Accent Wall Ideas

For those looking to find good accent wall ideas to apply to one of their rooms, then you have come to the right place. Not only we will give you one single idea, we would like to give you 55 of them.

Why do we have a lot of ideas, you ask? Simply because we think that you NEED to have a lot of ideas when it comes to decorating your house. People got different taste palates, after all, and that reason alone is enough for us to come up with what can be considered an absurd amount of ideas.

Digression aside, having an accent wall in your house can be a very good thing, especially if you are someone who wants to bring about a bit of change in a certain room in your house. Accent wall or feature wall, as few others call it – is a wall that is unlike any other wall. It is basically a unique wall that you want to show off to the others, a wall that will be the main ‘attraction’ in a certain room.

There is no definite purpose of having an accent wall in your house aside from wanting to make it look different, but different strokes for different folks, yes? There is nothing wrong with wanting to look unique, and if you decide to use one of our 55 ideas, you will definitely look beautifully unique.

1. Natural Wood Makes for A Good Wall Material

Miraculous bedroom accent wall design ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

A wooden house is cool, but do you know that you can use it to make an accent wall? Not only it looks good, it also gives your room a touch of nature, something that many folks have been craving for lately.

Natural wood is a good material to use if you are living somewhere urban because it would not look like an eyesore there.

2. Grey Brick Looks Very Good for A Studio Apartment

Staggering navy blue accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

If someone ever told you that a bedroom does not need an accent room, they are probably right. That being said, we would also like to believe that they have a very bad taste in decoration.

In reality, an accent wall can work in a bedroom, especially if you put cozy colors there. For example, take the color grey like in the picture.

3. Colorful Wooden Accent Walls

Terrific half bath accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

The word ‘wood’ and ‘colorful’ might not be a good combination on paper. Wood already look good with their natural color, after all, so why bother making it colorful?

Because when you put it to practice, it will actually look good. Provided you do it like this one right here, of course. There will be other accent wall ideas that try this to emulate this one’s success, but not many have succeeded.

4. ‘Stump’ Wall Never Looked So Good

Wonderful half wall accent ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Have you ever looked at a tree stump and think ‘wow, this will make for a perfect pattern for an accent wall!’?

If you think that way, then you will love this idea. This accent wall is pretty much the surface of a tree stump being put to a wall, so no complexities.

Does not mean it is bad, though. This is very natural looking, which is always cool. One of the most unique accent wall ideas we got here.

5. This Wood Accent Wall Will Fool You

Eye-opening accent wall pattern ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

If you think that the wall behind the couch looks like it was made out of stones, then you can be forgiven. Its grey color did give it a stone-y look, but it is actually a wooden wall. Who do think it?

Some think that the color grey is pretty lifeless, but we already got white for that. Instead of looking at the lifeless aspect of grey, why not look at the peace-inducing one?

6. Rock + Wood = Elegance

Delight easy accent wall paint ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Many people have tried to combine rock and wood together. Most of the accent wall ideas end up looking good while some end up like a caveman have just discovered that they can use wood as a housing material.

Fortunately, cavemen could not possibly have conceived the idea above. The accent wall made out of delightfully designed from stones and woods combined with the wooden floor makes the room above pretty relaxing to look at. Elegant, too.

7. Striped Wood Will Do Your Bedroom A Whole Lot of Good

Astonishing geometric accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Pretty much the same with the colorful wood idea we have before, but instead of making the wood come in many different colors, it sticks to blue and natural wooden brown.

This accent wall works wonderfully for a bedroom as the picture has shown, but there should not be anything stopping you from applying it in other rooms.

8. Stacked Stone Will Make Your House Pop

Brilliant entryway accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

If someone told you that stones are the crudest and the worst material people can use for their house, show them this picture.

They will probably say that it is still crude because stones can get pretty underrated sometimes. For those who can appreciate true beauty, however, they will think that this wall really adds an accent to your house. Might be because of the jagged nature of the wall or it might be because of how ‘chaotic’ it is.

9. When in Doubt, Turn to Patterns

Awesome accent wall ideas for small dining room #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Instead of going for stones or woods, why not go for the ordinary wall and make it patterned? Not only it is less expensive to make, it is also very simple to the eye.

While it might end up looking too simple in many people’s eyes, it does add a very obvious accent to your room.

10. Hexagon, Pastel, and Purple Accent Wall

Spectacular accent wall paint design ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

The bedroom is one of those rooms you want to relax in. For that very reason alone, you should try to find colors that will not too bright while at the same time emitting that aura of laxness.

Pastel is just the right color for that. Combined with light purple – much like what is in the picture -, pastel will make you feel relaxed and will lull you to sleep in no time. The hexagon makes the combination works, too.

11. Simple in Black

Marvelous accent wall ideas for entryway #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Black is not a color that often comes recommend if you want to color your room. It is because black is so lifeless, lacking the necessary Je-ne-sai-quoi for it to be a striking wall color.

When contrasted with white, however, you will get one of the simplest accent walls in the house. Needless to say that this idea gives a very futuristic touch to your house.

12. Bring The Green Into Your House with This Idea

Unbelievable accent wall ideas for small bedroom #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

While it is not a real plant verse, having a leaf wall is not a bad idea. In the case of this picture, it comes out striking because it contrasts the patterned wall on the side. The contrast makes this idea a viable one.

Some people would argue that the pattern to the side is what makes this idea work, but we believe that the leaf wall itself is already a giant contrast to the rest of the room.

13. What About A Green Accent Wall?

Breathtaking accent wall ideas for small bathroom #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

A green wall is pretty normal because green is one of the best colors you can use in coloring the wall. This idea would not hold a candle to the other ideas if not for the square patterns.

If it reminds you of a wall that was once filled with picture frames, then it should. That is the brain of the idea, after all.

14. Black And Star Shapes

Excited laminate accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

We have told you about an accent wall involving the color black and pattern several pictures before. In that picture, however, the pattern itself does not pop too much.

This idea remedies that by actually making the shapes pop. In this idea, black alone is not what makes it striking. The star shapes are actually very nice to look at. It is very coffee-shop like, meaning it will be relaxing. What better place to put this idea than a bedroom?

15. Textured Beige Wall Is Cool, Especially When Put Diagonally

Remarkable accent wall ideas hallway #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

One brief look at this idea and you will soon notice that the color beige itself is not the main attraction here. It did not do anything unique nor it helps give the wall an accent.

That is what the texture is there for. The color beige here will not bring the gaze of others towards this certain wall, but the diagonal texture will. It is the main player here and this idea would not happen without it.

16. Bedroom And Old Wood Combine Pretty Well In This Idea

Fantastic orange accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

In case you ever wonder where you can incorporate old wood in your house, you can give this idea a look and a try. The old wood might look scary for some folks, but it does add a bit of flair to your bedroom.

17. Give Your House The Urban Studio Apartment Look With This Idea

Unique maroon accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

An urban studio apartment is basically a lot of people’s dream house. It is cozy to live in, it is simple to look at, and it is very easy to be creative with it because it can act as a template of a sort for future decoration.

This idea is very much urban studio apartment, all thanks to that brick accent wall. The wooden floor helps, too.

18. Freshen Up Your Room with Orange Wall

Sensational gold accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

If you are tired of having white, black, or beige riddling your house, why not go with orange? Orange is a color that looks very refreshing, and there will be times when you need to give your house a bit of refresh.

We suggest using orange only and not put any other things except for a plain orange color. While orange can work with a few other colors, it will take out the refreshing part away from the color.

19. This Minimalist Idea Is Perfect for Minimalists

Extraordinary accent wall ideas in bedroom #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Perhaps you are tired of having stones, woods, and other materials for your house. Perhaps you just want to color a part of your wall different, call it an accent wall, and be done with it.

That idea is not an impossible idea at all. In fact, it is one of the most tested ideas in the entire idea book, one that will always work. You will, however, end up with a very minimal look.

20. Accent Your Room Up with Both Colors and Decorations

Uplifting accent wall ideas for stairs #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

There are a lot of ideas that incorporate colors to help one make an accent wall. This idea is one of the best kinds of ideas, though, which means it goes on this list.

Yellow is not the only player here, no sir. The twin bookshelves make for a good accentuating companion to the color itself.

21. Antique Accent Wall? Why Not?

Life-changing home accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

We are back to black with this idea, folks, and while this idea might look simple at first, it is actually a very strong idea.

The reason why we call it strong is the fact that it acts as a major contrast to basically anything else in the room. The wooden floor, the pastel walls, the furniture and the decoration, all contrast with the wall in question.

22. Branch Pattern Wall with Light Wood Flooring In Bedroom

Unbeatable accent wall ideas in living room #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

We have said that patterns make for a quick thing to turn to if you want to have an accent wall. This idea is just an extension of that saying.

Instead of going with the ordinary repeating patterns, however, this idea incorporates a branch look to give your bedroom a touch of the modern world. That modern touch very much contradicts the wooden floor and the wall, but that is only a good thing.

23. A Variety of Yellows

Striking outdoor accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Sunshine yellow is too boring. Many people have used it and many others think about using it. For some reason, they do not see that there are other varieties of yellow that they can use.

This bedroom, for example, uses several different kinds of yellow to stop things from getting too boring. It adds a LOT to the room and turns it into something else different than most. The dog is optional.

24. Go with Tone on Tone Accent Wall Ideas

Wondrous accent wall ideas family room #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Using just one color can be a boring thing, but using more than one can also lead to a chaotic mess in the end.

To cure that, why not use tone on tone? Tone on tone is a method of using one single color and then turning into other gradients of the same color to decorate other parts of the wall.

Takes a bit getting used to, but it should not take too long to master the art. All you have to do is to take one color and ‘learn’ from it for a while.

25. Nothing Wrong with Using Wallpaper

Perfect wallpaper accent wall ideas bedroom #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

There are people who think that using wallpapers is just a very easy and very un-creative way of decorating things.

To those people, we would like to tell them to keep their opinions to themselves. Wallpapers can and is a good way of accentuating a part of your room. They are easy to use and very cheap, too.

26. Wood Staircase Wall Ideas

Epic great accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

We have come back to the wood, folks, but we are talking things a bit different now. Instead of making an accent out of a wall, why not make an accent out of stairs?

This idea is the perfect example of that thought. Might not be something that you can apply in your house because not many folks got a house with this particular design, but you should try it if it is possible.

27. Striped with Soft Colors

Phenomenal mirror accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Soft colors are a good way of making any room look homey, so what better way to accentuate your living room than to put striped soft colors there?

A combination of any color works, really, but we believe that the two colors depicted on the picture above give the most comforting look.

28. Another Example of A Striped Wall

Amazing accent wall paint ideas bathroom #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

If you are somehow not fine with the previous idea (perhaps because of the annoying fireplace), then you can give this idea a try.

This idea is a bit more common found simply because it lacks many things that the previous idea got. This means this idea will be easier to implement. Can lack an ‘oomph’, but you should be fine without it.

29. Give Your Bathroom Some Loving with Patterns

Unforgettable accent wall ideas master bedroom #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Because talking about bedrooms and living rooms are boring, we want to take your mind off a bit and present you this particular idea.

Bathrooms and patterns are nothing new, and this idea is just one of them. What makes it different than others, however, is the color and the fact that it accentuates the bathroom pretty well.

30. Relaxing Abstract Accent Wall

Glorious industrial accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Yes, it is hardly abstract, but it is pretty close to it, so why not go on ahead and call it an abstract? After all, the wall behind does not take the shape of any discernible object whatsoever, which makes it abstract.

Digression aside, this idea is pretty cool to implement. The colors are soft, too.

31. Texted Wallpaper Can Accentuate Your Room in A Lot of Ways

Fabulous accent wall paint ideas dining room #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

A texted wallpaper is nothing new, but that does not mean you can skip it all together. While you will not win any point in terms of creativity, you will still win a point in terms of looks.

Why? Because it looks good, of course. Although texted wallpaper is not new, it is a design that is often used because it works. If you combine it with other aspects – much like what the picture is depicting – you will get nice looking accent wall.

32. Shades of Blue and Green Accent Wall Ideas

Surprising accent wall ideas stone #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Ever want to have that hotel bedroom look? With this idea, you can easily have it. Considered as one of the simplest of accent wall ideas, it should not take you a lot of time and money to make it yours.

If you ever thought that blue and green are two colors that cannot be mixed together, then this idea will prove you wrong.

33. Wall for The Children Room

Incredible accent wall ideas for home office #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

While you can use the previous accent wall ideas for children, we believe that his one suits the young ones the most.

It lacks a variety of colors, much unlike other more colorful ideas. It is simple, though, and it does accentuate your children’s room very much.

34. Accentuate with Chevron Marble Accent Wall

Astounding accent wall ideas diy #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Marbles are one of the best things to use to accentuate your room. Their inherent pattern makes for a great accentuating aspect, and it can work when combined with many colors.

This bathroom is just a fine example of putting marbles to good use. It looks very elegant and will definitely be very easy to clean, which means it is also practical.

35. Take A Green Forest Accent Wall Ideas

Unleash accent wall ideas wood #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Wallpapers again, and this one is much more eye-catching than the others. This is because the two colors used, yellow and green, are very striking on their own.

Combined, they can be a very distracting thing to have. However, it is one of the easiest accent wall ideas, so there is that.

36. Turn Elegant with Marbles

Gorgeous accent wall in bathroom ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

As we have mentioned before, marbles are one of the best things to ever happen to the world of decoration. It is very easy to work with, and you cannot be wrong by combining marbles with other things.

The idea above is just one of the clear example of why marbles are good.

37. Kick Back with Brown Bricks

Famous grey accent wall bedroom ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Are brown bricks too boring for you? Too bad because our next idea involves brown bricks. This is a simple idea, one that you can find in many urban apartments.

Pretty narrow, but it can only work in an urban environment and perhaps somewhere along the countryside.

38. Ombre Effect Accent Wall Ideas

Stunning accent wall trim ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

If you think that an ombre effect is only good for your hair, then you are wrong! In fact, you can basically use an ombre effect on almost anything in the world.

Accent walls included. The color transition is always good to look at, especially if you are someone who likes to look color shift from one to another.

39. Faux White Patterned Wall

Miraculous interior paint accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

If you dislike how the color white is too jarring or too simple to look at, then by all means go with faux white.

While it might look a tad bit like grey from some angles, faux white is an entirely different color than grey. The pattern might look they do not add much, but they are the ones hard at work in accentuating your bedroom.

40. Go Back to The 19th Century with This Idea

Staggering accent wall ideas with paint #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

We do not make a habit out of putting conventional accent wall ideas, but this one looks so good it makes us break our own habit.

The brick wall is the main star here, but we must never forget about the addition of that wooden door next to it. It also adds to the overall look.

41. Stripes and Yellow

Terrific accent wall texture ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Next, we got another idea for your bedroom. Unlike the many other accent wall ideas we got, this one is pretty simple because it only involves stripes of one color.

Good for you if you enjoy looking at a simple accent wall, but those who found simple things too mundane might not like this idea at all.

42. Car Sketch for Your Children

Wonderful accent wall ideas bathroom #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

A much simpler idea for those who look to accentuate their children’s bedroom. Simple to make and is sure to entice your children’s curiosity.

If white is too boring for your children, you can spice things up by adding other colors. If you want to change, make sure to keep using soft colors up to prevent the car patterns from being overwhelmed.

43. Geometric Accent Wall Should Not Be Boring

Eye-opening accent wall ideas kitchen #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Geometry is one of the most boring materials to learn from when you are in school. This idea, though, is far from boring.

This idea uses geometry as its strong suit, putting it out on a color combination of black and white, this is an idea that is already tested by lots of people.

44. Use Chalkboard

Delight accent wall molding ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

We put this idea here simply because it is one of the most unique accent wall ideas available. Not many folks have the courage to do things like this simply because they do not know that it exists.

That uniqueness comes with lots of perks, too. This is one of those practical accent wall ideas, meaning you would not be sacrificing a part of your room for something that you might deem unimportant.

45. Make Use of A Kitchen Chalkboard

Astonishing wallpaper accent wall ideas living room #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

A kitchen chalkboard is there to help you with your work in the kitchen. You can use it to write down the items you will need to cook and you can also it to tell any kitchen visitors about the food you are cooking today.

Normally, the chalkboard will be a small chalkboard that you can hang around the kitchen. This idea takes it to the next level actually turn your kitchen chalkboard into an accent wall on its own. Nifty.

46. Palm Print Wallpapers Make for A Good Bedroom Accent

Brilliant glitter accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

Palm prints are beautiful to look at, especially when they are well made. In case you did not notice, you can also put palm prints wallpaper as an accent wall and nobody will judge you for it.

While the picture puts the palm print in a bedroom, you can also use this in your living room. Just avoid the bathrooms and the kitchens and you will be fine.

47. Fabric Wall Art Ideas

Awesome accent wall ideas for basement #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor

You do not actually need to make any change to the wall if you want to accentuate it. It can be a pretty costly thing to do, as well.

Instead of changing the walls, put wall arts. Fabric wall arts are the best kind of thing to help you add an accent to the wall. If not, simple things like picture frames or even bookshelves work, too.

48. Rock Wallpaper for Romantic Bedroom

Spectacular accent wall color ideas for kitchen #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor


49. Chic Living Room Wall Accent

Marvelous green accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor


50. Blue with Header Accent Wall

Unbelievable accent wall lighting ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor



51. Brick Accent Wall Ideas

Breathtaking accent wall art ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor


52. White Bookshelves and Green Wall Accent Ideas

Excited undefined #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor


53. Good Colors for Accent Wall

Remarkable large accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor


54. Chalkboard Accent Wall Ideas

Fantastic inexpensive accent wall ideas #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor


55. Attic Play Room with Accent Wall

Unique accent wall tile ideas living room #accentwallideas #wallpaperideas #wallpaintcolor


To put this to an end…

We would like to say that those 55 ideas are by no means ALL of the ideas you can use to have an accent wall. There are still millions of accent wall ideas available out there, and even if you cannot find the right idea for you, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating.


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