9 Excellent Ways To Give Your House Exterior A Full Makeover

When you first move into a new house, redecorating can be the best way to make it feel like a home. You can display your personality in your home’s décor, and this can extend further than the interior – the exterior of your property should be every bit as polished as the interior. The exterior of a house makes the first impression on any guests visiting and is the welcome sight you see when you return from a day’s work or school.

It can be tricky to know exactly where to start when redesigning your home exterior; you’ll also need to consider the budget you have to work with. A lot can be done on even the most modest budget, with a good thorough clean and fresh coat of paint going a long way to make a property look and feel more stylish. For people with more extensive budgets, there are many ways you could increase the kerb appeal of your property: a porch, a professionally landscaped garden, new cladding and much more.

Hire A Landscaper

An unkempt garden is one of the quickest ways to make your property look less than stylish. If you want to keep things low maintenance, you could hire a landscaper to clear away unruly plants and trees and simply keep a well-manicured lawn. If you want to go a bit further, you could work with your landscaper to design an outdoor paradise for you and your family to enjoy. During the summer, you’ll need to work on your garden – or book regular slots with your landscaper – every two to three weeks. This can drop to once a month during the colder months, but it is still vital to keep on top of garden maintenance.

Plant A Seasonal Garden

The plants you grow in your garden can make a huge difference in its appearance. As mentioned above, you might wish to opt for a low-maintenance garden with a well-manicured lawn, but if you want to make your garden a little more interesting, the things you plant will make all the difference. It is best to grow plants and flowers that will bloom throughout the year, meaning your garden will never be without an attractive splash of colour. You could consider well-organised borders and flowerbeds or embrace the current trend of making gardens into wildflower meadows that benefit the local ecosystem. Evergreen plants and trees are also excellent options to keep your garden looking lush all year round.

Keep Paint Touched Up

Keeping the paintwork fresh is one of the simplest – and most effective – things you can do to keep your exterior looking great. Most homeowners keep tins of paint on hand, so they can quickly and easily paint over any chips or discolouration. It is also best to do a total repaint regularly – once every year or two or more if you get a lot of inclement weather that fades the paintwork. You might also consider using a new shade that will make the front of your home pop. It may be best to avoid anything too bright, which could turn out garish, but use a colour that is neutral yet still eye-catching. Deep or muted blues, greys and greens are all excellent for a property exterior.

Go Bold With Door Colour

While it is best to keep the main exterior walls a more neutral, muted colour, you could let your love of bright, fun colours shine with your front door. A pop of colour at the front door can tie the whole aesthetic of the space together and make your property memorable. It is best to try out different colour samples to determine which colour will look best with your exterior’s overall aesthetic.

Add A Porch

A porch can be a great addition to the home, adding instant value and style. Porches can be particularly beneficial for families with children, providing a warm, dry space to take off muddy shoes and coats, so they don’t spill over into the home itself. Porches are also a great way to lend some extra character to an otherwise generic-looking exterior. It is important to hire a qualified builder with experience adding porches to homes. You may be able to do some of the work yourself, but if you want the best results, hiring a builder will be essential. You can find builders near you using MyBuilder’s great search engine, helping you find excellent local builders with fantastic reviews.

Invest In Seasonal Door Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmastime any more – the trend for putting up seasonal wreaths all year round is certainly catching on. Wreaths can be an excellent way to give your home a bit of character without having to make permanent changes to the space. There are plenty of options available, from floral arrangements that will look great all year round to wreaths themed around Easter, the summer solstice, Halloween and much more.

Add A Path

A path leading from the pavement to your front door can be an excellent way to make your home feel more inviting – and prevent people from wearing a desire path through your garden! You could make the path a simple straight line or add a more whimsical feel with a winding pathway. It is best to use natural materials for your path, which will look effortlessly stylish while being hardy. Stone and wood are some of the best options, with brick also being a good sturdy material for a garden path. You should ensure that there is enough lighting for visitors to see by, particularly if your garden path has stairs or is on an incline.

Use Cladding To Add Texture

The cladding of your home can make a big difference to its appearance – cladding is the finish given to the exterior of your home and can come in a huge range of materials and styles. If you buy a home with more dated cladding, an upgrade could be just the thing to bring the property into the modern era. Cladding can also help to insulate your home and protect the brickwork from the elements. Some of the best material options for a home’s cladding include:

  • Timber
  • Laminate
  • UPVC cladding – one of the most cost-effective options
  • Stone
  • Metal

Install A Bay Window

bay window can be a truly timeless feature that will make your home exterior stand out among the crowd. Installing a bay window isn’t the cheapest item on this list, depending on the size and style you choose, but it can be one of the most effective additions. Not only do bay windows look incredible against a property exterior, but they also add a lot of style to the interior. You can enjoy plenty of natural light from a stylish bay window, making it a perfect addition to brighten up a living room or bedroom.


While your focus may initially be on the décor of your home interior, it is important to give some thought to the exterior. You might be surprised by what a difference it can make to how your home feels and the impression it leaves on visitors. You should factor in all elements of the exterior where you can and design a look that is cohesive and attractive. It is also crucial that you hire the right professionals for the work done, particularly for things like re-roofing which requires the ability to work at height safely or construction which needs to be done right for the structural integrity of your home.

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