5 Super Healthy Seeds You Should Eat

Health is the most valuable thing we all have in our life. Sadly, many tend to realize that after their health gets in a bad state. If you’re one of these people, that’s okay, because this is quite common. The solution is to start taking better care of your well-being and eating the right type of food is always a good lifestyle choice. Seeds are known to be healthy and nourishing, so incorporating them into your diet is a great place to start. Here is a list of super healthy seeds so feel free to consider some of them.

1. Chia seeds 

Thanks to a lot of bloggers and influencers, these seeds became more popular than ever. Chia seeds can help reduce inflammation and also lower the risk of certain heart diseases. They are also rich in omega-3 acids that lower blood sugar. Aside from that, chia seeds contain fibers that can help improve digestion. You can eat them for breakfast, just add them to your favorite plant-based milk and sprinkle some fresh fruit on top. To keep things healthy, stay away from artificial sweeteners and chocolate when eating a chia-based breakfast.

2. Sesame seeds

These seeds are characterized by rich taste, and in certain places, they’re also used to infuse extra flavor, mainly when it comes to pastries and bagels. Sesame seeds contain sesamin, a lignan that can help with sex hormones status for estrogen. Also, consuming sesame seeds has been linked to reduced oxidative stress and inflammation. One study showed that daily consumption of sesame seed powder for two months can help with inflammation related to arthritis. 

3. Sunflower seeds 

super healthy sunflower seeds
Photo by engin akyurt on unsplash.com

Sunflower seeds are definitely one of the healthiest seeds out there, mainly due to their great amount of protein and vitamin E. This type of seed is known to reduce cholesterol levels, but it’s also great when it comes to lowering inflammation, mainly among middle-aged and older adults. All of this is thanks to the fact that sunflower seed is rich in omega-6 and saturated fats, so if you’ve been thinking to include some seeds into your diet, then sunflower seeds are a good place to start.

4. Flaxseeds 

Flaxseeds are great, as they have multiple purposes. They’re high in fibers, which makes them great for the digestive system. However, since they contain so many fibers, they should be consumed in moderation, and with a glass of water. It can be consumed in the form of flour, and some studies conducted on animals, showed promising results when it comes to increasing bone and spine mineral density. These seeds are also great for cosmetic use, mainly for those who have dry, curly, and frizzy hair.

5. Pumpkin seeds 

Pumpkins are often associated with cozy autumn vibes. Even though they’ve become famous for pumpkin spice latte drink, there’s so much more to this amazing plant. Pumpkin seeds are super healthy, which is why they should be part of your regular diet, mainly as a healthy breakfast option. They’re high in unsaturated fats, which is great news for your body. Aside from fats, they also contain iron, which is great for those who want to boost their energy levels. The best way to eat pumpkin seeds is to use them as a seasoning, as they’re really tasted when roasted and mixed with paprika and pepper. 


Seeds are a great way to enrich your diet and boost your health. They’re versatile and can be consumed in various forms, which is why they’re so highly regarded. When eaten regularly, they can prevent weight gain, promote better digestion, and reduce the risk of multiple diseases.

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