5 Things to Remember while Buying Charcoal Smoking Grills

If you’ve tasted food roasted on a live charcoal smoking grill, the chances are that you won’t want to try anything else. However, remember that you need to exercise patience and use the right timing to get that perfect char, adding the unique, smoky flavour and tenderness to food.  Your weekends are never going to be the same again after you’ve bought your charcoal grill.

If you’ve decided to go for it, you ought to know a few things before you make your purchase.

Here are five things to remember when buying charcoal smoking grills:

The Affordability

The best news any charcoal grill fan wants to hear is that they are not very expensive and well within your budget. Yes, some fancy charcoal grills may cost a cool £200. However, you can still get a good one that costs within £50, which is more than enough, especially if you are a beginner wanting to experiment.

Charcoal grills that use coal are unlike barbecue grillers, which need temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius or more. However, charcoal grillers simmer the stuff slowly with temperatures ranging from 50 to 100 degrees C.

The Convenient Sizes

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If you are an outdoors person and go on camping trips frequently, you may want to buy a portable charcoal grill that is easy to lug around. However, if you are the type that likes to invite a whole lot of friends over, you’ll want a much bigger model with a high capacity that can accommodate a few racks of juicy ribs.

You’ll also need to check the ease of cleaning and how durable charcoal smoking grills are before making your decision. You may want to settle for a mid-priced model that serves as a multi-purpose where you get value for your money without compromising quality.

Quality Should be the Watchword

If you want your charcoal grill to last a lifetime, you shouldn’t worry too much about the price. A top quality charcoal grill ensures that it lasts long and remains intact even when you use it outdoors, though you need to make sure it stays covered when not in use.

Some expensive models feature a two-part cooking grate that allows enough space to cook food for many people.  Even if unexpected guests gate-crash, you’ll be all set to feed the entire crowd. Look for temperature regulation features, as controlling the heat is the key to cooking great tasting grilled food.

They Should be Easy to Clean

You can’t have a charcoal grill with too many inaccessible areas that you can’t reach and clean. The fact is that regardless of the model you buy, there’s bound to be a lot of ash that you need to keep cleaning from time to time.

Tiny grills may pose a problem while cleaning.  Of course, you can turn small grills upside down to get the residual ash out. Whatever size of charcoal smoking grills you buy, cleaning is a chore you have to deal with after each use.

Invest in Some Extra Accessories

It is not always easy to light up a charcoal grill and get it going. While some come with small propane panels that let you light up the coals, others don’t, and you have to think of ways to light up the coal (time-consuming at times) to get going with preparing food.

You may want to look at charcoal chimneys, which are not very expensive. You can load the charcoal in the hollow cylinder, light it using some old newspapers, and get them glowing before transferring the live coals to your grill. You may also want to add a surface thermometer that lets you monitor the temperature and prevent the food from burning.

Summing it Up

Charcoal grills are suitable for people who love smoking their meat to achieve perfectly crisp roasts. While some consider them messy and time-consuming, it is worth all the trouble if you appreciate food with a natural flavour.

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