam to add to the basket.

Cured Meats

After a few sweet options, let’s discuss something salty. Consider indulging your loved one with some fancy cured meats that have been carefully aged. This is a great gift for someone looking to set up charcuterie boards for their next dinner party.

Remember that you will need to research whether the cured meats require a certain refrigeration temperature before you decide to put them in the gift hamper. Some cured meats can easily be stored at room temperature.

Minced Meat Pies

Keeping with the salty theme, minced meat pies are a great treat to include in your gourmet gift hamper. This one will especially suit the busy meat lovers on your list. Maybe try your hand at making a French Canadian tourtiere and add it to the basket of goodies for your loved one.

Note the refrigeration requirements if you are including any kind of meat products, of course.

All That Cheese!

If you are keeping with the theme of charcuterie boards, you must think of cheese. Perhaps a dried cranberry-crusted goat cheese pack, some aged cheddar, gouda, or even a block of brie! There are several choices when it comes to cheeses.

Put in the extra effort and shop at an artisanal local cheese market and get their input on what kinds of cheese you could include. Once again, keep refrigeration details in mind when doing this. This could be something you add at the last minute before bringing the hamper over to your loved ones.

Fruit Infused Spirits

Have you ever wanted an orange-flavored vodka only to find out you ran out of all your fruit-infused alcohol? Fruit-infused spirits are something we don’t think about until the moment we need it.

Consider infusing some fine vodka with peaches or oranges at home before including it in a nice fancy bottle for your loved one. This is a delight to have when making cocktails for a party.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. We have put together a list of some delicious, indulgent treats you can include in a gift hamper to impress your loved ones.

Everyone always appreciates treats at any age. So, knowing how to put together a gift hamper full of treats someone would appreciate is a very valuable skill. Once you start making some of these treats at home, you will find just as much pleasure in putting together these gift hampers as it is to gift them.

Good luck!

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