50+ Incredible Privacy Fence Ideas You Never Thought Of (Garden and Backyard)

PRIVACY FENCE IDEAS – Fences can make or break your kerb appeal. They are no longer just to secure space and mark boundaries, fence walls are now widely used as the edging to frame your garden, the highlight to your landscape design or as the focal point of your frontage.

Choosing the right one amongst hundreds of fence ideas and designs is vital. The best fence matches the homeowner’s style and its surroundings and provides solution the fencing needs.

Check privacy fence ideas below to create a charming fences, for your privacy house or for your garden that will make the neighbors drool.

Privacy Fence with Graceful and Sinuous Shapes

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In modern gardens, many of the elements feature straight lines and strong, sturdy materials. In the featured home, the landscape architect and decorator broke the trend to present a beautiful fence with delicate curves and shapes. The upper part of this fence features lattice edging that exudes both elegance and coziness.

Darkly Painted Wooden Garden Fence

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The fence adds such an interesting element to the garden. It protects the garden from prying eyes, ideal especially if you’re growing vegetables you don’t want to be stolen. The black coloring matches the rest of the property, ensuring that the fence doesn’t look out of place. It’s congruent with the overall design of the house.

Modernistic Wooden Garden Fence Ideas

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The design is so sleek and interesting, we can’t stop looking at it. Check out the way the wooden slats are spaced with just the tiniest gap between them. They look like the interior of a modern building, evoking wooden room partitions. What a visually striking addition to making to a yard, greenhouse, or zen garden!

Classic Lattices Fence

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The classic diamond lattice is one type of garden fencing that never goes out of style. There’s something charming and very romantic that’s perfect for roses and vines winding up the wall.

The Great Wooden Classic Fence

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This type of fence around the garden is one of the classics. Natural wood is pleasing to the eyes and the design keeps the inside truly protected from the neighbors.

Tall Cedar Wood Plank Fence

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The beautifully constructed plank fence is made out of cedar wood. Though we can’t see the whole design in the photo, it looks like the homeowner may have made the construction paneled. Paneled designs are a great DIY project because the panels can be easily constructed on the ground.

Cedarwood is such a charismatic wood to use, and the effort certainly pays off here. The slats offer privacy without fully blocking sunlight, and the grainy texture of the wood is beautiful.

Wood and Welded Wire Panel Fence

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The homeowner has made use of the panels by incorporating them into the fence’s overall design. Not only are panels easier to install, but they’re an integral part of the structure! The wooden frames are perfectly spaced and lend an aura of openness to the entire structure. Meanwhile, the wrapped wiring helps protect your yard while affording maximum visibility. And look at the gorgeous finishing on the wood! So shiny.

Privacy Fence for Interior Separations

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In the featured home, the fence does not isolate the home from the neighbors. Instead, it is built to separate spaces within the garden itself. It blends perfectly with the rattan furniture chosen for this laidback outdoor area.

Privacy Fence to Expand The Space

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For terraces or gardens as small as the one we see here, the designer must look for a fence that doesn’t take up too much space visually. Lightly-colored fences are best as well as designs that are not too solid and closed off. Check out how the fence above are quite open so it doesn’t restrict the space too much.

Simple Wooden Latticework Panel Fence

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Sometimes sweet and simple is the best way to go. It makes use of panels and simple latticework. Despite the simplicity of the design, the wooden fence adds to the charm of the home. It matches the home’s rustic aesthetic and completes the yard. The latticework also allows people to see through the yard while having some privacy.

Easy Bamboo Do it Yourself Fences

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Bamboo is such an ideal material for DIY construction. It’s more bendable than wood, and the stalks can wrap around your yard like fabric rather than adhering to stiff guidelines. The bamboo design adds just the right touch of nature to the sleek white patio area. It contrasts especially well with the grass and plants.

Light Hues

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There is life beyond brown and earth tones that garden fences usually sport. Here, the homeowner opted for a hue is a very light, which considerably brightens the enclosure.

Tropical Vibe

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For a laidback vibe that’s quite exotic, mix up the types and shades of wood used in the space. In this expansive tropical-inspired garden, a sitting area made out of light wood contrast nicely with the black garden fencing. Flourishing plants and a pond only add to the tranquility of the outdoor area.

Southwestern Industrial Corrugated Metal Fence

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What an interesting way to spice up your patio or another outdoor living area! On sunny days, the brightness is probably intense here. The fence makes use of industrial corrugated metal. You’d never expect to see a DIY fence made from corrugated metal — and you’d never expect it to look this great!

Hand Painted Recycled Wooden Pallet Fence

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This unusual fence is made from recycled wooden pallets. You did a double take, didn’t you? Don’t worry: we couldn’t tell they were wooden pallets either. They look exactly like pre-cut posts. The homeowner is clearly an artist, painting gorgeous sunflowers and bright plants over the construction. It’s a great way to add a little sunshine to a yard, especially in the winter months.

Sinuous Simplicity

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Adapting to the plants and the perfectly rounded shape of the hedges, the last fence is compact but creates a light and sinuous shapes.

A Little Creativity

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For more creative homeowners, a fence like the one above can satisfy their whimsy. Random gaps in the solid wooden planks keep the fence visually interesting, while the trees add vitality to the modern façade.

A Green Wall

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If the garden or terrace has very high walls, there can be a certain feeling of being locked up and constricted. One wonderful solution is to fill the wall with hedges or vines that can visually improve the terrace. The green space creates a welcoming space outside the home.

Wooden Do it Yourself Fences

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This is a character-driven design and one of the great things about it is the way it is constructed in panels. The homeowner can “wrap” the differently sized panels around their garden or yard. It’s perfect for properties with irregular shapes! The black framing is striking against the finished wood, and the slats allow increased privacy for the homeowner.

Recycled House Shutter Screening Fence

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Another creative idea! The shutters for your house eventually need to be replaced — why not recycle them instead of throwing them out? There’s an added bonus here: Using recycled shutters means that your fence will always match your home’s trim. It’s an easy project that allows you privacy and a pop of color.

DIY Reinforced Concrete Block Wall

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Anybody can pile concrete blocks together, but who would have thought it would look so good? Reinforced designs are a great idea if you live in a potentially unsafe neighborhood. The DIYer manages to make theirs look like the edge of a castle wall rather than an eyesore. What a pretty touch!

Bamboo Privacy Fence

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Modern Gabion Wall

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Contemporary Steel Privacy Fence

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Solid Concrete Backyard Walls

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Vertical Timber Fence

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Etched Metal Fence Door

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Metal Sheets and Wood Combo

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Brick and Garden Fence

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Vertiscape Garden Wall

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Concrete and Wall Planters

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Modern Laser-Cut Steel Panels

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Low Staggered Concrete Fence

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Modern and Lush Garden Wall

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Modern Pallet Fence

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Highlight rustic country charm to your backyard with this pallet fence. Let the natural wood tones frame the profusion of colours in your garden. Charming, without even trying.

Solid Metal Panels

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Very modern and sophisticated. Solid steel plates of random width adds a touch of imagination to the rather imposing installation. Creative use of paint can also transform the fence – from its harsh presence to something fun or charming.

Modern Wood Privacy Fence Ideas

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Stylish, current and striking. Give your fence a breathing space with this creative fencing style. The installation lets the air freely pass through and still provide almost full coverage.

Modern Black Iron Fence

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The minimalist styling that includes clean lines, basic colour and no-fuss design makes this ultra-modern black iron fence standout. The state-of-the-art swivel gate is an impressive bonus.

Bamboo Garden Hedge

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Horizontal Wood Fence Ideas

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The horizontal wood poles secure the yard without blocking off the view. Ideal for dog runs, gardens and spaces that you want fortified but not really concealed.

Modern White Picket Fence

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Picket fences are still among the favourite fence ideas and designs. This upgraded picket fence is still white, but with the more modern shape and minimalist construction.

Free-Standing Iron Slats

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This fencing style is so simple it stands out! The boundaries are marked with a line of free-standing iron slats. Serves the purpose, and looks amazing too.

Woven Metal Slat Fence

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Louvre Wall Privacy Fence Ideas

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This heavy wood fence exudes oriental charm and stability. The heavy dark wood timbers resonate solidity, while the slanted louvre slats are distinctive and fascinating.

Chicken Wire and Climbers

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The right styling and your favourite climbers can make chicken wire fencing work for your city townhouse. It’s sturdy, striking, affordable and easy to maintain. Just water the plants!

Horizontal Stacked Fence

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