Organize Your Sewing Area with a Sewing Machine Table

Anyone who sews on a regular basis knows you need a production area set up if you want to get any real work done. However, having an area that’s truly organized and optimized can greatly increase both your enjoyment of sewing, but maybe even more importantly how effective and productive you are.

Why You Should Start With a Great Sewing Machine Table

The cornerstone of a great sewing production area – whether that be a room dedicated to sewing or even a workspace in the corner of a room – is the sewing machine table you select. Here we will discuss how getting the right sewing table can help you be far more organized and productive while working on your upcoming sewing projects.

Let’s discuss the most important factors to consider when selecting your sewing table or cabinet:

1. Organize your stuff the right way and declutter your space

First, most important, and the most obvious benefit of having a good sewing machine table in your sewing area is that you will have far more organizational space to utilize. Sewing requires a lot of tools and accessories, and having lots of smart storage space can really help you stay organized!

2. You will be fully equipped with every tool that you need

Sewing as a whole is a process that is a combination of many processes. Some of them are:

  • Measuring & marking clothes
  • Cutting cloth
  • Pinning & joining different materials
  • Sewing

With a good sewing table with cabinets built in you will know exactly where every tool is and be able to grab whatever you need quickly as you move from one activity to another. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a spot for each tool you own!

3. Set up your sewing workstation wherever you can

If you sew a lot and have the space in your home to do so, it’s always best to dedicate an entire room to sewing & crafts. This gives you the space for not only whatever sewing machine table you select, but also additional cabinetry and shelving to store all your goodies.

Many people simply don’t have an entire room to dedicate to crafts, and that’s totally fine too, just choose a corner or wall to dedicate to your sewing & crafts. Honestly, a good sewing machine table with built in cabinets is probably even more important for these individuals, simply because they don’t have as much space to store everything they need.

4. Truly worth the investment

When people first see the cost of a well built sewing table they often raise their eyebrows, but the cost is honestly worth the investment. Not only will you enjoy your sewing projects a lot more with a comfortable, stable sewing table, but they just look so much better than cheap ones.

5. Have your fabric stash right at hand

What many people think is waste is important for people who know sewing. Fabric pieces always come in handy in many different activities while sewing. If you keep your fabric stash in a bag or a basket, you are doing it all wrong.

Why? Because you don’t want to take the time to “dig” for the perfect scrap piece every time you need one. Instead, dedicate an entire drawer or cubby of your sewing table to these scrap pieces and they’ll be close at hand when you need to grab one.

6. Utilize your space

When you buy a sewing machine table, you dedicate a spot in your home specifically to sewing. So, as you do with your kitchen, computer room, bedroom, and any other room in your home, you can truly optimize your sewing space. It depends on your needs and space but adding some cabinets on top and using the wall to manage those additional accessories can also be very effective.

Things to consider when organizing your sewing area with a sewing machine table

Any of the Arrow or Kangaroo sewing machine tables and cabinets are a great choice for most sewing enthusiasts, but make sure to consider the following before you select the table for your home:

  • Will the table you want fit into the area you plan to place it in? Be sure to measure and visualize the table in place, ensuring there is room for it to “open up” and for any drawers to slide out and cupboards to swing open.
  • Choose one that fits your budget, their tables & cabinets range from a few hundreds up to a few thousand.
  • Consider your storage requirements and make sure the table you choose has the right cupboards and drawers for your setup.

Considering all of these factors will certainly help you buy a sewing table that you love for years to come.

Final Verdict

This has been a quick overview on selecting the right sewing machine table for your sewing space, but we recommend looking at this guide on Sewing Tables By Sara for far more detail on the topic. The folks at Sewing Tables By Sara helped me choose a sewing table last year that I simply couldn’t be more pleased with!

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