Here’s How You Host An Outdoor Winter Movie Night

There are many ways you can entertain your friends and family. From cocktail parties to formal dinners, hosting can be both fun and stressful. But, if your party becomes a success, all that trouble you take will be worth it. Nothing more satisfying for a host than a hit party.

An outdoor movie night in winter can be great but also, hosting one is super challenging. The weather itself can be a big issue, but taking the right precautions can ensure that your guests enjoy a fun and happy movie night.

It is vital to know all the steps you need to take before you host this event. The following guidelines will help you throw an entertaining and exciting movie night with your friends and family.

Selecting The Venue

If you are planning a movie night with a handful of friends and family, you can hold the show in your backyard. Using it for your movie night is a great way to make the most out of your outdoor space. However, it all depends on how big your yard is and how many people you are inviting.

A medium-sized yard should be able to accommodate 12-15 guests. Take a look at your yard and seating arrangement before deciding on the guest list. If your list is longer than twenty people, consider renting an outdoor venue.

There are many options out there, from parking lots to parks. It should have all the amenities you need, so find out all facts about the venue, and pay a visit before you rent.

The amenities your venue should have:

  • Enough bathrooms.
  • Water supply.
  • Electricity supply and multiple outlets.
  • Heating.
  • Pest control.
  • Seating arrangements.
  • Projector and projection screen.

Preparing The Venue

Preparing the venue would be easier if the place is close to your home, and it doesn’t get any closer than your backyard. Remember the following points when preparing your venue for the movie night.

  • If you have a TV enclosure on your patio, then you would only have to worry about your projector and seating. However, if you don’t have one, consider getting a weatherproof canopy. If you choose to get a canopy tent, it can cover the harshness of the winter wind.
  • If you can’t have that, make sure your guests are warmly dressed and that there are available blankets.
  • You will need access to electricity for your outdoor party. Pulling a multiplug in from the house can be a tripping hazard, especially at night. So, consider installing an outdoor electrical outlet in your yard.
  • Preparing the sitting arrangement is a top priority as sitting on the floor during winter can be a bad idea unless you are using a heating mat. Your guests must be comfortable when watching the movie, so keep that in mind while arranging the seats. Try to sit with back support and provide plenty of pillows.
  • You must provide heating for the backyard. Get at least one patio heater for your yard. You will probably need even more for a larger, rented outdoor venue.
  • Beautify your backyard using lanterns, paper hangings, and fairy lights.

Arranging The Food

For a movie night, your go-to food options will be the snacks available at the movies. So, say a big yes to popcorn, candies, sodas, etc. Fried snacks are also great but make sure your guests get to eat them while the foods are still warm.

If you want to provide an easy meal consider fast food like hot dogs, burgers, fries, pizza, etc. Greasy snacks are always great for movie nights. Consider making some punch that is available throughout the party to quench your guest’s thirst. However, make sure that there are enough children-friendly beverages too.

Consider serving hot beverages like hot chocolate(with marshmallows!) and hot ciders, to keep your guests warm. Hand out water bottles to people right before the movie starts, so that no one has to get up for water while the movie is playing.

Movie & Projection

Choosing a movie is the tricky part. You need to know your audience before settling on a movie. The first thing to figure out is whether there will be children around. If so, then, consider watching old children’s classics or funny family movies that everyone would enjoy.

If it is an adult-only affair, ask your audience for suggestions and select something that all your guests would have fun watching.

Ask around to find out if any of your guests or friends have a projector. If not, rent a projector and a projecting screen, because you would want to give your movie night a classic drive-in theatre vibe. You might not need a screen if you have access to a large white wall in your backyard, with no windows on it!

Invitations & More

Once you know that you are prepared, all that is left is to invite people. You can open an event on your social media site and send out invites online. Or you can choose to hand out printed invites. You will find plenty of templates online, which you can print(You might have to edit it a little).

Give all the necessary instructions to the guests on your invite. Let them know the time and place. If there are things you need them to bring along, like flashlights, blankets, etc. mention them on the invites. Also, mention the movie name and ask them to dress warmly since it’s outdoors.

Final Thoughts

If you prepare well, your winter outdoor movie night is bound to be a hit. Make sure to instruct your guests properly, so that they can come prepared. Keep your venue warm and provide plenty of food and drinks. If the movie and ambiance are right, your guests will love your party.

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