Translations for Design and Home Décor

Communicate Effectively about Design and Home Decor with a Translator

Are you an interior designer or home decor buyer who is doing business with clients in another country? Does your home decor business have operations throughout the world? Do you need precise translations in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Chinese, among others?

If you answered “yes” to any of these introductory questions, then read on to learn more about our free, human translation service. We are ready to help you with your translation and website localization needs. Reach more clients across the world by communicating effectively to your audience.

Software can only do so much. Sometimes you need a real person who knows the language to get precision translation.

Read on to learn our 7 tips for why you should consider a translation service for your design and home decor needs. Reach your audience today!

Tip #1: Interpreting Client Conversations

Every design project begins with a conversation with potential clients. If you are a home design service, We can help make that conversation easier with human interpretation over the phone or computer. These days, interior design and home decor services are outsourced all over the world. You may work with a client in another state or country from the one where you live, do all of the buying and communicating online, and then only travel for the install. We can be there every step of the way making sure there is clear communication between you and your client.

Tip #2: Editing Promotional Materials

We can review all of your promotional materials for your design or home decor business, including email marketing, direct mail, posters and more. If you provide us with your files, we can amend the materials directly for you and send them back or we can outline the exact words and spelling of them (including accents if needed) in the local language of the audience you are targeting.

Tip #3: Creating a Connected Web Experience

Website localization, or adapting a website to resonate with a local audience’s language and culture, is increasingly in demand. Companies are turning to website translation services to ensure their websites are explicit, culturally appropriate, and effective in reaching new markets. You can have precise translation of all of your materials, but if there is less formal phrase you should be using or a dialect that should be included–we can flag that for you so that you can speak to your audience in a way that will engage them and draw them in to your design business and all it can offer.

Tip #4: Detailed Design Plan Interpretation

Every design project requires a detailed plan–whether that is the architectural plan of the room or the specific products and wall paint colors that will be used in your house. Our translation service ensures that no detail goes missing. You’ll be able to communicate your full design vision with all of the details involved to your clients so that they can make decisions and empower you to give them the designed rooms of their dreams. Don’t let miscommunication or fickleness occur because your clients don’t fully understand what they are looking at or choosing from. Get ahead of this happening but investing in a translator every step of the way.

Tip #5: Contract Interpretation

Design contracts can be nuanced, detailed and even hard to understand. Worst of all, they can be binding when you don’t read or understand all of the details. Add in a communication barrier, and it becomes almost impossible to communicate clearly with your clients. You don’t have to wait until a miscommunication happens and your clients are mad at you or think you have been dishonest. Translating the materials and talking about them can drastically improve the chances of this happening and help make your clients feel that you are looking out for them. We provide all kinds of document interpretation, including detailed contracts. This will give your clients peace of mind and allow them to fully understand all of the nuances of the contract they are signing.

Tip #6: Catalog Interpretation

Home decor catalogs are descriptive and detailed, and require proper translation in order to help your clients understand what they are buying. We provide direct translation of home decor catalogs so that your clients can connect with the products. Otherwise, they must go on sight alone–and photos do not always accurately communicate size and materials. Make sure your clients understand what they are purchasing with our detailed translation offerings.

Tip #7: Trade Show Interpretation

All designers and home decor buyers go to trade shows to show off their work and meet new potential clients. It’s an opportunity to inspire and drum up new business. Trade shows provide time for designers and potential clients to meet, talk to one another, talk about potential design projects or issues and make a plan. Some clients sign a contract right at the trade show. But it’s impossible to close the deal with a new potential client if you cannot understand what he or she is saying. We provide in-person, virtual and phone translation so that you can truly hear what the client is saying and they can hear you, as well.

Are you ready to take your business to an entirely new level? Do you want to communicate with your audiences more clearly? Are you wanting to expand your clientele globally but you don’t know the proper languages?

We can help with our free, human translation offerings. This guide outlines seven top tips, but there is a translation solution in about everything your design or home decor business does: You can’t sell your products and services and communicate effectively to your targeted audiences if you don’t speak their languages.

Let us help you fill in the gaps. Our human translation services will help you give a global boost to your business and meet potential buyers right where they are. Consider our seven tips as you weigh your options and give us a call today!

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