Unfinished Basement Ideas

Basement undoubtedly has the reputation for being a dark and dank place to store stuff and junk. Most of time, basement does not receive enough light of day and people are afraid to enter the space. If you have that type of basement, it is the time for some renovation and makes it the best spot in the house.

An unfinished basement may increase the house market values, but a finished and unique basement can increase the value even more. Plus, with some creativity, basement can add much needed space to the house instead of only use it for storage. Unique basement renovation can really turn into some fun and functional space for the family. There are countless ways to renovate the bathroom into a functional space, but here are some unique unfinished basement ideas that you can use.

Comfy Home Office Space

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Do you know that some big companies such as Facebook and Google start from their basement? If you currently do not have some office for your business, you can use the basement into some sort of home office. This is a perfect unfinished basement idea especially for people who are working from home or often bring home some works.

To transform the basement into home office, you will need some office furniture and appliances, computer, shelves, and maybe your own phone unit. Having a home office will make your business looks professional but make sure to waterproof every inch of the basement. This is important so that no moisture can enter the basement and damages your document, furniture, and electronic devices.

Craft Studio



Some people need more space for them to be able to do their hobby. You can magically turn the basement into some sort of craft studio or workshop where you can do your hobby. It can be cozy scrap booking studio, sewing room, and more. If you like taking photos or videos, you can use the basement for that purpose.

You will only need clean up the basement, paint the wall a little bit, and add some additional stuff that you will need such as rug, desk and chair, shelves, and some accessories. Choose the right color for the wall that will help boost your creativity such as white or cream.

Chic Kitchen Basement Ideas


Basement kitchen is another brilliant idea to adapt to your house. You can build kitchen counter with its equipment to transform it into chic kitchen. For this purpose, you need to make sure that the basement has a good water installation and ventilation system.

Complete the kitchen with oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and sink. On the kitchen pantry, you can store food and snack for meal preparation for the entire family.

Beauty Spot



Most people store their beauty items such as makeup and skincare in their bedroom. There is nothing wrong with it but if you have passion in beauty-related thing, it is better to have your own beauty spot.

Transforming the basement into a beauty spot or studio where you can freely play makeup, take photos, and even make videos. Build a showcase for your makeup collection with handmade shelves.

Dressing Room



Most dressing rooms are usually located close to the bathroom. But if you have an abandoned basement, why don’t you transform it into a chic dressing room. For this purpose, you need to make sure that all sides of the basement are waterproof. So, there will be no moisture to enter the dressing room that can ruin your dress.

You can build the dressing room to suit your preference. Make it like a walk in closet that showcase your collection of dress, bag, shoes, and other accessories.

Basement Guest Bedroom

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If you have visitors staying overnight often as well as they typically sleep on your fold-out couch in your living-room, then transforming the basement into a guest bedroom is an excellent suggestion.

This will permit your guests plenty of privacy too because they will be away from the main location of your home. You might even wish to think about constructing a little bathroom in the basement also.

Library Unfinished Basement Ideas



Another brilliant idea for the unfinished basement is to transform it into a library. If you have loads collection of books, build some shelves on the basement. Complete the library with some cozy sofa or couch and proper lighting, so, you can read the favourite books comfortably.

Workout Space

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Going to gym and exercising is one of the attempts to stay fit and healthy. However, the motivation to constantly go to the gym sometimes does not last for a long time. There are times when you feel too lazy to move your finger. This surely will not happen if you have your own workout space at home.

Transform the unfinished basement into a workout place is very good idea. You can make it into an actual space where you will love exercise. Apply striking design in the wall using painters tape with two contrasting colors. You can also add rubber mat flooring to add convenience while exercising. Other things that you should include are large mirrors, locker areas, exercising equipment, and such thing. Give the workout basement space the touch of real gym to keep you motivated. You can also invite some friends over to exercise together.

If adding exercise equipment is kind of expensive, you can only add the equipment that you really need. For example you will do yoga and aerobics in that room, then you need to include yoga mat and some audio source for exercise.

Don’t forget that you may need air conditioning depending on where you live if you’re wanting to go full blown home gym. If you have a full sized window, you can use a 12000 BTU air conditioner that’ll keep your garage cool while staying efficient.

Basement Living Room Area

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Basement is a large and promising place which you can transform to any place of your needs. An ugly basement can be remodelled into a beautiful and comfortable family room. The large-ignored area in the house now becomes the spot where family can gather, play games, and talk together.

For this purpose, you can place a giant and fluffy sofa as the focal point in the room. Then you can include table and chairs, shelves, television, and other items.

Basement Home Theatre

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Having an entertainment space or home theatre room may not be in every one cup of tea. But if you have unfinished basement why don’t you try to transform it into some sort of space that the neighbour will envy? Transform a basement into entertainment room does not require a huge budget. You do not need to install a projection screen of stadium theatre seats to make it entertainment space.

Create an entertainment space or theatre room with the budget that you have. You can use flat screen television, home speaker system, lighting system, some cozy seating, and some small private bar in the corner. To give the theatre feel, you can install wall to wall carpeting. You can use items that you already have or search for other items in thrift stores.

Now, you can have a private movie time with your family to watch some films or simply watch football game with friends.

Basement Bar Ideas

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Most of us go out to the local bar on Friday night. Instead of constantly doing it, you can turn the basement into some your own pub to hang out. Build a bar island with some stools over to give it a touch of pub. Then stock it up with some favourite craft beers, cool wine rack on the wall, and some few classic bar games such as dart board. You can also add some kitchenette if desire to prepare food in the bar. Voila, you have adult’s pub in the house and ready to invite some friends over.

Modern Laundry Room

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Basement is used to be a laundry room with dark, damp, and scary environment. But hey, it does not have to be that way. You can change the basement to a laundry room but with some touch of creativity. Some bright colored paint in the wall lights up the basement, so it is no longer dark. Also, add some creative storage to store detergents, baskets, clothes, and so on.

Basement Kids Playroom Ideas

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Kids need their own space to develop their creativity. You can transform the basement into some sort of kids playing corner, so the little ones can have the space to learn, get creative, play, and maybe take a nap.

Transforming unfinished basement into kids playing corner is also very easy. You will need to repaint the wall with bright color, add some toys storage, desk and chair, and such. You can also install creative chalkboard wall, so children will have the space for free writing and drawing. Finish the space with some colourful accessories such as kid’s drawing or some pictures of their favourite characters.

Basement Dance Room

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For some people finding a dance room to practice is not something easy. Most of the time, you have to pay to use commercial dance room. But, if you have an unfinished basement, you can transform it into a multipurpose dance room.

To turn the basement into a dance room, you will need to install a huge mirror on every side of the room. You need to choose the right flooring for the dance room which is not too slippery. Also, you need to make the room sound-proof, so the neighbor will not be bother when you are down there practicing to dance. Complete the dance room with proper lighting and sound system.

Basement Woodworking Workshop

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If you delight in building furniture, you can utilize your unfinished basement as a woodworking shop. Considering that it’s possibly an empty canvas (no valuable furnishings, unfinished floor), you can do not hesitate to reduce timber and also make a truly large mess while servicing your following project! Hang  pegboard where you can store your tools.

Likewise, make sure to reserve an area where you can sit down to pause or look up plans. Having a timber workshop in your basement is likewise more exclusive than working in the garage.

Basement Photography Studio

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If you’re a professional photographer or blog writer, an unfinished basement can function as a place to take flawlessly presented pictures. As well as you can include backdrops, reflectors, dropcloths as well as manage lighting. Paint walls a flat, neutral color (some professionals claim tool gray is ideal).

For this to function, your basement ceiling requires to be at the very least 9 or 10 feet due to the fact that ceiling height will certainly influence the top quality of your pictures. And, of course, utilize all-natural light whenever possible.

Basement Extra Bathroom

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If you’re tired of waiting for the bathroom, turn an edge of your unfinished basement into a half bathroom or a full bathroom. All you truly need is a bathroom and also a pedestal sink, and numerous unfinished basements are currently set up with roughed-in bathroom plumbing. Next off, mount drywall as well as a door for privacy and also never ever wait in line for the bathroom once again.

Fun Game Room

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Who says only kids who need game room? You can also transform the unfinished basement into a cool game room that you always dream of. Transforming a basement into a chic game room is the most popular unfinished basement ideas. In the game room you can have, ping pong table, pool table, shuffle board, video game machine, video game consoles, air hockey tables, and so on.

Another common option is to transform the game room into some multi-online player game. You can set up some computer station with some comfortable seating as well as cool lighting for weekend online gaming session.

Unfinished Basement Ideas for Home Spa



Home spa is another option from relaxation and enjoyment. It is a great idea to stay all day for pampering in your own basement spa. You can transform the dark and damp basement into some space of relaxation where you can have manicures, pedicures, private messages, and even some salon services. For this purpose, you will need to add massage tables, foot spa treatment and equipment, some cabinets, and maybe bathtub and shower.

You can elevate the extensive salon experience by adding the right furniture such as lighting, reclining seats, massage table, and shelves where you can store items. To add more relaxing atmosphere, you can also build small fountain, water feature, or even small indoor garden to the basement home spa.

If it is possible, you can also add sauna or steam room in the basement home spa. You can find sauna or steam equipment in some home improvement or spa stores. Adding the sauna or steam room is a great way to increase the value of the home.

Unfinished Basement Ideas for Music Room

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One of the popular unfinished basement remodelling ideas for teens is a room for band practice. The music room will allow your teens to practice his music all day long with the band. When you are going to transform the basement into music studio, it should be sound-proofed. Then you can put any music instrument that you can play with the band. If the basement is large enough, you can also build a mini stage with some seats in the room. So, audience can sit and enjoy your music performance. Another important thing is install the proper lightings to make a stage effect and make the room looks bright.

Unfinished Basement Ideas Pantry and Supplies

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Aside from the ideas above, you can also transform the basement into guest room or even art room. The options of unfinished basement ideas are endless. You can also create your own personalized room in the basement according to your needs.

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