Hotel Door Signs Types

Door signs in hotels are important elements of the interior design and wayfinding system. This is especially relevant to big hospitality facilities with several floors divided into several wings. Hotel managers need several types of door signs to ensure perfect customer experiences for their visitors.

Door numbers

These are signs used in every hotel, regardless of their sizes and the number of floors. Guests need them to navigate through the facility and quickly find their rooms. This is also necessary for hotel workers when they provide additional room services.

Except for numbers themselves, you should consider an efficient numbering system. Door numbers cannot be placed at random. They are determined by the locations of entry points to the floors. It is easy to number rooms in straight hallway hotels because in such cases door numbers can be numbered in direct succession. The other approach is called “zig-zag” and refers to a numbering system that required odd numbers on the one side of the hallway and even numbers on the opposite side.

Floor number signs

Floor number signs help visitors find their way to specific floors, or provide information about available services on a certain floor. They aren’t mandatory in all hotels. However, they greatly improve visitors’ impression as they deprive them of the extra necessity to ask your workers about the locations of different rooms. Plus, workers will have more time to focus on other duties. 

If you want to inform visitors to your hotel about some specific services, it’s better to order custom floor number signs from Bsign Store. Specialists will ensure that everything you need will be encrypted on one plate.

Restroom signs

Running a hotel is all about hospitality and taking care of your visitors. So, in order not to spoil the first good impression of hotel guests, make sure to indicate all rooms with the necessary amenities, such as restrooms. This is especially relevant for small hostels, where there might be one restroom on the floor. However, even if there’s a bathroom in the room of a client, you can improve his or her customer experience and make this room more inclusive by placing restroom signs complying with ADA requirements.

Restroom and other information signs must be:

  • Visible;
  • Readable;
  • Corresponding to the design style;
  • Inclusive;
  • Complying with ADA.

Warnings/prohibitory signs

Warning signs are necessary for all places that can be accessed by people beyond your team. These are special plates that inform hotel guests about things that aren’t allowed on the territory of the hospitality facility. If your hotel has some specific rules, it’s better to specify them clearly. Again, custom door signs can help because by ordering custom products, you can depict something unique on plates.

Usually, hotel management prohibits throwing litter and smoking in certain places. This is important to inform visitors about such rules because they make sure that other clients will also feel more comfortable.

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