Advice For Decorating Around A Bay Window

Bay windows look delightful in any room they’re in, the give a room more space, a lot more natural light and can make a great centrepiece for whatever room they’re in. But as with any large décor element, decorating the rest of your room can be a bit tricky when you’re designing around a bay window.

If you’re not too sure what a bay window is, simply put: A bay window is a window space that extrudes outward from the interior walls of a room and forming a bay in a room, usually in either square shape or a semi-circular shape. This will give you a large window to let natural light pour into your home and add a bit more space to your home.

How can you successfully decorate around a bay window, without over-doing it and drowning out the benefits of the bay window or under-doing it and letting the bay window dominate your home’s décor scheme – Let’s find out!

Shade Your Bay Window

First things first, with a big bay window in your home, you’ll be letting a lot of natural light pour into your home, which is a double edged sword: of course natural light is great and will light up your room giving it a warm, homely feel. But a lot of sunlight can cause you issues with sunlight getting in your eyes or shining onto your television, making it harder for you to see.

The obvious solution to this, is to shade your bay window – For this you have the same options as any other window allowing you to pick from curtains, wooden shutters or blinds for your bay windows. Whatever you choose, this will allow you to add in a new décor element and keep the sunlight from bothering you!

Pair With Statement Furniture

As previously mentioned, your bay window will give you some extra space in whatever room you have it in, a good way to utilise this extra space is with some statement furniture, which will help draw attention to the bay area, but will allow the attention to be spread so that the window doesn’t dominate the room.

Your furniture options for a bay window are wide open, but to best use the space you should opt to place a small to medium sized chair like an arm chair or Chaise Longue in the bay to help draw attention; or you can use the bay itself and build in some seating along the window to create a cosy nook area perfect for relaxing and reading.

Get Privacy With Frosted Tape

A downside of having a large window like a bay window is that it removes some of your privacy, especially if placed on the ground floor, obviously you can see out of the window and passers by can see inside your home easily, which can be an issue for those concerned with their privacy.

To resolve this and restore your privacy without impeding the natural light, you can get frosted tape stickers to place on the lower part of the windows, this will create a frosted glass effect, which will prevent passers by from seeing inside your home but will still allow you to see outward from the top portion of the window and let light in unimpeded.

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