How to: Prepare your home right for the summer

Our homes often feel like they are built for winter. We think about things like the central heating, whether the radiators work and the insulation. One thing we can forget to think about, however, is how to make our homes appropriate for the summer months, or even spring. Here are some of the ways you can prepare your home for the warmer weather, when you are likely to want to be cool, or enjoy the outdoors more.

1. Think about how hot your home gets

First of all, it is important to recognize that every home is different. Some are on top floors, and therefore, heat rises up to them and it can get very hot inside. Some have glass roofs or conservatories that can act to get very hot. Others have hardwood flooring that can conduct heat in a different way. You need to think about all these things before deciding how to ventilate your home.

2. Consider which rooms you use most

If there are some rooms you use more than others it is quite likely that those are the ones you are likely to want to focus your efforts on. If you barely use your formal dining room in the summer, it is probably not so important to think about keeping the room cool.

3. Ensure you have the right equipment

If you have an air conditioner, you need to make sure it is going to be in a decent state by the time summer rolls around, so you do not have to simply purchase another one then – which could be expensive. You need to ensure all windows open properly in order to ventilate rooms and that they are not rusty or likely to get stuck.

4. Plan out your garden

As it gets milder and the weather outside is nicer, you are likely to want to spend more time outside. This is where it can be useful to consult with a landscape gardener or someone similar who can give advice on what to do with the space. You may, for example, want to make use of your patio, or add a porch swing. You may want to grow some flowerbeds if you have some extra space.

5. Think about play areas

sandpit planning for the summer


If your children usually go to a playroom to mess around and play with their toys, you may want to think about whether that is the best room for them to be in, especially if it gets very hot. You may want to create an outdoor space for them to enjoy – for example with a sandpit and space for a paddling pool when the weather gets too much and they want to cool down.


Overall, there are lots of considerations – and it can feel tiring to consider them now because summer is in realty far away. However, it is likely that they will take a while to put in place – so by getting cracking now you can be ready by the time the sun comes out to enjoy your redecorated home!

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