6 Natural Stone Floors for Every Home!

Natural stone floors are classic, timeless, and they bring a level of sophistication into any home. Marble, granite, or sandstone, different types of natural stone floors can be used in several areas of the house – making natural stones a great choice for homes and gardens!

Natural stone care, however, is a different concept altogether, as natural stones have a reputation for being high maintenance due to their mineral composition, and sensitive material. Natural stone floor polishing must be scheduled every few years to keep the surface shiny and scratch free, and to keep moisture from destroying your stunning marble or granite.

With proper care and maintenance, natural stone floors make wonderful additions into any home, and create a luxurious feel that would make any space look like a designer suite! Here are 6 different types of natural stones that you can use in your home:

1.   Living Room: Natural Marble

Natural marble may be a basic option, but that doesn’t stop the material from being an iconic part of the natural stone family. Natural marble boasts exquisite colours and styles ranging from smooth and shiny, to tumbled and matte.

Just avoid using any acidic cleaner on your marble floors, and keep pointy objects away from your marble to prevent accidental scratches. You will need consistent floor polishing with natural marble, but it will ensure your floors will last for generations to come!

2.   Home Office: Granite Floors

Granite is a sleek, black natural stone speckled with white and grey dotting that sometimes glistens in the sunlight. Granite floors and countertops are perfect for home offices, where you’d want a level of professionalism mixed with luxury and comfort.

Granite care is less high maintenance than marble, as granite is scratch resistant and is generally a tougher material than marble. When varnished, granite is also water resistant, and can be applied into any room in the house.

3.   Garden: Tumbled Marble

The rustic appeal of a matte tumbled marble is perfect for the outdoors as the mild, sunset colours of tumbled marble complements the lush greenery of your garden. Natural looking, yet exquisite, tumbled marble can turn your garden from a wild forest to a fairytale field.

Tumbled marble, especially when unglazed, is a porous material that can hold water, which can be an environment where mold, moss, and plants can grow in. Care for your tumbled marble by cleaning and scrubbing out any moss growths, and treat your tumbled marble with some sealant to prevent moisture from breaking the material.

4.   Patio: Quartzite Floor

Quartzite floors are perfect for patios, as they provide a rustic yet sleek appearance that welcomes any guest into your luxurious home. Commonly used with dark wooden accents, quartzite can also be used in the driveway or garage to add a natural element to these areas.

Quartzite makes an excellent alternative to raw marble and is perfect for outdoors as it is both heat and scratch resistant. Clean quartzite floors regularly to keep dirt from accumulating, and use a power washer to easily get rid of any grime on the surface.

5.   Bathroom: Sandstone Tiles

You may think that bathrooms and natural stones don’t mix as natural stones should not be kept in moist environments, but sandstone tiles are naturally water resistant, scratch resistant, and can endure the humid environment of the bathroom.

Sandstone is a durable material that comes in a variety of natural colours and patterns. Sandstone can also be used outdoors, and is almost zero maintenance when properly sealed with a protective layer. Sandstone can also be tumbled, for swimming pools and shower floors, or sanded smooth, for walls and ceilings.

6.   Kitchen: Slate Floors

Slate may be a softer stone, but it works well in kitchen floors that don’t get the brunt of the pressure and activity throughout the day. Slate floors have a stunning rustic look, and can be used in the kitchen as flooring or even to accent walls.

Slate floors that are smooth and varnished can be easy to clean. A very low maintenance rock, you will just need to watch out for scratches and etching when the stone comes in contact with acidic solutions like vinegar and lemons. Otherwise, slate stone makes a great material for kitchen and dining room floors.

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