51 Awesome Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Place of Family Relaxation

SWIMMING POOL DESIGN – Nothing is more relaxing than lounging by a stunning pool and going for a swim. Many of us have to travel for that luxury but a lucky few have a backyard getaway featuring the latest swimming pool designs.

We’ve rounded up 40 of the most sublime swimming pool designs for you to enjoy. No sunscreen required.

Inspiring Swimming Pool Design

Design just the right shape and style of pool with specialty features that fit your personality.

Cool Pool Features

Awesome swimming pool design calculations #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of Belgard Hardscapes

An attached stone wall with water spouts and adjacent outdoor living room with fireplace complement the curved lines of this nature-inspired pool. The stone used for the fireplace ties the two spaces together.

Recessed Lounge Area

Great swimming pool architecture design #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
photo courtesy of Digital Wave Productions

Giving those who want to stay dry an option is always a nice idea. This unique pool features a recessed seating area “inside” the pool so everyone can enjoy the pool together.

Swim With a View

Cool swimming pool ceiling design #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of Belgard Hardscapes

Whenever possible, design your pool to take advantage of views. Steps on each side lead to a raised lounging area that allows visitors to enjoy the stunning vistas that surround this pool and spa.

Rock-Star Retreat

Beautiful rooftop swimming pool design #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

If you want a pool with personality, go for an unexpected shape. This unique pool by Emerald Pools and Spas, Inc. was created for a homeowner who plays and collects bass guitars.

Nighttime Appeal

Wonderful swimming pool design drawings #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photography by Andy Abrecht

Evening ambiance was the design goal for this pool and spa by Alderete Pools. Pentair LED multicolored lights enhance the nighttime feel and the attached patio features a full stone fireplace.

Cascading Waterfalls

Amazing simple swimming pool designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photography by James Roberts

This multilevel, freeform pool and spa from Memphis Pool offers stunning stone waterfalls and a large vanishing edge to add drama.

Serene Surroundings

Colorful swimming pool landscape design ideas #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of Digital Wave Productions

Be inspired by nature when you design your pool. A natural rock waterfall and an elevated pedestal spa are at the opposite ends of this lagoon-style pool by Pool Builders Inc.

Perk Up Your Plant Life

Nice swimming pool design and build #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of Neptune Pools Inc.

This pool was designed to flow from the house to the open pool area surrounded by lush landscaping. The right plantings can add both shade and intimacy for a pool.

Zero-Edge Pool

Lovely popular swimming pool designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photography by Andy Abrecht

This four-sided zero-edge pool and spa by Alderete Pools makes a dramatic statement. Specially selected glass tiles surround the entire raised exterior of the pool to enhance the visual effects of the zero-edge design.

Lengthy Design

Popular swimming pool wall design #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of trex.com

The curved ends and low-maintenance deck that surrounds this long and linear pool add visual interest to the pool area. Combining straight with curved lines provides a balanced look.

Zen Oasis

Latest simple backyard pool designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photography by Andy Abrecht

You can create an elegant but natural look with the right features. This pool and spa combination by Alderete Pools includes an attached large koi pond and stacked-stone spa dam wall.

Backyard Vacation

Trending outdoor swimming pool designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photography by Andy Abrecht

This glamorous pool and spa by Alderete Pools has the features that turn a backyard into a resort. A custom-built gazebo with built-in BBQ, sink, refrigerator and a granite-topped bar and seating are the extras that turn the pool area into an oasis.

Infinity Pool

Best inground indoor pool designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

This classic negative-edge pool by Pool Environments allows the homeowners to enjoy stunning views. The curved negative edge spans across the entire back of the pool.

Swim-Up Details

Hottest large swimming pool designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of hgtv.com

Extra touches make all the difference for how a pool looks and feels. Swim-up barstools, a large outdoor kitchen and a well-designed lighting scheme give this pool a serious sense of style.

Pool Deck And Patio Design

Browse pictures and get tips for hardscaping around your poolside retreat.

Less Is More – Swimming Pool Design

Awesome swimming pool tile design ideas #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of hgtv.com

Boxwoods anchor the base of the rear porch columns while repeated use of the 2×2 thermal bluestone pavers set with lawn joints forms a grid-like pattern. Having lawn on all sides of the pool and spa helps make the space feel more expansive.

Mix and Match – Swimming Pool Design

Great rooftop swimming pool design in house #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of California Redwood Association

Try using more than one material for your deck and patio. The rich combination of brick, redwood and stone adds character to this pool and patio area.

Patio Flair – Swimming Pool Design

Cool elevated swimming pool design #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of Belgard Hardscape

Integrate your pool with a well-designed patio. An attached fire pit with built-in curved seating and a dining area make this pool patio area family friendly and ideal for entertaining.

Decked Out – Swimming Pool Design

Beautiful swimming pool layouts and designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of TREX

Create activity zones around your pool. Different levels of decks offer places to eat, lounge and relax as guests enjoy this inviting pool and spa.

Poolside Pavers – Swimming Pool Design

Wonderful swimming pool design plans #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of Belgard Hardscape

Consider texture when choosing materials. Chiseled surfaces, random shapes and pavers give this hardscape the look and feel of vintage cut stone.

Hard Rock Appeal – Swimming Pool Design

Amazing basic swimming pool designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photography by Andy Abrecht

Random pavers, natural stone coping and artificial rock were used around this pool and spa to complement the rustic setting of this mountain retreat. The pool is also accented by a large rock waterfall.

Plan for Shade and Sun – Swimming Pool Design

Colorful backyard pool landscape designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of hgtv.com

Whenever possible, provide options for those who use your pool. This poolside paradise and covered patio by Marrokal Design and Remodeling allows visitors to lounge in the sun or have a drink or quick bite in the shade.

Natural Stone – Swimming Pool Design

Nice house design with swimming pool #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photography by Andy Abrecht

For this small and cozy backyard, a freeform pool and raised spa by Alderete Pools is surrounded by natural stone blended with artificial rock formations. Three extra-large urns and a stone water feature with custom fountains adds ambiance.

Jet Set – Swimming Pool Design

Lovely swimming pool deck design #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photography by James Roberts

This modified rectangle-shaped courtyard pool features travertine stone coping and stone decking. Six deck jet water features are included on the side corners of the pool.

Elevated Pool Deck – Swimming Pool Design

Popular best swimming pool designs #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of hgtv.com

An extension of HGTV Dream Home’s great room and bedroom, this pool deck is elevated 10 feet above ground level and overlooks marsh scenery. The space beneath the deck allows for both a patio and a garage.

Understanding Your Pool Design Needs

History? Have you owned a pool in the past? What elements did you like or dislike about that pool?

Why? What is the primary purpose for your pool? Recreation, fitness, relaxation, use for children or only adults?

Do you entertain? If so, how many guests would you like to accommodate?

Safety Considerations – How will you protect your family from the water?

Maintenance Considerations – What systems are available to help you maintain your swimming pool and how much time are you willing to devote to maintaining your pool?

Pool Design Considerations – What style, size and features are you looking for in your new swimming pool?

Budget Requirements – Understanding the costs of swimming pools, patios and landscaping.

THINK GREEN! What eco-friendly and energy-wise solutions are available today?

3 Basic of Pool Design Styles

There are endless possibilities when it comes to swimming pool design, but they all fall into THREE basic categories:

Classic (or Traditional) Swimming Pool Design

Latest swimming pool design guide #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of unique-landscapes.com

These symmetrical pools have been around since the Old World days of Rome, Greece, and Europe. Classical pool designs have stood the test of time, and display some of the best and oldest architecture in swimming pool design.

Architectural Swimming Pool Design

Trending swimming pool architecture #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of unique-landscapes.com

Architectural pools blend the architectural style of your home and the surrounding environment to create one consistent style throughout your property. This design tends to be viewed as more formal and includes long straight lines and sharp angles. They create a balance between your home and outdoor living space while providing function and a focal point for the yard.

Freeform Swimming Pool Design

Best swimming pool with landscape design #swimmingpooldesign #pooldeckandpatiodesigns #smallbackyardpools
Photo courtesy of unique-landscapes.com

Freeform pools tend to create a more relaxed atmosphere through the use of curves and smooth flowing lines. It is a more nontraditional look that you would associate with a natural pond. The shape of a freeform pool can be determined by the space available or can be custom designed to link the different features in your yard such as a patio, outdoor kitchen or lounge area. Transitioning the edges of this pool to your landscape with natural rock and stone will create the feeling of a natural oasis.

Tips For Installing An Inground Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is the ultimate backyard amenity. It’s the center of family life with children spending much of their summers in the water. Other homeowners see a pool as a strong aesthetic element, the focus of the entire landscape. When pools include water features, unique lighting, specialty materials and design features, they have powerful influence on adjacent outdoor living spaces, particularly when well illuminated by night lighting.

It’s vital to remember that a pool is just one part of the larger landscape. Therefore, it’s best to use a landscape architect to design the pool as well as the rest of the site at the same time. All too often a pool contractor is employed first to design the pool without an overall site plan. The result is that your pool and landscape do not compliment one another, and you lose the opportunity to integrate options that provide more value for the same price.

Because pools are such an expensive proposition, it’s important to give a lot of time to design. You’ll only build it once, and therefore your choices of materials and detailing should be high quality and timeless so your pool design won’t go out of style in the near future. Beware of fads. Question new materials before you invest. The rigors of weather and chemically treated water may have far reaching consequences for newer materials that have not stood the test of time and use.

Many homes with older pools are being upgraded, and that means the pool itself must be remodeled. Do not underestimate the cost and difficulty of such a proposition. Remodeling can cost almost as much as building a whole new pool. Problems with the old pool such as corroded rebar, leaking shell, or aged electrical and piping can be costly to repair because there is so much demolition involved. Designers and contractors should be experienced with remodeling pools before you decide who will take on your project and for how much.

Above all, stick with well known companies that have been in business a long time and will remain so into the future. With recent unpredictability in the economy, the risk of contractors going out of business is greater than ever before. Do your homework and research customer satisfaction because pools take time to build, and if you are left with an incomplete project by a shaky contractor, the cost of finishing it up with someone else is sure to exceed your budget.

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