Interior Door Design Ideas for Your Beautiful Home

Door may not be the major interior and mostly goes unnoticed. However, a beautiful door can make a big difference as well as give dramatic effect to the house interior. Most people buy or rent a house with the doors already installed, that is why most of us do not give it more serious thought.

Even though door is only a small detail to the interior but it has a vital part for the house. That is why you should also invest a good door when building, remodeling, or simply just looking for a change to the room. Here are some interior door design ideas that you can choose for your home.

Choosing the right interior door Design Ideas

Before you decide to choose door for your home, kindly check these tips that work for your home.

Choose the style

The first step in choosing interior doors is picking the right style. The door style will determine the feel of the interior and create big difference in your house. You need to pay close attention to the scale of the room. A massive and ornate door may look heavy for tiny room and makes it appear smaller. You can also mix two elements such as fun and artistic look, but make sure to keep some elements which go with the entire house. This is to create a good flow with the rest of the interior in the house.

Door swing

In general you can choose between left-hand or right-hand door, swing in or swing out door when customizing door. The door swing factor is important to determine where the handles and hinges are as well as where the door swings when it closes and opens.

Ideally for bedroom, the door swings into the room while in the main spaces, the door will swing in. Also, a door should never open into a corridor or hall because it will block the way.

Choose material

Doors are made of various materials, but you can choose the one that should match with the aesthetic of the house. This is because a door can become a determining factor for the house. Here are some major materials for interior door.

  • Solid wood – Solid wood doors are made of various types of woods which sets the door’s price differences. There are various types of woods such as hard and soft wood which is suitable for different types of room.
  • MDF – Stands for most interior doors, this is the door which is made of medium density fibre board. This type of door is also called engineered product, so it is will not warp like wood and very stable.
  • Hollow core – This type of doors are usually made of molded composites skin or plywood. It tends to be less expensive because the inside part of the door is hollow. This means that temperature and sound can easily pass through the door.
  • Solid core – The solid core door is made from the same material as the hollow core door. The only difference is it filled with fiber wood blend. So, this door has better temperature control and sound deadening but still less expensive than the solid wood door.
  • Metal and glass – The metal and glass doors are more used in today’s design because it creates the streamline illusion and modern look for the house. This type of door is slightly expensive than the wood combination door but still less expensive then solid wood door.

Door frame

Incorrectly framing door can detract the value of the expensive and beautiful door. Picking the cheap framing construction and materials can often lead to damage on the door which will cost more in the future.

Doors are available in pre-hung or as slabs. The former door comes mounted in a frame complete with the hinges attached to the doorjamb. Meanwhile the latter door comes only with the door itself and you need to install the door frame and hinges.

Choose the color

The door color is also an important factor to consider. It is important to choose door color which fit to the decoration. You can choose neutral shade for neutral for a safe option. You can also choose bold color that contrast with the wall and decoration because you want the door to appear as focal point. If you use solid wood door, you can simply leave the color as the natural wood for rustic look design.

Door types

There are actually no limitation of door styles and types. In some cases, people start to adopt exterior door such as barn door into the house because of the unique feel. Here are some popular door types that you can choose.

  • Sliding doors – This door is usually made of wood, glass or lined with mirrors. The sliding door is usually used for closet door as it takes minimal space than the swing door.
  • pocket door – the pocket door is mostly used in most houses because it takes minimal space. Different from the sliding door, the pocket door actually slides into the wall.
  • Folding door – This type of door is usually used in the bi-fold form and mostly used in small spaces such as laundry room, pantry, and such.
  • flush door – Flush door is more contemporary. It is a kind of smooth and simple door which generally made of MDF or plywood.
  • Barn door – The barn door are usually used of exterior door but more people likes to install it for interior door because it gives rustic or industrial look.
  • Panel door – this type of door is the most commonly used door in houses today. It is designed with classic pattern and usually made of MDF or wood.
  • French door – The French door is usually filled with glass or foggy transparent material. This door is suitable if you want to maximize the light in a room.
  • Dutch door – This door is divided half horizontally which allows the upper side to open and the lower side stays closed.
  • Blind door – Blind door has no visible handle, trim, or hinges. This door is simply designed as a hidden door which completely blends with the wall.

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Glass French Door

Awesome wood door design photos #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
Image source:


Sliding Barn Door

Great plain white door #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
Image source:


Bifold Dining Room Doors

Cool french door ideas #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
Image source:


Arch-Top Interior Doors

Beautiful modern front doors for sale #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
Image source:


Asian-Inspired Sliding Doors

Wonderful modern bedroom doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
Image source:


Paned-Glass Pocket Doors

Amazing interior barn door ideas #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
Image source:


Pocket Doors for Small Spaces

Colorful unique interior doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Wooden Door with Metal Detail

Nice modern wooden doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Frosted-glass Pantry Doors

Lovely interior door manufacturers #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Sometimes, you can add a coffee station ideas to make more beautiful.

Hidden Pantry Doors

Popular main door design #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Industrial Metal Door

Latest front entry door ideas #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Industrial-Inspired Sliding Door

Trending wooden door design #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Industrial-space Interior Door

Best bedroom door decorations #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Pivoting Glass Door

Awesome living room doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Ribbed-Glass Door

Great inside house doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Slide-Open Convenience Door

Cool interior door ideas #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Wing-Wall Door

Beautiful interior home doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Chic Built-In Doors

Wonderful small house interior design #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Customized Pantry Doors

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Double Pocket Interior Door Design Ideas

Colorful sliding door ideas #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign
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Folding Doors for a Hideaway Office

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12 Colorful Interior Door Design Ideas on The Inside

Right here are vivid doors for your interior door design ideas:

Lovely interior doors with glass inserts #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

This Palm Spring abode networks the city’s laid back ambiance completely. We did the Kyle Bunting Rug inside the bright door (it’s where we discovered the image).

Popular main door #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

Seattle engineers Lauren and also Kyle Zerbey of the blog Chezerby installed sliding doors repainted Benjamin Moore Thunderbird as a personal privacy solution for their some-time visitor area.

Latest interior door colors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

This picture comes from Living Etc. a couple of years back, though it was Apartment Therapy that gave our attention this little detail: the door’s side is painted red. It includes an unexpected accent that shows up just when the door is ajar.

Trending front door images #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

This Pacific Heights community condominium by San Francisco firm Feldman Architecture has a clean combination of white wall surfaces and dark wood, besides the punctuation of the chartreuse front door.

Best bedroom door ideas #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

Los Angeles-based company Bestor Architecture utilized a brilliant red barn door to shut off the plywood kitchen area and also family room from one more space. The black iron hardware stands out versus the colored timber.

Awesome interior bedroom doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

LASC Studio, a Copenhagen-based office founded in 2007 by the Swedish/German designer Jonas Labbé and also Dutch designer Johannes Schotanus, designed this Swedish residence, referred to as Summer House. The turquoise shelving, windowsill, moldings, and also door provide brightness, particularly during dark winter season.

Great contemporary entry doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

One of our favorites, this calm blue door operates in combination with the modern shelving divider. The shade is technically a main, yet practically works as a neutral.

Cool contemporary exterior doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

This acid eco-friendly entrance door makes a crisp statement versus the simple black wall surface as well as sofa.

Beautiful unique front doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

Woo and also Cheltz, a married couple with five children, blog about fixing up their 100-year old home on Penelope’s Pad. This is their dining room; they repainted the door eco-friendly previously this year.

Wonderful pictures of front doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign

We found the blog My Pink Door, created by Jenny from Brisbane, Australia with Jen Ramos at Made by Girl. This is indeed Jenny’s own residence, full with bubble gum pink door.

Amazing interior door frame kit #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign




Photo Gallery of Interior Door Design Ideas

Here are the gallery of some photos of interior door design ideas for your inspiration.

Colorful double bedroom doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Nice decorative interior doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Lovely contemporary doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Popular oak interior doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Latest front door styles #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Trending interior door design #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Best house front design #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Awesome door images #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Great home interior design ideas #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Cool white bedroom door #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Beautiful door ideas #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Wonderful 3 panel interior door #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Amazing interior door with window #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Colorful shaker style interior doors #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Nice soundproof interior door #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign Lovely door picture #interiordoordesign #woodendoordesign


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