Coffee Station Ideas

A cup of coffee in the morning will become a great way to start your day. It boosts your energy and helps you to focus more. You can do your job or activity on that day smoothly like the smoothness of the perfectly grind coffee beans. Therefore, having a special area where you can brew your fresh coffee like a coffee station ideas is an important thing to do.

Building a special area for making a cup of coffee or we know it as the coffee station need proper preparation. You need to consider many elements, such as the composition, color, texture, functionality and many more. Thus, using good coffee station will help you a lot in deciding how you will shape your coffee station.

Many online sources provide information and guidance about building coffee stations. However, in order to save your time, we have a list of good quality coffee station ideas below. You can use them for free and apply them on your coffee station project. Just make sure you choose the one that you really like and want.

1. Stunning Dream House Coffee Bar

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Using a unique compartment to keep all the coffee beans as well as the small cup, this coffee station looks unique. Moreover, this kind of coffee station is a good choice, if you don’t have enough space to build a specific area for making coffee. You can just hang this set on top of your kitchen countertop just like you can see in the picture. Now, you have a coffee station.

2. The Blue Table Coffee Station

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Usually, we hang artwork or unique text on our coffee station to make it looks beautiful. However, that’s not the only way to improve your coffee station appearance. You can use a unique table like this one. The blue color looks really stand out compared to other parts in this coffee station. You also can use other colors that you like for the table.

3. Gray Coffee Station With Chalkboard

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Hanging a chalkboard is another good coffee station ideas you can try. Your coffee station is a place where your creativity to mix the coffee beans sparkling. And, you can use the chalkboard as the media to write your plan of how you will make your coffee. Or, you also can use it to write quotes that can make you happy or excited.

4. The Rustic Farmhouse Style

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The smooth modern furniture and appliances for coffee station maybe are easy to find. But, if you take a different approach, you can make it artistically beautiful using the farmhouse style furniture like this. The rustic pattern and texture give it another touch of art. So, the art of making coffee will be done at the artful coffee station. Isn’t that great?

5. The Coffee Rack Station

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A coffee rack like this is a great addition for your coffee station. It saves a lot of space. You also can easily categorize and divide the coffee beans you want to use based on the type or the mixes you want to use. Or, you can also use it for storing your coffee cup and other tools. It’s not only beautiful. The rack is also very useful for your coffee making activity.

6. The Black and White Coffee Station

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This coffee station uses a black and white color theme, which is simple but beautiful. The black and white concept is applied to almost all parts of the coffee station. However, if you only use these two neutral color, your coffee station ideas will lack texture. So adding the wooden material items and plants make its artistic value increasing.

7. The Chalkboard Background

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This coffee station uses the method for dealing with an empty wall. Usually, when you have an empty wall in your room, you paint it in different color and use it as the place to hang your art. This coffee station uses a blackboard as the background which is different than the wall behind it. The result, the items you put in this area will look more stands out.

8. The Old Window Frame

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Sometimes, you don’t have to make big changes to change the whole appearance of your coffee station. Take an example of the coffee station ideas in this picture. It only uses the old window as the frame. Moreover, the blue color also looks different than the others. With just using this simple frame, you can see the coffee station turn into another artwork.

9. The Bookshelf for Coffee Bar

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You don’t have to be limited by the furniture for the coffee station. In fact, you can use furniture for another room in your coffee station. This one is using the bookshelf. With small modification (removing the extra bottom part), the bookshelf turns into the useful and beautiful rack for a coffee station.

10. The Vintage Style

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Adding some of the vintage touches gives your coffee station become one of a special part of your house. The good thing about the classic coffee station ideas is you don’t need a big budget to build it. For furniture, you can use your unused rack and table. Or, if you don’t have that, you can visit the used shop or garage sale.

11. Moveable Coffee Station

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If you don’t have a specific area where you usually make your morning coffee, using coffee cart like this one is a good solution. This way you can move it around to the area where you want to enjoy your coffee. For example, if you want to make your coffee while sunbathing in the morning sunlight, move the car close to your window.

12. The Coffee and Wine Rack Station

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If you have a table or wine rack, you also can place it in the coffee station area. Now, you can save more space and money to find furniture or a place where you can make two of your favorite beverage. You also can use the coffee rack to keep your wine glass. Basically, this is a good idea for blending two beverage stations into one.

13. The Rustic Cabinet

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As we mentioned above, the table is one of the most important elements of the coffee station. So, using the rustic style table like this is a good way to make the focal point of the coffee station. It also gives you a comfortable atmosphere when you make your coffee to start the day. The rustic pattern like this has that kind of effect. So, you also can apply it to other furniture.

14. The Lemon and Lime Style

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Mostly, we see coffee station ideas with darker or rustic color. But, once for a while, you also can use a brighter color like this one. The color combination in this coffee station reminds us of lemon color, the green for the skin and the yellow for the inside part. You also can apply other lighter and pastel color that you like.

15. The Industrial Style

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The raw wood texture here is the most amazing part of this coffee station. The strong natural accent can be felt from it. It boosts the freshness feeling you feel when you make your coffee. Moreover, it can be seen that this coffee station use the old wooden box as part of the coffee table. This means you can use it to save your budget.

16. The Coffee and Tea Station

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The coffee station doesn’t have to be built in a wide area. As you can see here, you also can use the corner of your kitchen to building your coffee station. It even uses the kitchen cabinet as the table. Plus, paint the wall behind the coffee station with different color and it’s done. Now, you have a simple coffee station ideas.

17. The Natural Wooden Coffee Station

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The rack here is the most interesting and noticeable part of this coffee station. It doesn’t use a different finish or paint. The rack looks very natural with its original wood texture. Moreover, the design is really simple. You don’t need too much time to build and install it. You can even simple plywood as material for this rack.

18. The Beautiful Blue Table

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The strong blue color can be seen here. It seems that the designer of coffee station ideas in this picture uses this color as the main color theme. The table is the strongest element to emphasize the blue color. But, you also can see that other parts of the coffee station also have a hint of blue color in it.

19. The Coffee House

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It is simple and neat. Everything is within your reach. Moreover, the rack and the placement of the items also blend really well with the classic brick wall on the back. And, once again, the designer uses the blue table as the main focal point.

Actually, it doesn’t have to be a blue color. You also can use other colors as long as it’s different than the rest of the part in the coffee station. This is one of the freedoms you have when building a coffee station.

20. The Natural Scenery

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A similar feeling when we see the scenery in the village is what we had when we see this picture. The wooden table with the crossed wood decoration on the leg depicts the farmhouse in the village. The chalkboard with natural wood texture also gives this coffee station a strong view. Overall, this one is one of the relaxing coffee station ideas.

21. The Classic Modern

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The rack, table and cabinet ooze strong classic nuance. However, seeing the stainless steel glass and the sophisticated coffee maker, we also can see the strong modern accent here. Thus, the combination of those two different styles creates unique coffee station ideas like what you can see in the picture.

22. Neat Coffee Station

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The way the designer arranges the place to hang the coffee mug make this coffee station looks very neat and in order. Actually, you also can use this concept for keeping other items you need in the coffee station. The most important element we can see here is how you place your items. By using this concept, you can make an interesting look.

23. The Quote Board

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While you are enjoying the morning coffee, you also can be inspired by reading the quotes on the board you place right on the wall behind the coffee station. This is maybe the design concept of this coffee station. It has a good concept and coffee station ideas. And, it gives you more freedom to use any quote that you like on the board.

24. The Black Background

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Using black color for the wall, the coffee station can be easily noticed using white furniture and appliances. This is a good way to deal with your darker wall paint. Moreover, the coffee station also uses the cart that you can easily move. So, you also can place it in another room that match the color of the cart and other items.

25. Navy Blue Coffee Station

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The main element of coffee station ideas here is the blue rack and white mug. Other items use standard color and design that won’t pique your interest. But, by placing the blue rack and hang the white mug which is the contrast color of the blue rack, you create a nice focal point of the coffee station. This is a good way to deal with the commonness.

26. The Plant Rack

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The plant is always a good decoration for any room. It is including your coffee station. As you can see here, the coffee cart seems like the rack for placing your plant. But, the designer changes its function into a coffee station. Then, leave some of the plants in it to give the fresh and natural effect. The result is an interesting coffee station.

27. Multi-purpose Coffee Station Ideas

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The coffee station is the place where you can spend your time relaxing and having fun with your family and friend. Therefore, it’s normal, if this area provides everything that you need for that activity. The coffee station ideas here shows how to do that. It’s not only a place to make coffee. You also can read books and do other things.

28. The Vintage Style

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Actually, from the top to the middle part, we can see that this coffee station use the modern style. However, the table that has very strong vintage nuance changes the whole concept of this coffee station. It turns into vintage coffee station ideas. This picture also shows that the table holds an important role in deciding how your coffee station will look like.

29. The Woven Style Storage Box

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The whole design is actually pretty normal and common coffee station design. However, the storage boxes you can see under the table gives it a nice artistic touch. The woven type box like this gives it the warmth of the family house. Therefore, this coffee station design is a perfect choice, if you want to make it at your parents’ house.

30. The Perfect Coffee Bar

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It is true that the color used in this coffee station design isn’t too many. However, the various items type you can find in this coffee station gives it a really colorful image. There are many shape and pattern that please your eyes. So, it’s not wrong if you call the coffee station ideas like this one as the perfect coffee station design.

31. DIY Natural Wooden Coffee Station Ideas

Fabulous countertop coffee station ideas #coffeestationideas #homecoffeestation #coffeebar


The rack and table that still use the natural wood pattern plus it has less modification on its looks is very beautiful. Moreover, the simple appliances, except the coffee maker that looks sophisticated, perfectly match with the natural accent the rack and table give. Maybe, this coffee station is one of the most beautiful designs you can find.

32. The Classic White Coffee Bar

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It is not pure white because there are many other items that have other colors. However, 90% of this station consists of appliances or element with white as its main color. This design blends really well with the minimalist or modern style interior design. You can consider this idea if you have that kind of room design.

33. Two Tone Coffee Station

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We always believe that simplicity creates true beauty. And, this coffee station is proof of that. It doesn’t use too much color. With just black and white, this coffee station can become the most beautiful part of your house.

Maybe it will be difficult to create two tones coffee station ideas like this. For example, collecting that pure white mug, cup and other appliances take a lot of time. But, once you successfully get them all, you will have a beautiful coffee station.

34. The Vintage Style Mugs and Cups

Astounding rustic coffee station ideas #coffeestationideas #homecoffeestation #coffeebar


You don’t have to keep your mugs and cups in a neat manner. Just take a look at this coffee station. You can see that the messed up cup and mugs create something that the neat placement can’t do, the art. And, by adding the different mug and cups color, you can boost the artistic part of the coffee bar.

35. Easy to Use Coffee Station Ideas

Unleash corner coffee station ideas #coffeestationideas #homecoffeestation #coffeebar


How the designer arranges the placement of the mug, coffee bean container, and coffee maker in this picture is really amazing. Everything is easy to reach and find. If you are a busy person and don’t want to waste too much time in the morning, the coffee station ideas like this is your best choice.

36. The Rustic Cart

Gorgeous work coffee station ideas #coffeestationideas #homecoffeestation #coffeebar

We thought that the table in this coffee station is the type that you can’t move easily. But, by looking at the wheel installed at the bottom of each table leg, we can see that this is one of the amazing coffee station carts you can find. It’s also beautiful because the cart is perfectly suitable with the rack installed on the top part. Try it if you want a unique coffee station.

37. The Five Cup Hooks


If there are five family members living in your house, and all of them are coffee lover, this coffee station design is a good choice. You can hang the cup or mug for each family member using the arrangement you can see in the picture.

Moreover, the number is written on the chalkboard. So, you also can change the number with name and even the drawing of each family member’s face. That will make it even cuter.

38. The Industrial Pipe Coffee Station

Famous hotel coffee station ideas #coffeestationideas #homecoffeestation #coffeebar


The pipe used as the rack supporter gives this coffee station different appearance compared to the standard and general coffee station design. We can feel the rawness and even the wilderness here. This is the perfect coffee station ideas for making your day started with a big boost.

39. Coffee Station with Pallet Shelf

Stunning bakers rack coffee station ideas #coffeestationideas #homecoffeestation #coffeebar


The black wall behind match perfectly with the rustic rack that seems made of the pallet box. Using the black wall, which maybe it made of wood, helps you to change how the coffee station will look like easily. Just write something or draw a picture there. You will get a different appearance by using that method.

40. The Old and Classic Coffee Bar

Miraculous cute coffee station ideas #coffeestationideas #homecoffeestation #coffeebar


It’s clearly seen that the designer of this coffee station uses the classic touch on their works. The rustic pattern and the retro style mug strengthen this concept. Maybe it will be a little bit difficult to create this kind of beautiful and artistic old looks. But, if you do it slowly, you can do it yourself. Of course, you also can ask professional help if you think it’s necessary.



Now, you know the best coffee station ideas you can try. You can combine and take the elements that you like from each of the ideas we have above. Then, apply it in your design to create your own and personalized coffee station.

The key here is having fun. You are going to make the part of your house that will help you to start the day with a smile, more power, and focus. So, you don’t have to be stressed when you choose the coffee station ideas you are going to use. Take a look at the picture and if you find it is interesting, use it. Just like that.



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