How To Look Rich And Luxurious? Teach a Teenager

A teenager may one day have a desire to start looking presentable, rich, and luxurious to fit in with the new company. Or to make a better impression on those around them. Especially often the question of style puzzles students who ask themselves why I want to study business. After all, studying at a business university implies a certain style of dress, which should be adhered to.

We will talk about how to teach a teenager to look rich. And what recommendations he will need to adhere to this.

A teenager needs to buy clothes that fit him well

How well the clothes fit is very important. It directly affects how others will perceive the person. Whether he will look serious or not.

If a teenager will have expensive jewelry and gadgets, but the clothes will not sit well on him, it will not bring the proper effect. Creating a beautiful picture for those around him will not work. Accordingly, they will not perceive the teenager as rich.

Tell the teenager to take a responsible approach to the selection of clothes. Measure it for as long as necessary to select a quality product that will sit on the teenager. And which he will be happy to use.

Recommend a teenager to buy things that look expensive

To look rich, it is not necessary to buy expensive brand-name things. Of course, they will have to buy them too. However, a teenager’s closet can also consist of clothes of ordinary brands. The main thing is that they look beautiful and expensive.

Tell a teenager not to wear clothes with logos

Most of the time, expensive brands don’t have logos on them. They are low-key. They don’t shout to those around them that it’s some brand.

Recommend that a teenager wear those branded items that don’t shout that they are. For example, Gucci clothes very often put their name on the front of things. Recommend to buy those branded clothes that are simpler. One that doesn’t shout to those around them that it is a brand. After all, truly rich people don’t brag about the fact that their stuff is expensive.

Tell your teenager to dress like a holiday every day

Rich people always dress up to the nines. Teach this to your teenager, too. Tell him to dress nice every day. Pick up new bows. Iron his clothes. And appear to the world in all his beauty. Then when he meets someone, people will perceive him positively. And they’ll know they’re dealing with a serious young man.

Encourage the teenager to buy clothes made of natural types of materials

Recommend a teenager to buy clothes only from natural materials. Recommend that the teenager looks at the label before buying the item. It will indicate the composition of the thing. It is very important to pay attention to it.

Rich people wear clothes exclusively from natural materials. They prefer wool, cotton, linen, and other materials. Buying synthetics should be rejected. Rich people do not wear things out of it.

A teenager should go exclusively in clean clothes

And also, it should be ironed. Before every walk. So that the teenager is able to look beautiful.

It is very important to teach your teenager how to properly care for his clothes. Tell him to always check what clothes can be washed in the machine. And what you need to take to the dry cleaner. Explain that if you take care of certain clothes wrong, it will have negative consequences. There is a high risk that it will deform.

Tell the teenager to always dress for the weather

Another important rule for the teenager to remember is to take the weather into account. And always dress according to it. Before going out on the street teenager should watch the weather forecast.

Tell the teenager to buy nice shoes

Another important element of the image of a rich person is the shoes. It should be beautiful and stylish. At the same time, it does not have to be expensive. It is important to choose the right shoes.

Teach the teenager to wear jewelry

Girls’ jewelry can be different. For example, watches, earrings, nose rings, bracelets, and so on. For boys, the amount of jewelry allowed to be used is limited. They mostly wear different kinds of chains, watches, and rings.

Rings and a chain are not necessary. But a beautiful watch will decorate the image of any young person. And give him status. A girl can use absolutely any jewelry. At the same time, it is important not to overdo it. If a teenager will wear an excessive amount of jewelry, it will look unaesthetic.

A teenager should regularly take care of himself and his body

By taking care of yourself and your body is meant:

  1. Taking regular showers. Taking care of personal hygiene is very important. If a teenager smells bad, it will not please anyone. No matter how expensive the clothes he is wearing.
  2. Brushing your teeth regularly. Doing this is also very important. First, so as not to get cavities. Secondly, so that the teenager does not emit a bad breath.
  3. Regular haircuts. A teenager needs to watch the length of his hair. He should get nice hairstyles, and get regular haircuts. If the teen gets overgrown, it will look unaesthetic. Getting a haircut on a regular basis is recommended. At least once a month.
  4. Teenage girls should use natural makeup. It should be applied evenly. So that every part of the face is painted equally. Teach the girl not to overdo it with lipstick and other elements of cosmetics.

The teenager must follow the rules of etiquette

Rich people always behave decently. Observe the rules of decorum and etiquette. Advise your teenager to act accordingly as well.

The teenager should learn good manners and be able to apply them in different situations. While walking on the street, in a restaurant, when talking to women, and so on.

Also, the teenager should behave in a measured manner. Do everything calmly. Do not make any sudden movements. Eat slowly. Chew everything thoroughly.

When a person is of high status, you can see it. The way he moves. How they talk. And how he behaves in society.


Teaching a teenager to look wealthy is not difficult. It only takes a few months. After that, the “habits of a rich man” will be fixed in him for life. And most importantly, wealthy people give the impression of being intelligent. So do not neglect your studies. A clever head has never stopped anyone. And if you have difficulties with your studies, you can always ask for help from the online service. The experts on this website will help you achieve academic success.

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