Privacy Fence Ideas

A house is a place where you can relax and feel protected. Of course, to create that kind of house, you need to equip your house with proper tool and item. One of them is a privacy fence. Unlike a standard fence, the privacy fence provides more protection. The design doesn’t allow other people to see what is going on inside your house.

Functionality isn’t the only important thing you can get from privacy fence. Now, many designers try privacy fence ideas that doesn’t only offer protection. But it also becomes the decoration of the house. The design turns your ordinary house into a beautiful living place. It matches the concept of comfortable living that people like, today.

Being that importance, here we try to help you. We have list of good and amazing privacy fence ideas below. They can help you to decide what kind of design, shape or size you are going to use for your privacy fence. Hopefully, with this list, you can get the best privacy fence for your house.

1. Wood with Metal Frame

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You can see in the back that the privacy fence use wood and metal material. That’s good choice. The metal frame will strengthen the wood material that is used as the partition to protect your house. Moreover, the wavy shape also adds some beauty in this house and yard.

2. Black Wooden Garden Fence

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The black or dark color like this is a good choice for privacy fence you build under the tree shade. It blends really well with the area surrounding it. Moreover, the black color also gives its secretive and secludes feeling. In short, this kind of color and privacy fence ideas won’t attract too much attention. That’s what you need for privacy protection.

3. Stacking Wood for Garden Fence Ideas

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Unlike the common privacy fence, this one uses particular method to arrange the wood. They stack it up and leave some space between the wood block to create some kinds of wood shade. This kind of privacy fence is perfect choice for inside area. You may want to use the other style for the fence on the outside line of your yard/land.

4. The Cross Fence Style

Wonderful modern wood fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


It’s similar to the stacking wood type. However, it uses cross pattern as the wood arrangement. The pattern itself is unique and interesting. Then, they also add several different colors which give it more beautiful appearance. And, as you can see, privacy fence ideas like this one is good choice for inside area.

5. The Classic Privacy Fence Ideas

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This is the simplest as well as the best choice, if you really want to limit the other world access to your house. Using the full wood material, this kind of privacy fence is easy to build. Of course, we recommend you to use the stronger and more durable material, such as metal or concrete. But, if you want to go natural, this idea is good choice for you.

6. The Cedar Wood Plank Fence

Delight white privacy fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


The type of wood you are using also affect how your privacy fence will look like. This one uses the cedar wood, which is well-known for its durability and majestic look. And, as you can see here, it looks really beautiful and strong. With several parts of the fence like this, you also can modify its shape following the area you want to put this fence on.

7. Wood and Wire Panel Fence

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For you who are looking for cheap privacy fence ideas, the picture gives you the answer. It uses the wood material for the frame to support the wire panel that is installed on it. This kind of privacy fence doesn’t need too much money to spend for the material. Moreover, you also can install it without any help from professional.

8. The Natural Style

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Sometimes, you also need privacy fence to create a separate area in your house or yard. This one is one of the best interior privacy fences you can use. It uses the full wood material and was built by using the knitting method. The result isn’t only interesting, but it also looks aesthetically beautiful. You can try it for creating decoration with your fence.

9. The Planter Fence

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This is one of the beautiful privacy fence ideas you can find. The space available here is very limited. Therefore, if you build big fence, it will only make you feel cramped in this small space. So, the designer uses the simple fence design. Then, add the plants on top of the fence. The thickness of the leaves creates a nice protection from outside.

10. The Yellow Latticework Panel Fence

Spectacular deck privacy fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


The latticework wooden panel like this one is also great choice for privacy fence inside your house area. As you can see, this fence separates the yard, where kids can play and running around, with the area inside where you can relax. This is the perfect privacy fence ideas to create different functionality for each area without spending too much money.

11. The Bamboo Do it Yourself Fences

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Bamboo is another cheap material you can get. Moreover, it is very durable as well. So, it’s perfect for outdoor privacy fence ideas like you can see here. Moreover, the unique pattern of the bamboo also creates different appearance here. It is a good choice, if you want to create the focus of your garden or yard scenery.

12. The Metal Plate Privacy Fence Ideas

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This privacy fence use metal plate as its main material. And, the design also allows it to cover the whole area inside. You can use privacy fence ideas like this one, if you don’t want to be disturbed by other people from the outside. Moreover, this kind of privacy fence also can last much longer than the wooden fence.

13. Tropical Privacy Fence

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Match the privacy fence ideas with your garden theme. This is a good method to find the best ideas for your place. For example, the fence in this picture shows you that using correct material and color, it matches perfectly with the tropical garden in it. So, you also can apply this method to your living place.

14. Iron Sheet Privacy Fence Ideas

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This is another method to build privacy fence with limited budget. You can use the iron sheet like this. The iron sheet itself can be found and bought at the building material supplier store. Or, you can order it from online store, so you just need to wait for the material to be delivered to your house. Then, you just need to use it like in the picture.

15. Hand Painted Recycled Wooden Pallet Fence

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This is maybe the cheapest privacy fence ideas you can find. You don’t need to buy new material. Just use your old material and arrange it, so it shapes like fence. Of course, if you just use the used wood like this, it won’t look interesting. For that reason, you can paint it or draw something on it to decorate the fence.

16. The Greenery Privacy Fence

Fantastic small garden fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


It matches with the bush and the garden theme. The color blends really well with the area where the privacy fence is built. Moreover, the shape of the fence also matches the bush and plant close by. More importantly, this privacy fence can really cover the whole area and following the lawn shape to provide the better protection that you need.

17. The Mosaic Privacy Fence

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We like how the designer uses different approach to arrange the wood block for this privacy fence. Using different size of wooden block, it looks like it was arranged randomly. This unique method to arrange the wooden block create a unique placement of the hole, which produce one of the high artistic value fences you can have at your home.

18. The Three Materials

Sensational privacy fence gate #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


We can see three colors and pattern on this privacy fence. However, we can see it clearly that the brick or concrete (the white one) fence is the main fence. Then, the owner adds the woven bamboo fence on top then covers the bottom part with the plants. It creates unique combination that gives more natural touch in this area.

19. The Black Frame

Extraordinary diy privacy fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Do you have unused wood planks? You can use this picture as the reference to use that material to make privacy fence. If you only use the unused wood planks, it might looks not appealing. However, you can use the new wood material and use it as frame like in this picture. Then, paint the frame black to emphasize the main material you use in the middle.

20. Put The Partition Outside

Uplifting lattice fence panels #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


You can easily find the portable wall partition for interior at the store. Then, you just need to buy enough number of partitions and place it outside your house. To make it stand firm, create a wooden frame and nail that wall partition on it. Then, you can paint it with color that you like and you get unique privacy fence like in this picture.

21. The Castle Wall

Life-changing wood fence styles #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


This privacy fence reminds us of the Middle Ages castle wall. The big block of concrete is stacked each other and you add some cement to glue each block to strengthen it up. This kind of privacy fence is easy to make. However, you may need a lot of help to carry the concrete blocks to your home and arrange it to looks like the fence in the picture.

22. The Chic Bamboo Privacy Fence

Unbeatable wood fence designs #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Bamboo is good choice for privacy fence. However, if you only use this material, it will look ordinary and not that interesting. So, this picture shows you a great example of how to use the bamboo to create fancy privacy fence. The key here is the high-quality wood frame. That kind of privacy fence ideas will give it more value and elegance.

23. The Stones Privacy Fence Ideas

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Stone is similar to metal. It has high durability and can stand against weather, which make it perfect for privacy fence. However, in order to keep it steady and strong, you can use the gabion wall method like what you can see in the picture. Moreover, with this method, you also can create any shape of the wall that you like.

24. Artistic Steel Privacy Fence Ideas

Wondrous decorative fence panels #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Your privacy fence doesn’t need to follow the neat and order concept. You can use random order and abstract shape like this one as well. This privacy fence looks artistic and beautiful. Moreover, it also has the protection functionality like what a privacy fence should have.

25. Solid Concrete Backyard Wall Fence

Perfect patio privacy ideas #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


It is simple and strong. Using the solid concrete wall for your backyard privacy fence like this is a good choice, if you plan to keep using it for a very long time. Moreover, this material also makes the area surrounding it feels cooler. It’s perfect for you who want to relax in your backyard and enjoy the fresh air of summer.

26. Vertical Timber Fence

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This privacy fence feels a strong statement that other people without permission can’t pass through that line. From the appearance, it’s very beautiful and amazing. However, if you want to use this kind of privacy fence ideas, make sure you use correct material. For wooden material, choose the processed wood so it can last longer.

27. Floral Pattern Metal Fence Door

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Privacy fence has many parts. One of them is the door as the path where you can enter and exit your house. You can use the unique and different fence door like what you can see in the picture to add more beauty value to your privacy fence. It’s difficult to find this kind of door. You may need to order for customized door to get this kind of pattern.

28. Metal Sheets and Wood Combo

Amazing concrete fence posts #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Using two materials like this is also good privacy fence ideas you can try. It shows two contrasts view between the natural materials, like wood, with the stiffer material, in this case is metal sheets. On the other hand, it also has a proper functionality to protect your house against any disturbance from outside.

29. The Garden Wall Fence

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The good thing about using brick for privacy fence is you have much freedom to shape it like what you want. This is one of the best examples you can see. You can create special area to plant many different flowers, bush and other kinds of plants. With the green plants like this, it feels more relaxing and fresher.

30. The Planter Artwork

Glorious picket fence panels #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Other than creating special space to plant many kinds of plants, you also can use this method. This example uses the hanging or wall-mounted planter on the privacy fence. And, the arrangement of the planters creates beautiful artwork like what you can see in the picture. We can imagine that it will look really beautiful when the flower bloom.

31. The Box for Wall Planters

Fabulous privacy slats for chain link fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


This one is standard and normal privacy fence made of concrete. However, if you let it empty, it will look boring. As we mentioned before, the fence isn’t only for protection, but also for beauty. So, using box planters and hang it on this privacy fence wall is a good method to decorate it. It won’t be boring anymore and it looks amazing for your backyard.

32. Contemporary Metal Fence

Surprising wood privacy fence panels #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


You also can use the steel panel for your privacy fence ideas. However, for better appearance, you can modify its shape and turn it into artistic metal panel with randomized holes like this one. You may need to order for this laser-cut style artwork, for a good and smooth result. It’s worth to try; after all you will use it in front of your house.

33. Concrete and Wooden Fence

Incredible chain link fence privacy #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Having full concrete privacy fence is a good thing. This is standard style, actually. however, you can combine it with wood to create unique view like you can see here. Moreover, the wooden part is used to install the address and other information about the house. it doesn’t only make it different, but the wood also makes the information standout.

34. Modern and Lush Garden Fences

Astounding types of wood fences #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Of course, this privacy fence doesn’t use a real mold to create this lavish green scenery. It uses the grass with special method to plant it vertically like this. But it is perfectly suitable with the wooden material used in it. If you want to add stronger natural touch in your backyard, you can use the privacy fence ideas like this one.

35. Modern Pallet Fence Ideas

Unleash deck privacy screen #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Uniformity maybe is a good thing to make everything looks neat and order. However, sometimes you also can use the similar method like this picture. It uses different size of wood plank and arrange it in proper manner. This is very simple, but this unique arrangement makes it looks complex and eye-catching.

36. The Shield

Gorgeous vinyl privacy fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


This image shows how bold the house owner in showing off the protection that owner has for his/her privacy. Using several metal plates that is installed in certain way to form a privacy fence, it successfully creates unique fence.

This kind of privacy fence ideas is difficult to apply, especially if you don’t have access to the material. But you can always change the material into the easier to obtain material, like wood or bamboo.

37. Modern Style Wooden Privacy Fence Ideas

Famous backyard fence ideas #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


The contemporary fence like this can be found easily on many minimalist style houses. You can also apply and use this style if your house has a similar style. Change its color, if you want.

38. The Black Iron Fence

Stunning cheap privacy fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


The metal privacy fence like this is easy to install. Moreover, it is also strong and with its black color, it gives you a safe feeling with its protection. This kind of privacy fence ideas can help you to save your time for its installation.

39. Bamboo Garden Hedge

Miraculous garden fence ideas #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


This method is a good way to decorate the inner side of the privacy fence. You just need to plant the bamboo tree along the fence. When it grows taller like in the picture, you get a green and beautiful fence.

40. Horizontal Wood Fence Ideas

Staggering wood privacy fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


This is similar to the black metal fence we mentioned above. But you change the material with the wood. This is a good solution for saving your money. Moreover, it gives your fence a more natural touch.

41. Modern White Picket Fence Ideas

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The picket fence is classical beauty. You can use it for a privacy fence or any fence in your living place. It will always turn out beautiful wherever you place it. Just take a look at the picture. Isn’t that beautiful?

42. The Unique Iron Fence

Wonderful white vinyl fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


You don’t weld the fence, connect it and make it into a fence panel. This one is only planting the iron slats in a certain order to shape the fence. The result is unique privacy fence ideas for your house.

43. Horizontal Metal Slat Fence

Eye-opening black chain link fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Unlike the privacy fence before, this one also uses similar metal slat. But the horizontal arrangement makes it looks different. This kind of privacy fence ideas creates a more protective feeling inside it.

44. The Oriental Style Privacy Fence Ideas

Delight backyard fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


We see this kind of privacy fence on many traditional houses in Asia. The trademark is a big size of the woodblock on top and plant on the bottom. Moreover, the cherry bloom flower in it also makes it looks more beautiful.

45. Chicken Wire and Climbers Fence

Astonishing wood fence gate #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


You can use the chicken wires like this fence. And, to create the cover and make it looks beautiful, plant some vines type plants. Let it grow until the top part of the fence and you get amazing fence like in this picture.

46. The Modern Style Stacked Wooden Fence

Brilliant lowes vinyl fence #privacyfenceideas #gardenfence #woodenfenceideas


Stacking wood horizontally like this is standard privacy fence ideas you can use. It’s easy and it creates enough cover for the area behind the fence. Moreover, it’s also easy to make.

Hire the Professionals

If you manage to come to a decision about what type of fence you’d want, consider hiring a fencing contractor instead of attempting DIY is an important investment in the quality and safety of your property. Professional fencing contractors provide experience, expertise, and knowledge that DIYers often lack. Fencing contractors come with the necessary tools and materials to get the job done quickly and correctly. They also have access to the best materials for the job, and can provide advice on which type of fencing will work best for your property. Additionally, they can provide helpful advice on how to maintain your fence to ensure it lasts for years to come.

In addition to their knowledge, experience, and access to materials, fencing contractors are also better equipped to handle any unforeseen problems that may arise during the installation process. They can identify any potential issues that may affect the installation, such as poor soil conditions or other environmental factors, and take steps to address them. Fencing contractors also have the necessary insurance and bonding to ensure that any damage caused during the installation process is covered.

Finally, when it comes to safety, a fencing contractor is the best option. DIYers often lack the necessary skills and experience to install a fence properly, which can lead to potential safety hazards. Fencing contractors are experienced in making sure that all fencing is installed in accordance with local building codes and safety


The most important thing in privacy fence ideas is the material and how you arrange it. all the ideas we have in the list show you how to do that. Now, you won’t have any problem to find the best design for your privacy fence.

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