Hidden Treasures: Uncommon Areas To Buy Property in Thailand

Property in Thailand

Popular areas of Thailand can sometimes be overcrowded, so they are not that great for investing in a real estate if you want to relocate and have a relaxed and calm lifestyle. The construction company in Thailand may offer you some areas you haven’t heard of before, but don’t be afraid. You can find some real gems! Let’s have a look at some less popular areas of the country that are still worth checking out.

Patong beach

Patong beach is the largest resort on the island, Asian Las Vegas, the center of Phuket’s nightlife and entertainment. In terms of the variety of bars and discos, Patong has no equal. It is always crowded and fun here: the atmosphere of a big city that never sleeps. The beach, despite the high traffic, tries to keep clean.

It is built up with complexes of different levels – both simple and more expensive. There are even skyscrapers that appeared even before the introduction of a ban on high-rise construction in Phuket. True, a villa in Patong will be difficult to find. The resort is the most densely populated on the island, there is simply no place for private houses, and the land is too expensive.

We do not recommend purchase real estate in Patong for personal residence. Although, it’s a good option if you want to rent out your property or open a business than demands a constant influx of customers.

Now small complexes with typical apartments are being built in Patong. One major developer close to the city’s mayor’s family is offering interesting terms. You can rent an apartment with a guaranteed return program – 7% per annum for 15 years. There is a buyback option, i.e. after 10 years, if you want, you can return the apartment to the developer at the same price plus 10%. This is not the highest income that you can get in Phuket, but stable, like a bank deposit.

Beaches Karon, Kata, Surin

The beaches of Karon, Kata and Surin are similar to each other. These are cozy, calm resorts suitable for families.

Karon and Kata have long been known and loved – in fact, it was from these beaches that the tourist history of Phuket began. Surin is less popular, but there are hotels and all the necessary infrastructure for recreation.

New buildings on Karon and Kata are not cheap now. The resorts are well-known, they have been built up during a long time, there is practically no land left, because the beaches themselves are small. Now complexes are being built there on the second line, in the mountains, with sea views.

If you want to find a cheaper apartment in a beautiful, quiet place where you can relax with your family and rent it out, take a look at Surin. There, if you drive a kilometer or two from the beach, you can find budget options.

Developing areas of Phuket

1. Mai Khao and Nai Yang beaches

The northernmost beaches of the West Coast of Phuket are located near the airport. There is also a National Reserve, which means restrictions on construction. Therefore, the region develops more slowly than others. Mai Khao has several 5-star hotels and several apartment complexes under construction, which means there is potential for further growth.

The Mai Khao area now has the lowest prices on Phuket’s west coast. There is a complex where at the initial stage it was possible to buy a 20-meter studio from THB 1.7 million. Now the prices have already risen, but still they are significantly lower than in Karon or Kata.

There is less infrastructure than in other areas of Phuket, and it is unlikely that rapid construction will begin in the coming years – most of the land has been given over to the reserve. If you are looking for an inexpensive apartment in a quiet place to relax and rent out, take a look at these locations.

2. Nai Harn and Rawai

These two are the southernmost beaches of the West Coast of Phuket. There are few hotels, but there is all the infrastructure necessary for a long stay – apartments and villas, gardens and schools, markets and hypermarkets. Note that Nai Harn has the rating of the most beautiful beach in Asia, and Rawai has a famous seafood market.

Rawai beach is not suitable for swimming, but there is a gorgeous promenade for walking, and a kilometer to the “bathing” beach. You can also walk, but everyone who lives here for a long time rents cars and bikes. A lot of complexes are being built on Rawai beach, as a rule, resident, i.e. without hotel licenses, which you need for daily renting out. But this does not prevent them from renting well on a monthly basis, this area is in demand among expats who come to Thailand for a long time.

Real estate in Thailand

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