6 Tips for Designing a Black Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular projects, and they are capable of adding serious money to a property’s value. Trends for kitchens come and go, but certain designs stand the test of time. One of the most common colors found in kitchen renovations is black, whether it be the surfaces, or the equipment used. Designing a black kitchen can be beneficial because it pairs with almost any color. However, you need to remember that black pulls the color out of the room and can make the space feel smaller. Therefore, you need to be smart when planning your kitchen project. Throughout this article, we will offer six tips on how you can design the perfect black kitchen.

Black Appliances

If you don’t want to take your black kitchen renovation too far, you can always add in black appliances. Throw in a black composite sink and a slick black combi oven to add contrast to the room. As for the work surfaces, you should try an oak finish so that the contrast isn’t too much. When you choose a black kitchen, you need to remember that light will be absorbed by the color. To offset this, you should install a powerful lighting unit or install a wall of windows. Alternatively, if you don’t have the space or budget to achieve this, you should make sure the walls are a light color at the least.

Matte or Gloss

We’ve already mentioned that black can draw color out of a room. To offset this, you have two choices ahead of you: Do you choose matte black or gloss? Each of these has pros and cons. For starters, gloss black will create a mirror-like shine that can add light back into the room. Alternatively, matte black lends itself perfectly for adding in contrast. For example, if your fridge has a shine to it, a matte black Fellow kettle and other equipment would be perfect.

As well as investing in a stylish Fellow black kettle, you can complete your morning routine with the entire range, including a grinder, coffee brewer, and matte black travel mug to keep your coffee hot on the go. If you’ve gone for black cabinets and walls, you can also purchase the range in white.

Black Walls

Perhaps you’re toying with the idea of a full black kitchen renovation, and you want to test the waters. Repainting the walls around your existing kitchen will add a fresh lease of life. Once you’ve painted your walls black and fallen in love with them, you can add in black appliances and cabinets at a later date. No matter what style of kitchen you have, you can always add black into your renovation. If you’ve got an industrial-style kitchen with exposed brick, painting the brickwork black will help to make a statement.

All Black Design

To make an all-black kitchen design work, you will need to have a very large kitchen with plenty of natural light coming in. Although the notion of floor to ceiling black seems absurd to many, it can work extremely well in the correct conditions. If you’ve got a smaller space to work with, you can still opt-in for the complete black look; you will just need to throw in contrasting accessories to add a warm feeling into the room. If you’re looking for inspiration, natural wood looks fantastic in an all-black kitchen. Think chopping boards, knife blocks, and other accessories.

Black and White Contrast Cabinets

Having black surfaces in your kitchen may be overwhelming. Luckily, you can have black and white. Choose from either black base cabinets or blacktop cabinets. Contrasting the black with a classic white is always a popular choice. If you’re not fully committed to the black, you should have a white base with a black countertop. Alternatively, commit to having black bases with a white countertop. This means that you can still add in the black accessories as the perfect way to break the black block up.

Mix Black and Gold

Black and gold have been working well together since people started designing kitchens. Don’t worry, you’re not here to build a kitchen that resembles Aladdin’s cave  – you can even opt for bronze as a cheaper option. If you’ve chosen to install black cabinets floor to ceiling, choosing to install gold faucets and door handles will break up the boldness greatly. If you wish to take the metallic theme further, you can install a gold/bronze light fixture.

Kitchen renovations are one of the most common in projects, and they can add significant value to a property. Although many people are against black because it draws color from the room and gives off the impression of a smaller space, a bold black kitchen can add a winning edge to any home.

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