5 Principles of Interior Design

When a designer, like any creative person, is overwhelmed by a stream of inspiration, the last thing they think about is building a project based on some principles and rules. However, any musical composition is built on musical harmony, and any painting is made taking into account the combination of different color palettes.

A creator needs to have some kind of base, on which they can rely. So, any interior design project should be provided considering the five main principles of a successful interior design:

  • Convenience for the real life
  • Quality
  • Attention to details
  • Pursuit of authenticity
  • Amendments

Convenience for the Real Life 

Any place is designed for some purpose, which should be considered during planning and designing.

Of course, style and trends are important, but the convenience of use has to be in the first place and influence the designer’s decisions the most. Each idea, when implemented, should be adapted to real-life features, which differ from the drawn layout.

Moreover, it is necessary to base on the requirements of your customers.


If you are not making a layout for a store or a furniture exhibition, you should provide a careful approach to the quality of all used materials. Inasmuch as a good interior design is a reliable and durable one.

It is necessary to check suppliers whose products you choose and evaluate the materials not by photo or video but personally if it is possible.

Attention to Details 

There are no secondary things in the interior. Everything must be thought out, weighed, and measured. If a designer wants people to feel comfortable in the interior, details are the best helpers.

From the thickness of the cornices to the location of the sockets – little things make the design complete.

Moreover, it is minor details that make any space cozy.

Pursuit of Authenticity 

There is nothing interesting in living or working in the same environment as everyone around. Especially today, when there are unlimited possibilities to create.

Even if your customer asks to stick to a certain interior style, you can create a completely new interpretation of this style, no matter how hackneyed it may be.

What is more, if you take into account the peculiarities of your client, you will easily make a unique interior design because there are two identical sofas but not people. Thus, any design will become authentic if you find a place for the collection of figurines, children’s commemorative drawings, or grandma’s Chinese vase.


No matter how cool your project is in theory, no one can guarantee that it will turn out the same in practice. So, be prepared to edit a lot. Although it is difficult to give up on some ideas sometimes, amendments never make the project worse.

There are also such design principles as balance, rhythm, proportion, etc. The peculiarities of all of them could be learned in special courses. Education and self-development are priceless, so it is a good idea to use the Payday Depot service to get the necessary financial support.

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